Stick or Twist – Mind Games at Ibrox


The saga that began on Friday as
news broke of McCoist’s resignation and emerged as his mere notice took yet
another twist yesterday as Rangers’ board decided to officially confirm
McCoist’s 12-month ultimatum.
They also revealed, contrary to
public knowledge, that McCoist’s wage had not been restored earlier this year
to £850,000 as previously believed (including by yours truly), but that the
wage cut he (finally) took in January had remained till Friday and had now,
thanks to this notice, increased to nearly what it used to be – £750,000.
It is just the latest sorry
episode of this Club’s shambolic affairs being dragged out in public. McCoist
played his hand last week, and now the Club has played its.
However, before I continue, I
will take a rare opportunity to defend this blog in face of some criticisms it
has received for certain entries.
Many comments this blog has
received over the years criticise its ‘pro-board’ stance, and attempt to
discredit it based on believing this site is a spin machine for those in power.
I can absolutely, categorically,
unequivocally confirm 1000% this site does not represent a single Rangers
employee – I am not associated in any way with the present board, albeit like
others I have sources who I cannot reveal. Naturally I also know many
shareholders, but, I am far from alone with that ‘privilege’.
I am not on any level affiliated
with any director, nor Mike Ashley. I do not speak for a single voice in power
at the Club, and the content you see is completely my (and guest writers’) own,
and has not been influenced by any hedge firms or suits.
As I have said before, I am not
‘pro-board’, I am ‘pro-reason’ and ‘pro-Rangers’. That is my priority, the
health and future of the team/Club I love.
And that Club has indulged a
dangerous game by revealing the conditions of McCoist’s current terms. Ally is
a smart man, who played his ace, and unfortunately Rangers are not in a
position to possess any of their own. By going public they have rather played
into his hands and helped strengthen his position in this stand off, albeit may
have succeeded in damaging his Rangers legacy somewhat beyond the damage his
own clueless management achieved.
If that was their intention, then
they too have carried out some masterful manipulation of their own.
I am only on one side, that of
Rangers – both the board and Ally are part of that, and the ugliness of this
vile showdown is one of the most pitiful and despicable sights I have yet
witnessed from my Club.
This is a horrible internal war
of money between one side and another. To be fighting over the lifeblood of
Rangers’ survival makes both sides look horrendous. McCoist currently looks
like a gold digger, while the Club with going public re: his terms look petty,
vindictive, and undignified.
No one carries any credibility in
this disquieting affair, and legends like Struth, Jardine and Wallace will be
turning in their graves at the depravity going on at their beloved Rangers.
To see Rangers reduced to this is
a level of sadness and despair nigh-on impossible to articulate, and the
tedious saga rumbles on.
Another day, more Rangers’ chaos.


  1. This has been a sad week for the divided Rangers family.
    I've always backed the Rangers manager, whoever he was. But sadly my favourite player of all time in his effort to fight against the board, has let the club and its long suffering fans down.
    Super Ally has proven to be a far better politician than tactician, and its with a heavy heart that I would kindly ask him to leave with honour. Don't spoil your legendary status for a mere £350K settlement which you don't need anyway.
    Your friends, the Dave King consortium did not come up with the goods when required (three times), and you will not beat this current board, however much anger you feel towards them.
    On Friday night, hampered by your untimely announcement and your refusal to explain your actions, you fielded a team with four at the back.
    Out of that four, there were three players out of position, and Bilel Moshni.
    But do you know what, I'm sick of even thinking about that now.
    It's time to go Ally boy. Let someone else have a go at taking this club back to the top where we all belong. Whilst its not too late.

  2. If you are only pro Rangers, and do not to see through the deliberate plundering of this football club by the many carpet baggers who control the club, its amazing. You will no doubt have to rethink your current tolerance of our owners
    when the assets are eventually ripped away from the club and we no longer exist.

    • Absolutely SPOT ON , no more a piece of unbiased writing than fly in the air !……… utter garbage .This board is changing and HAS changed our club ! Without its core values its just a shell .I would NEVER back this board i would rather see us gone .If we do not get Rangers back to being RANGERS with our OWN kind in charge …………..i will do without .

