Ally McCoist, Master Manipulator


News broke yesterday in the
mid-afternoon of Ally McCoist’s resignation. Immediate responses from fans were
generally of the praiseworthy kind, in the sense that McCoist had appeared to
know finally the game was up and had walked away without the ransom of a
severance package. I criticised his apparent refusal to do this in a previous
blog, comparing it with Paul Le Guen’s willingness to do the right thing and
waive his £2M pay-off having been fired by Sir David Murray.
Consequently, the news he had
quit, therefore waiving the fee, brought out a huge deal of praise from myself
and other fans, proving once and for all that Ally does care about the Club
above all else.
Only…the rest of the day proved
that this was all a great big media stunt.
Ally McCoist, master manipulator
of the fans, of the press and of those in the sport itself, once again had
played a blinder. In fact, his sleight of hand even managed to get fans’ ire
off his back, and onto the players. Knowing full well this news would
completely destabilise preparation going into the visit to Palmerston,
McCoist’s Rangers were miserable and fully deserving of the defeat.
Only this time, instead of
complaining about McCulloch in defence, or McGregor at RB, or Mohsni starting
again, or the useless Shiels starting at all, or Daly up front, or Foster at
LB, all of which were McCoist decisions, fans instead solely blamed the
Sure, they are the ones who go
out there and play, but who is the guy who is putting the square pegs in the
round holes, and reserving special holes for his favourite pegs?
The same man who has managed to
swindle his way into playing the victim while he sits there on the highest wage
of anyone at Ibrox, mismanaging the team week after week.
Because, of course, McCoist has
not resigned. He has handed in a year’s notice, meaning Rangers’ board has five
1: Pay him off a severance
package of around £400,000 – which it cannot afford to do.
2: Pay him off an ‘undisclosed’
settlement to his satisfaction, which will be similar in value to the above.
3: Pay off his entire 12 month
wage now – £850,000. Impossible to do.
4: Put him on gardening leave,
which will cost the remainder of his current deal – around £550,000.
5: Just let him get on with it.
None of these are good options
for anyone other than McCoist – he still gets his money no matter what, and
ultimately he either stays in the job, haplessly bumbling from one calamity to
the next while being paid a near cool million pounds for it, or he is paid off
quick – and he knows the board does not have the money to do the latter.
Meanwhile he is now Super Ally
again, with the blame firmly at the foot of the players. Players who, in the
past two weeks, have been canvassing support for him and had been castigated by
fans for it:
Jon Daly; regaling us with the
tale of how McCoist attended his father’s funeral.
Darren McGregor; telling us
McCoist gave him the chance to play for Rangers and of his gratefulness for
this opportunity.
Nicky Law; blaming his fellow
players and removing all responsibility from Ally.
And McCoist, post-match once
again laid every inch of blame on those players as well. The guy playing
Mohsni, Shiels, Daly, and McCulloch, Foster and McGregor out of position is now
the hero, the victim, the one who is the innocent in all this.
Did the players produce yesterday
night? No, they did not. But given the titanic upset to the preparation, did we
expect a glorious night of football – did we expect Ally to have organised his
troops impeccably? No.
That Rangers lost is no surprise,
and that McCoist is now blameless in some eyes is remarkable testament to his
canny ability to play people against each other and make others apportion blame
to everyone other than him.
His skill in manipulation is
outstanding, and once again McCoist has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes
and holds all the cards.


  1. I could not agree more. Great piece of writing and oh how true. Ally, you have made a fortune out of our club for years, please take this opportunity to do the decent thing and leave now without any backhand payments. It really is the only way you could possibly hold your head high in future. Paul Le Guen done the decent thing (a point which goes unnoticed amongst most supporters). You simply are not up to the task and the 'square pegs in round holes' sums it up perfectly

  2. I think yer whole post is utter p+sh ! .I think Ally must have been up at your house when ye were oot ? you no likey ? …………….P+SH !

  3. Rangers fans should demand to know how much McCoist stands to profit from the discounted shares he accepted from Charles Green. His timing in handing in his notice is a true reflection of the scant regard he has for Rangers fans. Mr McCoist has been very well paid for his term of employment with the club. It pays not to walk away Ally! Rangers legend??

  4. Well written article. Love ally. But he's no manager. This board needs to go
    Equally too. Just want this mess sorted soon as. An with Rangers people running our club. Our supporters need to unite too We can be our own worse enemy

  5. Well written article. Love ally , but he's no manager. This board needs to go even more There as much to blame for this mess as well as previous regimes. An as blues noses we all need to unite as supporters to get them out

  6. This post is totally true. McCoist has taken a fortune out of rangers. He was a crap manager when under the guidance of wattie who had to keep coming to his rescue when he was in charge of the cup games. He lost a 12 point lead in the league prior to admin. On his own he got us kicked out of europe within a week. Since then he has signed and managed to get every player's career going backward, playing people out of position. He has had every advantage over the teams we have played in the last 3 years and has managed to get us kicked out of every cup tournament and in most cases in embarrasing circumstances, He is undoubtedlythe wors manager in our history, He is bullish and blames everything on someone else, and this resignation farce is again to divert attention away from him. He should go now, without any compensation, as should the rest of his backroom mob. It has been jobs for the boys for too long.

