Is Ally McCoist Rangers Manager or Not?


Ally McCoist has resigned. Or has
not. Thanks to the latest shambles at Ibrox, it is totally unclear whether
McCoist remains Rangers manager or otherwise.
The one thing unofficially
confirmed is his offer to resign. But after initial speculation that this would
mean the waiving of his salary, further news abounds that he will still be in
charge for tonight’s visit to Palmerston Park and for the foreseeable future.
The problem appears to be that
the board have not decided whether to accept or not as, according to media
reports, even his resignation will still require a payout.
The three options are allegedly an
up-front settlement, his remaining salary in full, or his continuation as
manager till the end of the season.
If it is true that even his
resignation is peppered with cloaks and daggers, and there truly is a lack of
certainty over the status of it and its ramifications, it further clouds this beleaguered
Club and even the simple act of the manager resigning is beset with bureaucratic
red tape.
Is Ally McCoist Rangers manager
or not? Your guess is as good as mine.


  1. McCoist will always be a Rangers Legend, But the time is right for a new manager I feel. The appointment of the next manager I feel will show us exactly how serious Mike Ashley is about taking Rangers back to the top. For me A figure like Tony Pulis would be a step in the right direction.

  2. He will be forever a legend, i wanted mcinnes as manager but we clearly cant afford the best man for the job, although a butcher/mccall might not be what the fans want, i think they would be decent if the wotte talk is geniune

  3. please not Butcher!!! or any of that other group of failures hanging around. that is frying pan to fire!!!
    the board can move the deckchairs but their ship is still sinking.
    when will it sink in for the Easdales. the fans are the embodiment of Rangers and they will never, never, never accept them!!!

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