If Your Name Isn’t Dave King You’re Not Coming In


Over the past 4+ years a glut of
names have been associated with taking over/buying Rangers. The speculation has
been feverish and persistent, and the entire soap opera is an ongoing saga with
no sign of an end.
However, one thing every single
linked name has in common is as soon as their name enters the public domain,
they get absolutely slaughtered in the media and by a sizeable portion of
Rangers fans. It does not matter who they are, they get torn to shreds as a
crook or swindler.
Everyone, that is, apart from
Dave King.
Let us go back and look at all
the names and takeover attempts and see just how these individuals were
portrayed by the media/supporters.
It obviously all started with
Craig Whyte, and the man lacked a pedigree or reputation. Fans were pleased to
see the back of Sir David Murray and initially applauded Whyte. Naturally, as
we know, that one was a woeful misjudgement on everyone’s part.
Once Whyte was out of the
picture, absolutely everyone who controlled, or was linked with controlling the
Club was ripped apart, seam by seam.
First off it was administrators
Duff & Phelps, who were accused of being Whyte’s cohorts and trying to rape
the Club further of its assets.
Then the real takeover links
Bill Miller: Evil Yank who was told in no uncertain terms by a
banner at Ibrox that Americans were not welcome to Rangers. “Yanks go home” was
the message I recall.
Club 9 Sports: An evil, secretive American sports consortium just
out to make money.
Brian Kennedy: A spiv who did not know the first thing about
Rangers or its heritage (well, until he sided with Dave King et al – then he
became a hero).
Charles Green: Swindling crook who just wanted to line his pockets.
Datuk Faizoull Bin Ahmad: An ‘inside man’ and a proxy for Sandy Easdale
to own the Club fully.
Mike Ashley: Just trying to pillage Rangers for every penny he can
Dave King: “THE HERO”
See the point I am making here?
If your name is not Dave King or you are not associated with him you are
nothing but a chancer. SoS immediately get on the blower to Keith Jackson, find
all the dirt on you they can, and have you smeared in a front-page Rangers
I understand caution after Whyte,
I do – he was a bad ‘un and he wronged the Club. But publicly slaying everyone
who wants to invest in the Club just because they are not Dave King or Paul
Murray is short-sightedness to the point of damaging Rangers.
I am not for one moment naïve
about Ashley – I have summed up my thoughts on him in my previous entry. The
guy is a clinical businessman who knows how to make money, who cares nothing
for Rangers and just wants to expand the Sports Direct brand, all the while
using Rangers as a backdoor into the CL for its financial rewards and vastly
increased exposure of SD in Europe.
And? So what? Do Rangers fans
think someone is just going to show up, throw multimillions into the Club and
expect nothing in return? Do they think Dave King will?!
The Club needs a steady financial
footing, and Ashley is no crook. But as soon as he made his move on the Club,
the smear campaign began and he is tarnished as “the bad guy” – just because he
is not Dave King.
It is getting old, and Rangers
need money. Well…as long as it is Dave King’s money, apparently.


  1. Well there you go, someone happy to see Ashley take our assets, now why didn't Wallace and Nash consult with you then give Ashley our Badge and Crest to play with.

  2. The SOS or Craig houston don't speak form or my friends.
    I have nothing against Dave King. I hope he does turn out to be a hero, but before he hypothetically throws £30m into the ring, I would like to know two things.
    Is it your £30 milion pounds, or will you be acting on behalf of others?
    Why wont you talk to a fan base who are hurting every day, and will this be your normal communication level going forward?

  3. People are able to make up their own minds on this – and Ashley, quite clearly IMHO, is only in it for himself.

    The fact he has the support of the King Spivs in our boardroom says it all… Oh aye, and the fact that he 1) bought the namign rights to Ibrox for £1; 2) entered into "onerous and overly-generous" contracts re: our merchandise; and 3) attempted to bully the club, via lack of investment, into virtually giving away its logo/image rights…

  4. Getting the naming right to Ibrox for a pound is disgraceful on Greens part ? But offering a loan for our Badge / Crest is an insult of the highest order . Ashley should be chased from Ibrox before he gets any sort of grip . I have read many blogs from Newcastle fans . This man has billions because he spends NOTHING . He owns Newcastle , who in turn owe him 140 – 150 Million and all he uses them for is advertising and selling their best players . I`d have King any day and don`t forget King is a Rangers fan , Ashley is a businessman with no love of our club .

    • I here what you are saying but right now we need a business man and Mike Ashely is a good one at that! We also play in a league that its only natural tht your best palyers are going to be sold regardless of who takes over!

      I personally think its time for huge change get tae FFFF with all these so called rangers men time the clique was broken its done us no favours in the past or present!

      Peter Lawell and co are buisness men but run the club on a model that is succesfull and i for one believe Ashley is that guy after everything thats gone before us the last 3 years financial stability is first and foremost without that the club is nothing! And if stadium name is the sacrifice to survive then so be it we all have to come to terms with the reality of it and stop driving people away

  5. I cant even tell you how much i want King and Co in here ! in this family alone Rangers have lost 3 season ticket sales , and if Ashley gets his way NONE of us will be back again .This has to end and we need Rangers men in their so at least we know we are not getting gutted from the inside , they wont please everyone but enough off us to make a difference .

  6. I agree with all comments above the only chance for the club is to shift the easdales from the club first we have no chance with gangsters…..

