Justice for the Rangers Support


Craig Whyte Arrested
In May 2011 Rangers,
unbeknown to the fanbase, became the victims of one of the biggest corporate sabotages
in Scottish history.
Craig Whyte, ‘entrepreneur’ with
a hazy background ‘bought’ the Club from Sir David Murray, and proceeded to
tear it up from the inside out.
Yesterday, at last, Whyte
was arrested in Mexico,
relating to the takeover and his repeated absences from various court
appearances in Scotland.
The man’s litany of offences makes from grim reading:
1: Withholding PAYE and NI from
HMRC, which led directly to Rangers’ fall into administration.
2: His collusion with administrators
Paul Clark & David Whitehouse (who have not made a plea) as the sabotage
3: His collusion with Ticketus to
illegally purchase the Club.
4: His various lies in the few
court appearances he has made. Indeed, Sheriff Ross branded him “wholly
unreliable” as a witness:
“I reject the evidence of Mr Whyte as
wholly unreliable. It is not possible to ascertain whether he is not telling
the truth or is simply unable to recollect the true position, and has convinced
himself that this arrangement is something that he would not have entered into.
Either way, his evidence is contradicted by virtually every other piece of
He stated he would hand himself
in for questioning in the UK
at the beginning of December, action no longer necessary due to his arrest.
Whyte’s part in Rangers’
suffering the past 3+ years can never be overstated, and it is vindication for
Rangers fans accused of ‘cheating’ where in reality the Club and its supporters
who are the victim of the biggest fraud Scottish sport has ever seen.
Let there finally be justice for
the Rangers support.


  1. Justice for the creditors is more relevant. I would also question who sold the club for a pound. Starting there is more to the point.

  2. Anonymous27 November 2014 10:18

    Erm, Liquidation, not Administration..personally he's a hero in ma books.

  3. What about Lloyds TSB and their man on the board and the HMRC individual's with the agenda leaking information contrary to client confidentiality and the law

  4. Just why couldn't we as a massively supported club raised sufficient signatures on a petition for this to have gone to parliament??

  5. So what would justice actuallly mean, for me, I probably will never pay Rangers a penny again, the current board or those in charge clearly wish to continue paying over the odds for what ( it cetainly aint a football team). Justice might be appointing the new Hearts chairperson, she appears to know one thing "justice is paying with money you have , not borrowing to achieve" ?? THINK HOW MUCH ARE WE CURRENTLY LOSING EACH WEEK ON PLAYERS/COACHING STAFF WAGES AND HOW MUCH ARE WE BRINGING IN AND THIS HAS BEEN GOING ON SINCE ADMINISTRATION, SINCE LIQUIDATION AND PROBABLY BEFORE THAT, Justice would be shutting the doors and knocking down our stadium and starting all over again when we can afford to.

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