Why Rangers Must Beat Celtic


They told us they did not need
us. They said the SPL was fine without us. They said they were fine without us. Yet social media, websites and chatter
on and offline has been totally abuzz in the past 24 hours suggesting that was
absolute nonsense. As if we did not already know…
Yesterday’s Scottish Communities
League Cup semi-final draw saw what Scotland, Britain, and the world has been
waiting for since mid-2012 – an Old Firm clash. Celtic will play Rangers,
mostly likely at Hampden, for a place in March’s final against one half of the
‘New Firm’, Aberdeen
or Dundee United who were paired in the other semi.
Yet almost no one cares about the
other semi final, because of the sheer gravity of an Old Firm encounter. And this
one has added spice like none in history.
For the past two and a half
years, Rangers have been subjected to a torrent of abuse, nonsense, ridicule
and general hatred from all sections of Scottish football, but none more so
than from East End rivals Celtic. Since the
Club was illegally cast from the SPL into the bottom tier of Scottish football,
Ibrox has been the target of some increasingly unsavoury bile.
This particularly culminated
recently in alleged Dundee United fan Grant Bell mocking the rather sparse
attendance for St Johnstone’s visit in the League Cup quarter by suggesting
Bears had problems with stairs (an irreprehensible reference to stairwell 13).
His mockery of the dozens of good people who lost their lives in both Ibrox
Disasters was a testament to the poison Rangers have had to put up with in
recent years.
What was worse was the Daily
Record painting him as the victim, by reporting that his ‘silly mistake’ had
made him the target of ‘big bad Rangers hooligans’.
This repeated drivel in the
press, in the stands, everywhere in Scottish football has made Rangers fans
stronger as a whole. Yes, we have our political divisions and there is genuine
opposition to each others’ views – but generally Rangers fans have stuck
together – after all, we are still
Consequently, this match up in
January against our oldest, bitter, most acrimonious enemies (responsible for
the lion’s share of the garbage Rangers have had to tolerate) Celtic is easily
the biggest grudge match in decades, not only in Scotland, but quite possibly
Saturday’s draw saw interest in
the Old Firm spike to unseen levels, as those outwith even these isles took
major attention of the biggest, most historic football rivalry of them all
being rekindled.
I wrote a piece a year or two ago
suggesting that Scotland,
and Glasgow in
particular was not ready for an Old Firm match, and that the poison and hate on
both sides was too great for Strathclyde’s finest to deal with. To an extent I
stand by that view, but the blunt truth is we have to play each other eventually,
and the longer it is left, the greater the tension will be. As a result,
January’s match probably comes at the right time. There is no ‘best’ time, but
this is probably as good and ‘safe’ as we could have hoped for.
Getting back to the match itself,
the very thought brings goosebumps. It is the match we all live for, even if we
did not openly admit it. Some Celtic fans, dare I say it, have been reasonable
to me and admit they miss the Old Firm match, and plenty of Rangers fans
confess the same quietly. That said it remained a taboo to admit you missed Old
Firm matches, but yesterday’s draw broke it. The fact that every fan on both
sides is aching to win this match shows what it means.
Sadly, though, the majority of
Celtic supporters have given this blog, and myself, nothing but nonsense abuse
for far too long and they are a major reason I look forward to meeting, and
beating, their lousy team.
Our chances? My concern is
defence. McCulloch is not up to the task of defending against a team of
Celtic’s quality. He struggles when any good team gets too close, with Dundee
Utd and ICT in 2012 (and Utd again last season) being especially good examples. He has vital
Old Firm experience, yes, but then so do Foster, Smith, Boyd, Miller, and
Wallace, so, frankly, that particular argument does not wash with me.
If he even plays midfield that
would fill me with more comfort, but better yet would be his not being in the
team. He just cannot cut it any more, and endorsement of his selection in the
side is purely sentiment now.
Otherwise though yes, this team
has a chance. Celtic are no great shakes and if last year’s Championship play-off
winners Hamilton can overcome Celtic on their own turf, Rangers can certainly
do it at a neutral venue.
Another small concern is the
midfield. Black is a decent DM but temperamental, and could be a liability in
the pressure cooker of the Old Firm. Law has simply been a diabolical signing.
Only Macleod is doing the side proud in midfield, and he is being wasted on the
wing, while Aird and Templeton are hardly marquee players for the other side.
But these arguments are mildly academic.
Why? Because form, ability and
formation goes out the window on Old Firm day, and it becomes about nothing
more than pure bottle.
Do Rangers have the bottle? We
will see in January.
But it will easily be the
sweetest Old Firm victory of my lifetime (outstripping even ’99) to beat Celtic
after the suffering this Club and its fans have gone through over the past 30
Bring. Them On.