    • They are not gangsters just two svumbags who prey on the weak and poor. They stop all their busses early evening in greenock and leave punters with no transport other than a taxi. Oh who owns all the taxis ….. yep you guessed it them two sleasedales. No gangsters just crooks.

    • The buses round our way don't run after 6.30pm either. It's quite a common thing all over the country, so it's not just the Easdales that do it. It's strange how some people are quick to call the Easdales gangsters or crooks, but don't have a problem with Dave King's illegal activities.

  7. I'd have Dave King here in a heartbeat-he's a Rangers fan at heart unlike the Bowery Boys in "charge" (that's a laugh) at the moment.

  8. Haha….its laughable. King doesn't have the money we need….we have a whole management team and about 70% of our playing staff to replace….I somehow don't think the SA snake and his band of muppetts have that sort of cash.
    They have had 3yrs to do something and they have done jack shit ….so they can jack off and give someone else a chance cos they cant do it and the sooner people realise that the sooner we can start healing all this crap and get back to supporting our team n the park….or is that only what we used to do?

    • Exactly financial stability regardless of what is sacraficed to achieve that and dont get me wrong i dont want the stadium name to change or anything but if that is what it takes to be on a secure financial footing and Mike Ashleys business sense then so be it, we play in a league that undoubtably loses its best players to other leagues regardless so people that thing the squad would be affected with him at the helm talk piss

  9. I notice you whitewash over greens rape of our club ,for me green is as guilty as Whyte and probably complicit in what is currently happening ,bph and margereta could be anyone

  10. If your name isn't Dave King your not getting in was the title of the story….what has he done to even deserve a chance? UoF/SoS are his lemmings….do you think these assholes have been good for the club….blame who you like but for god sakes open your eyes and look past the end of the season….cos that's all that £16m will get if it even materialises….which I very much doubt. Their bluff has been called ….now its time to shape up or ship put….my guess is it will be shipping out time for King and co

    • Ha ha ha Christ almighty – only just seen this! How on earth can you criticise Dave King for lack of investment when this present board PROMISED at the last AGM that they would bring in new investment and have failed to do so?!!

  11. You really are blinded by your hatred of Dave King. This is a man who has invested millions into the club. This is a man who has supported Rangers his whole life and is still passionate enough about the club to put himself in the firing line of the media and rightly suspicious Rangers fans time and time again. King has earned the right to be respected by Rangers fans over many years.
    If Ashley gets control of Rangers he will suck the soul out of the club and turn us from being a national institution to a marketing tool for Mike Ashley.
    I can't believe that you can be so consistantly blinded by your attitude to King that you would accept a man like this taking control of our club.
    Go ask the fans of Newcastle what they think of Ashley.

    • If Dave King has the money to take over at Rangers, what's the hold up? It looks like, with the help of the irresponsible and increasingly embarrassing "fan" groups, he'd be happy to see Rangers run into the ground, possibly hoping get them on the cheap. A very dangerous game to play, surely. As for putting himself in the firing line, it's quite the opposite; King (and the "fan" groups) have been more than happy to run to the Rangers-hating press when it suits them.
      The main reason the Newcastle fans don't like Ashley would seem to be because he won't waste countless millions trying to win them the league. The only thing Rangers need from Ashley is financial stability. And as far as I'm concerned, if he does that for us, he can put up as many adverts as he can find the space for.

    • I take it your comment was made before King once again put himself in the firing line with his consortiums proposed 16 million pounds investment so I'll say no more.
      As for Ashleys impact on Newcastle I think you are being insulting to their fans. Just take a look at a Toon website called The Mag's article called "Newcastle United Financial Affairs-Where has the money gone under Mike Ashley". It breaks down Ashleys financial performance since taking over the club and compares it with Spurs finances during the same time frame. He is bleeding them dry to further line his own pockets. Read it and tell me you still think Ashley is the man for Rangers.

  12. Im not blinded by anyone….and I don't care too much for Ashley either….but what's the alternative? We need people who will act and people who will put their hands in their pockets when required…before Ashley came on the scen King could have got the club for £2, or when Green came riding in £5m ….since then we have been bombarded with promises, pledges and false hopes and he still; hasn't even bought a ticket. How many chances has the so called mega rich Dave had to put his hands in his pockets when we REALLY REALLY REALLY needed it? Yeah exactly…its all smoke and mirrors and I am pretty sure if you search around you will find evidence that of the £20m he pumped into Rangers when SDM was in charge….he got almost £19m back when it was prudent and safe to transfer it back….allegedly.
    To win the lotto you need to buy a ticket….and to own a club you need to invest…when he does I will be first to say brill, a true man of honestly…until then, my money and backing is behind someone who can

    • How many times does it have to be repeated King couldn't buy or invest in Rangers or put his hands in his pocket when we needed it because his money was tied up during his tax case with the SA taxman. He also refused to invest in the club after Green took over because he was aware that the money would have gone straight to Greens cronies and would not have helped the club in any way (remember the 18 million they spent in 2 years).
      And stop with the allegations that King got his money back from his previous 20 million investment. Go look for your evidence and get back to me when you find it. Just cos you want it to be true doesn't mean it is.

  13. And this is acceptable behaviour too I suppose? They are embarrassing the entire club and they must stop before we become an even bigger laughing stock in the world of football


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