  7. and remember its always said that retaining players who want to leave is futile because they wont have their heart in it. same if not more applies to managers. ally knows this and waits for his payoff…..I know, lets have a charity match…

  8. Before administration he through away a15 point lead at the top of the SPL that in itself is 5 games enough said he has also chased the best young talent out off Ibrox

  9. My reading of it is that this regime are paying off admin and PA staff who have worked for Rangers for many many years saving peanuts all the while huge sums are going out the door by onerous contract means,Ally is setting off alarm bells without physically leaving in the manner that John Greig and Walter Smith had to do

  10. Brilliant article,well written and full of truth, Ive waited for this moment for years, likeable man but no manager, whats worrying though Butcher one of the favourites for the job, the man responsible for Hibs demise, we cannot go from frying pan into the fire, I prefer Davies who has experience and done it the hard way, some are saying he maybe not get on with the likes of Miller, Boyd,etc, tough he is there to manage not create jobs for my pals, McCall must stand a chance, at the moment this is a nightmare, see if this slips of the tongue, Queen of the South 4 points behind us, the once almighty Glasgow Rangers.

  11. As a tattie muncher I feel for all my palls who go every week good or bad and follow their team in the football fashion we do in the west ally I have mixed views and he has had a shit time even though a well paid shitty time we miss the rangers in top flight as crowds at C P reflect this also I hope rock bottom has past and look forward to our witty exchanges in top flight in the best possible taste

  12. The statements the author has said should be staring every Rangers Supporter in the face……McCoist has bumbled along at the helm of Rangers for years now and has the audacity to try and walk away with a pay-off from the club he so call "LOVES".
    Give us a break McCoist and just "GO NOW" and stop holding rangers to ransom.

  13. I am no fan of McCoist as a manager and think he should be on his way out for all of the football reasons mentioned by other posters, however, the idea that he is a 'master manipulator' holding the club to ransom is spin of the highest order worthy of Jack Irvine as no-one really knows what is going on behind the scenes or, indeed, what Allys intentions are! It is strange how this blog NEVER criticises the goings on in the boardroom or the directors themselves and this, to me at least, is another example of Ibrox Noise deflecting attention away from the REAL structural issues at our club!

  14. Ally should go now and donate any pay off to the fans group who are buying club shares. This is the only way that I will regain respect him. He has taken too much out in the last 4years to expect anything back from the supporters who pay in and have to live with the embarrassment of the worst Rangers results in history. Lets not kid ourselves, we are being outplayed regularly by part time teams. Its not hard to write a long list of the failings and my personal low point was leaving Ibrox and the scoreboard read 'Rangers 1 – 2 Annan Athletic'. I still can't get my head round that one. So the time has come for Ally to move on, lets not get personal or emotional. Lets get United for the common good of Rangers and start threatening the board with no change, then no show.

  15. The signs were there when W,S was having to help Ally out and only got worse as time went on. Now, forgetting all the off the field stuff he has made a total shambles of the (I use the word loosely) "team." Moneywise He`s still comes out Quids in.

    • We should sell Murray park as well and be done with it , nobody worthwhile has come through it anyway . The cost of running it is way too much , be better off renting a farmers field somewhere and building a nissen hut on it for the prima donas to change in .

  16. The man has no dignity left, cannot believe he has a wage increase circa £750.000 to serve his 12 months notice ( he will stay for twelve months )when employees are losing their jobs. " his skill in manipulating and pulling the wool over everyone's eyes" is truly remarkable. Absolutely outstanding in fact.
    Shame on you Mr McCoist, how you can sleep at night is beyond me, we are the true loyal fans of our beloved club, you Sir have …. words fail me.

  17. Please remember the speculation prior to the QoS game was leaked so you can't blame McCoist for the timing.The official announcement was to come on Monday first thing (stock market rules etc) which it duly has.McCoist has rightly resigned probably 2 years too late but the real problems are a board level.Why oh why are the Easdales anywhere near Ibrox can someone please explain?. Somers and co have zero input and guaranteed he'll be next to go with a six figure payoff!.My point is and I know I'm stating the obvious the boardroom fiasco is by far and away the bigger problem.Paying off McCoist and getting someone else in isn't a big issue.The next manager can only improve the team!.

  18. The Easdales are Ashley's gofurs. Ashley, in turn, cowers in the background, manipulating others to secure his commercial interests. A man lacking the courage to engage with the fans. Lets here from you Mike, can you overcome your disdain for the fans long enough to give us a brief insight into your intentions We should actually pity him. A man who exists for profit, surrounded by sycophants. A very rich guy in some ways. But.

  19. Question: Why the the need to put in the public domain his wage? Let the guy go, he galvanised the support to save the club. Now let's talk about Ashley, secured loans , no cash flow, no financial short or long term plan , faceless investors n a dysfunctional board…….In the cold light of day McCoist is the least of our problems n frankly the next manager will need to be GOD to appease some sections of our support

  20. lets wait till Wednesday's meeting with the board. Ally has a plan. He intends to take his enormous unwarranted salary for a year and donate a sizable percentage (very sizable). to the supporters groups. They will in turn purchase shares in the club. The board have actually paid for their own demise! Cunning plan ally.

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