  1. January is the perfect time to meet celtic, the transfer window should allow Mcoist the opportunity to strengthen in the areas we desperately need to cover, one central defender and maybe two good midfielders, so yes I am in total agreement, this is the best chance rangers have to put one over our fiercest rivals, WATP

    • What an utter buffoon, your club is on the brink of going to the wall again and you still want to spend money you don't have……………………………..the peepul will never learn!!!

    • O yes and mike Ashley will loan us 4 players or bye 4 in January fact as he controls ibrox now see y no fk all

    • jeezus, you are really deluded. dont you remember mcmoist backing whyte, green, mather, wallace etc etc. When are you going to learn that you have to live within your means!!!! Check out the Newcastle stats, Ashley has actually spent a grand total of 3m of his own cash on players in his entire time there. Sevco is his new cash cow coz chuckles green stitched you lot up with a couple of "no surrenders"!!! See you know fk all 🙂

    • Nice to see you putting a brave face on it, but we know you lot are crapping yourselves now that Ashley's on his way. You know that if he's coming up here it won't be to play second fiddle to Celtic. He won't even need to spend that much anyway to get us back on top. But, whatever it takes, he'll spend it and you know he will. So, enjoy the rest of your "success" while you still can. It won't be long until the Gers are back on top where they belong.

  2. Point in fact, Scottish football has flourished under your so called "illegal" demise. The only club who has not benefited is Celtic, who have seen their attendances dwindle. There is a bigger appetite for families to attend matches without the bile Rangers bring to the table, yes Celtic have their element too but nothing compared to the ethos of self-entitlement which historically comes with being a Rangers fan. The fact you still play the victim card against the rest of Scotland is risible, look to within your own broken ranks and those you gave your blessing to who systematically destroyed your club from within. It is human nature to look to blame someone, anyone, but not yourselves? Celtic were on the brink on going bump and a fan put a million pounds of his own money to stop that happening, Rangers fans did a sponsored walk round Ibrox… can you see the difference? You stood back and waiting for someone else to do something, anyone… oh except that guy and this guy and him over there… You have been duped, lied to and outright conned by those in control of your club but still point the finger at the rest? The old Rangers won trophies by effectively gambling £500 to win a pound, an unsustainable gamble by anyone's measure. The Newco hasn't faired much better spending millions to win tin pot trophies, once again leaving you at the mercy of predators and those who would pick up the scraps. Let me make something clear to you, Rangers(IL) were never relegated, illegally or otherwise, Rangers as it stands today were given preferential admission into Scottish football. You can argue sophistry until your blue in the face but your old club died, sad as I find that, it's a fact.

    The upcoming game is going to be an overspill of hatred and bile pent up over the last two years, nearly three come kick off time. It is a game which will result in people getting hurt, players getting stuck in and I would guess headlines the mainstream media will be getting rather excited at. The world's eyes will be upon Glasgow and it will not disappoint. Yes, even I have missed these games, the sickness before, during and often afterwards still makes me want more. A drug, a horrible nasty drug which I know I don't want but I'll take it anyway. Just three months to wait….

    Closing I have to say any person who would joke about the death of those on stair 13 are nothing short of moronic idiots and/or attention seekers. Some say negative attention is better than none at all and the lonely, empty people who would make fun of such tragedy should be shunned, ignored and left to wither away. Abusing them, hurting them in any form belittles those who died and their families left behind. Easy to say? No, I have seen people revel in the deaths of people close to me. It is easy to knock ten bells out of them but karma will find them eventually. Here's to the 66!!

    • RFC was liquidated . End of old club. New team from Govan were given a made up conditional licence to help shoe horn them into 3rd div. So when the play CFC it will be their first meeting. Deal with it

    • You must have so much time on your hands to write so much nonsence have you actually ever left your house take it you are a hibs or aberdeen fan

    • Not a Hibs or Aberdeen fan and can actually type around 85wpm so it took me roughly 6 minutes to type it. I notice you manage to say it is nonsense but not actually backing up what you've said… You must be Charles Green/James Traynor/*insert Rangers(IL)/Sevco board member here? Hail! Hail! (Good enough clue for you?)

  3. oh you have to explain this "Since the Club was illegally cast from the SPL into the bottom tier"…
    FFS – you embarrass yourself with such comments.
    Rules have been circumvented to allow your new club to get to where it is now. Be satisfied that .

  4. Why don't the fans protest to The Rangers Board and demand that Ally be given the £10Million he was promised for the team building. Ally can then go out and in January and spend the War Chest and bring in better players.

    Money talks and an injection of around £10 – £15Million in January could be crucial to progress. Mike Ashley should either pay up and provide the money or get out and allow Dave King to do so.