  3. I agree with your assessment of the situation at Ibrox. The complexities of why Rangers are in the position they are currently facing and have been for almost three years now would strain the knowledge of the proverbial Philadelphia lawyer.
    The shambolic situation as all Rangers fans know was due to the evil Craig Whyte, but since then, so called Rangers men (King, the Murrays, McColl, etc) had every chance to collectively put their money where their mouths were, but did they? No they bickered amongst themselves and let in Green. From then on it has been a downward spiral into the precipice we now dangle over.
    On the football front we fare no better. We might have seen the writing on the wall, with Ally McCoist during his tenure as assistant to Walter Smith. In many cup ties, Ally was given a free hand, but his track record was suspect even then. Calamity after calamity occurred in every cup competition we entered with him as manger, out of Europe first round on both occassions and the fact we couldn't beat Raith Rovers last year and succumbing to Alloa Athletic this season proves his ineptitude.
    In the only defence I have for Ally, is the fact that the players he puts on the park have countless years more experience than any team in all three leagues we have been in, yet not once have I seen any of them pull their colleagues together and shaping the side up. In the days gone by where we had players on the park like Gough, Brown, Butcher, Hately, McCall, Ferguson's, Gascoigne and before them Greig, McKinnon, Jackson, MacDonald, we were furnished with a team full of captains, who required no directions or tactics from Kenny McDowalls clipboard. Players like Moshni would be lambasted by his colleagues for the errors he makes, proper capatins would snap back at the manager for making the wrong choices, at the possibility of losing their place.
    Ally has guaranteed McCulloch and Moshni their places, I would have hunted them both after the debacle at Alloa. If you remember Forrest and McLean were booted out of Ibrox after Berwick. Alloa was the worst result in Rangers history, surpassing defeat to Raith Rovers, Annan, etc. Berwick was a fluke, Rangers winning has now become a fluke.
    I read your comments on a regular basis, I contribute too, constructively I hope, and agree with everything you say about saving and developing Rangers back to where we should be; your whole focus, like mine is about Rangers, not pandering to the board, but in getting what is best for us as a club and as for your footballing comments, I'd say we are both on the same wavelength, but not 100% and thats how it should be.
    On your choice of heading; are we in a Stick or Twist situation?; Maybe. My biggest fear at this time, is we may actually go BUST!

  4. McCoist have some due respect and go gracefully, without doubt our team will be 12 pts behind Hearts and don't know if we will be in a play off position the way Queen of the South are going at the moment, previous board members and current backed you with your transfer targets notably Miller and Boyd, your choice your tactics and woeful they have been, I think the worst manager in Rangers history, you have resigned now go ASAP and give another man preferably Davies the chance to get us back on track.

  5. I don't doubt that you are pro Rangers but pro reason you definately are not. Not when it comes to your judgement in anything related to the the current and past boards since Mr Green took over. And your attitude towards Dave King ( who actually did come up with the goods with an offer of a 16 million investment which would have created long term stability at the club) is quite clearly unreasonable.
    It is clear to everyone that McCoist is not the manager to take Rangers into the future however his actions in offering his resignation appears to be more of an attack on the status quo at Rangers and the current board than a money grabbing exercise. As you reluctantly admitted he already gave up 400K which he was fully entitled to. McCoist isn't the villan here and the boards actions are, as you stated, once again "petty, vindictive, and undignified".
    Ally McCoist has never done anything to hurt our club and since administration he has been trully inspirational in his dignified defence of Rangers. He has been at times the only trustworthy person in a chapter of our history which is filled with criminals, conmen and scumbags out to suck every penny they can then leave us morally and financially bankrupt.
    McCoist might not be the manager we hoped he would be but he will always be a legend to all true Rangers fans and to treat him with anything but the greatest respect is an insult to the man and to everything that Rangers should stand for.

    • Nothing to hurt the club? With an informed awareness of the dire financial predicament the club faced:
      He knowingly accepted an outrageous, crippling salary.
      He accepted discounted shares from Charles Green.
      He dithered through 3 seasons of inept stewardship of the team.

    • King had approached Sandy Easdale and asked for assurances that he would not block block his consortiums bid. Not a rediculous request when you know that without that assurance from Easdale the bid could not possibly succeed. The board were aware that proof of funding could and would be presented if their bid was going to be taken seriously. After the King bid, as well as the Kennedy loan (which offered not only a sum closer to that which the board knew was essential for the clubs ongoing viability but also ensured a degree of security over not only Ibrox Park but also Murray Park) were tossed out in favour of an obviously inadequate loan from Ashley I believe it's impossible to accept the boards description of events. And Kings bid does remind me of something and that is the fact that this man has already put 20 million of his own money into the club.

      As for McCoist do you seriously believe that he accepted his initial salery with the knowledge that the club couldn't afford it or the discounted shares, which were offerred to many other during the grossly incompitent stewardship of that great businessman Charles Green were not in the clubs interest. The board offerred him a contract and he accepted it. He didn't hold a gun to the boards head and according to him,(and not disputed by anyone on the board) there was not even any negotiation.
      Now whilst I agree that it's time for Ally to step aside and that things should have been done differently, we won the league last year without losing a game. Not playing to the standared we want Rangers to play at is an issue that has to be resolved but it's an insult to call it inept.
      I can only assume that you are too young to really appreciate what Ally means to true fans of the club. If his man doesn't deserve the respect of Rangers fans then no-one does no matter what his managerial skills might be.

    • Your comments on McCoist are spot on. He is and hopefully will always be a legend.
      But why stick up for King?
      The guy has did nothing to save our club during the last few years and has a very questionable past.
      I'd love a bluenose billionaire from Glasgow to come in and save us, but he aint it. And if he'd laid his cards on the table and explained himself, instead of running to the Record and letting Jackson fill in the blanks, then we might take him seriously and get behind him.
      Keith Jackson speaks for no bluenose and the SOS speak for the SOS only.

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