  5. If the people responsible for rangers fc (in liquidation) had not got the club into this state in the first place then no other problems would have happened, so if you are looking for people to blame then before you throw your toys out of the pram blame the previous boards including murray they are the ones that caused the problem in the first place.

  6. Celtic are responsible for the lion’s share of the garbage Rangers have had to tolerate? The only one's responsible for it are Rangers.

  7. this huge game that the world is waiting for nonsence is all in your head, a lot of fans from both sides aren't even particularly bothered about it.

  8. It's a shame because you do make some good points about the taboo and how much mayhem there will be. But your insistence on clinging to the myth that the downfall of your club was mainly to do with anyone except the people who ran it at the time just makes you sound insane. It took all clubs to vote against the rediculous proposal to put a team that had been liquidated straight into the top flight. And then all teams in the sfl to vote against the equally rediculous proposal to put a team that had just been liquidated into the first division. I don't like to get into discussions about the club dying etc because there is no need as you said it's the fans who are suffering and continue to do so and to stick the knife in over semantics is just mean. I'd still follow my club in the same situation. But read back what you've written, look at the facts, accept that the people who ran your club did this to you, and move on.

  9. Miss the buzz and atmosphere of derby day ? Yes, miss Rangers all things thrown in ? Absolutely not. I would happily never play Rangers again if that meant all your bile and bigotry was gone as well. Your illegal cast from the SPL ? You dont seem to understand basic business, you LIQUIDATED, you no longer exist, you are a NEW club ! The fact Newco took the 42nd spot in the league system ahead of Spartans and other such clubs was a disgrace in itself, look at Dundee Utd, Aberdeen, Inverness, even Hamilton this season, have all flourished without you lot, able to play youngsters on a consistent basis, more chance of winning trophies, more chance of playing in Euro competition, and you honestly think we miss you ? You are so deluded its unbelievable, I sincerely hope you dont go to the wall till we put you in back your place for one last time, and you perish for good, because quite frankly, I am sick of 'Ra Peepul' saying 'we proved everyone right, Scottish football needs us blah blah blah', because I dont, along with Id estimate 80% of Scottish football fans, see where you have come to this conclusion, because all facts say no-one depends on your hate and just disgusting behaviour for a football club, you are an absolute joke and I cant wait to see another Messiah say he'll save you and rip you off for a THIRD time !!

    • it is you lot that have the evil bile etc
      yes and rangers were liquidated
      so what a lot of clubs have done it and are still the same club so why don't you get a grip and think of something else to go on about even the wee bunnet dissolved your own company celtic and athletic football club and transferred the assets to your new name
      go and look this up if you don't believe me and if you ever come to ibrox just listen who sings the evil bile and you will find out that you are a bigot yourself

    • McCann never left any debt owing to people and the club name was only changed when Celtic went to a Public Limited Company it had nothing to with the debt situation which was cleared and paved the way for the fairest and best financially run club in Scotland if not Britain. No cheating and living beyond thier means and now reaping the rewards. I for one am not bothered about the The Ranger v Celtic game and will be glad when it is done and dusted, in mine and most at my supporters club it is not an old firm game and there will never be another one of those because only one half of the old firm still exists. One of the biggest problems is the press/media refering to "The Rangers" as Rangers and giving a false impression that oldco still exists on the field. the sooner that "The Rangers" fans accept that they are not Rangers then perhaps we can all move on and then when this lot goes bust and if justice is served and does not get allowed another shot at league football then other clubs in Scotland will hopefully benefit from extra supporters through their gates instead of the disgrace that is currently there.

    • I know what you mean about the supporters club, ours used to have people screaming for tickets for a proper old firm game not this imitation but most people aren't bothered about this game. It is the media trying to make something that doesn't exist happen using the if i say it enough times people will believe it attitude. This lot need to go and the SFA they shuld be charged with bringing the game into disrepute.

  10. now you will see the rats and evil bile spouting their pash from the east end
    all the trash about rangers being a new team etc etc etc nothing was said when the bunnet took them over and made a new company but when rangers did it we were cheats liars thiefs everything was thrown at us even a lot of sickos wanted us dead and buried but no we came through it all and once this latest turmoil is sorted we will be back where we belong stronger and better than before to all bears out there please support your team with pride and as for all the haters etc out there you time is coming because RANGERS will wipe the floor with the lot of you WATP

    • A sheet of paper at companies house is not a football club ya morons.

      Rangers Football Club is alive and kicking, regardless of which company it is incorporated into.

      Your hatred is driven by the fear of being turned over by us – the ultimate ridicule.

    • Do you morons not realise the difference between administration and liquidation. All out clubs went into administration, you lot were liquidated. Check out the differences. Still not willing to accept that your board was responsible and not anyone else shows how thick you really all our.

  11. haahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah. pay your debts then maybe you will earn some respect, or are the debts from the team that died, make your minds up! as for sickos wanting you dead and buried, ask Neil Lennon how he feels about sicko's. you lot really are utterly moronic and truely scotlands shame.

  12. Its not an 'Old Firm' game you lot died and ain't the same team anymore you need to stop kidding yourselves. You are in for a right humping, Even with the recent decline of Celtic you will soon see the huge gulf in class between us and you cheating b*st*rds

    • Scottish football and most of Scotland wish you would go away with some kind of pride but no you cant do that can you. For those that don't get you are already dead a definition of liquidation by law Rangers FC was brought to an end. In law, liquidation is the process by which a company (or part of a company) is brought to an end, and the assets and property of the company are redistributed. Liquidation is also sometimes referred to as winding-up or dissolution, although dissolution technically refers to the last stage of liquidation.


      … except when you do surrender…
      Rangers execs, staff and fans chose to let their club die … rather than pay their debts.
      You killed your club, wiping the history (and debts) … so deal with it.
      Morally indefensible behaviour.
      Completely unsporting to then give rise to a phoenix club which tries to claim the predecesor's.
      Show some humility – your club died and the new-co club is living outwith its means too.

  13. Deluded use bhuns are. Btw no such phrase as the old firm it died on 14.2.2012 along with that mob from govan.

  14. Oh my lord! Fair club? The same fair club that made use of an xplayer dying by callin an old firm game off claiming your a family ? Then when when the bears are strugglin and tommy burns passes away you play it in his memory!!! That was fair eh? And won't mention bein battered 6_1 in Europe and keepin the place over a technicality. Your a disgrace always were always will be.

  15. Big Jock knew eh …… moronic and grasping at straws to win an argument. Such bile has not been missed while you have been away. You did "die", but seem intent on re writing history.

  16. What facts about going bust owing over 200 creditors millions of pounds then administration and finally being wound up as a football club by entering liquidation do you think was illegal.

    The new club Sevco got a licence to operate when it should have gone to an existing club that's the only illegality if the rules were adhered to.

    SAD sad and deluded

    • If your kiddie fiddler officials had kept their hands off the young celtic players then BIG JOCK WOULD NOT HAVE FOUND OUT ANYTHING WOULD HE GAYLORDS ? Oh and yes big jock did know and Mr James the ballbreaker Torbett was found guilty of the offence and served time for the offence ! Same old septic cellic EMBARRASSED OF EVERYTHING ASHAMED OF NOTHING ! We are coming to win at the PAEDODROME 54 n COUNTING WATP TIMMY

  17. videocelts.com/2014/11/blogs/latest-news/donald-findlay-blasts-apart-the-liquidation-myth#nv_header

    Donald must be wrong then.

  18. So what if Rangers legally died , its still Rangers as far as all us blue noses are concerned , always will be . The club that " died " hold the world record for trophies won during their lifetime , something that Celtic can now never emulate . History cannot be unwritten , no matter how hard you lot try to do it .

  19. Lmao, cant wait to hammer Cheats FC, you should have been stripped of your titles, I hope Kayal gets that old man McCulloch and finishes his career lmao

  20. Celtic were the victors in the first Celtic v Rangers game.

    They were the victors in the last Celtic v Rangers game.

    I see know reason to believe Celtic will not be the victors in the first Celtic v TRIFC game.

  21. The Rangers fan who made the first couple of posts, what a thick spanner.

    Your club requires a monthly loan just to keep afloat. Wages and bills would go unpaid otherwise.

    Ashley is there to take control of all your merchandising and trade marks so HE can make money from YOU! He's not here to blow his hard earned wealth on players so the world's most gullible fans can watch a good team.

  22. I predict a riot and the sfa ban both teams, then they have to play each other every week. Can't believe the mince from both sides. You could give Isis lessons in hatred 101. Sfa president has to get real and have meeting with rangers chief and Celtic chief. Surely to God most old firm supporters have mentally moved into the 21 century and left the 19 century behind. Duk me fed!

  23. most of the comments of here from the frothing obsessed as usual. If it's a different club, then why do you hate them so much? The hatred runs deep with that mob.

  24. The fact of the matter is they need us more than they are they can say. Moral high ground is something you would never associate with that lot but they feel they got it for a while so let them enjoy it while they can. As for all of Scotland wanting us to go away I have lived in England for 25 yrs and only for the last 3 have I not been constantly asked about the rangers. No one gives a #### about the rest outside your tiny minds

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