What Rangers Fans Want


One thing I have tried to retain
a balance with on this blog over the years is the correlation with Rangers’
off-field politics and the actual stuff on the pitch.
While other blogs seem very
focused on the off-field drama and rather dismiss the actual football side of
things, I have tried to remain consistent and focus on ’11 Men Kickin’ a Baw’
as well as covering, sadly, the politics which continue to blight our great
It feels like forever since
Rangers were purely about football, with nothing but power, egos, agendas,
politics (that word again), propaganda and tabloid titillation dominating
events in Govan, while the 11 men on the pitch get relegated to an
Rangers fans are getting
absolutely sick to the back teeth of ‘another day, more bad news’ with the
press sinking their teeth constantly into the wounded animal of our club, using
our plight to sell papers, gain hits, and further careers. All at our expense.
Hence why the international break
recently was so untimely and utterly unwelcome. Some fans do still avidly
support Scotland, and I respect that, but personally I no longer do such is the
anti-Rangers agenda within the national regime, press, and the game in this
country overall. It is very hard to support a team who basically represents
everything that has attacked, belittled, smited, and generally abused the Club
you love. This is not saying the individual players are to blame, if you
exclude the vile Naismith and Whittaker, just that the national team is a
symbol of Rangers’ illegal fall into the-then Third Division.
As a result, the journey to
Stark’s Park on Friday was something of a thoroughly blessed relief. Regular
readers of this blog will know my feelings on certain players and indeed the
manager, but it was frankly an absolute Godsend to whine about the formation,
team selection, and McCoist’s tactics. That is what football fans are supposed to complain about.
Pre-match I expected, well, a
doing, frankly. The abysmally out-of-form Mohsni partnering the dire Lee McCulloch
in defence, while McGregor was once again played as an auxiliary right back
while two half-decent ones, Faure & McAusland, were on the outside looking
Lewis Macleod was again wasted on
the left wing, while the utterly ineffective Nicky Law once again started in
All of this irked me prior to
kick off, while once again I questioned McCoist’s tactics.
90 minutes later and the side who
had claimed the Ramsden’s Cup at Rangers’ expense earlier this year, Raith
Rovers, had mustered one shot on target, while Rangers attempts on goal went
into double figures. Two exquisite goals, a fortunate deflection and a penalty
seized four goals for the Ibrox men, with some darn good football played in the
process. I must also make a nod to the imperious Nicky Clark who is having an absolutely tremendous season, and his partnership with Kris Boyd looks superb.
So, Rangers had travelled to a
genuine promotion rival and slaughtered them with total ease, while their hosts
had offered absolutely nothing in attack.
In simple terms yours truly got
it totally wrong, and while the tactics and selection on paper was not
impressive, clearly McCoist got this one right and it was a completely
comfortable night for his men.
Of course it is frustrating
watching players out of position, of course it is frustrating seeing square
pegs in round holes, but if those square pegs score four times without reply,
and the fans go home happy, that is a job well done and we cannot really argue.
The display V Queen of the South,
another very decent Championship side, left much to be desired, and the
subsequent trip to Fife attained what had been
desired in said previous match. I had questioned our promotion chances, given
how we had struggled v Hearts, Hibs, and QotS, but the fact is Rangers have
lost one match this season while beating everyone else, and that everyone else
includes three extremely strong Championship teams – Falkirk,
QotS & now Raith Rovers.
Despite their shocking 0-0 draw at Dumbarton, Hearts still have the edge (albeit by one point) thanks to
that opening day debacle at Ibrox, but since then while the performances have
varied, the results have not. McCoist’s side are attaining a level of
consistency, one I was not expecting, and no one was expecting them to travel
to Raith and dispatch the Rovers with such aplomb.
That is what fans want to focus
on. Success on the pitch. Winning matches. Great goals.
Not Mike Ashley. Not Imran Ahmad.
Not Graham Wallace. Not SoS or any of the rest of the off-field rubbish.
Rangers are a football club. Best
to remember that.


  1. As a fellow Blue nose , all i can say is that i disagree with a lot of that .Its true that everybody has an opinion on us , but it matters not at all what " position a guy thinks he is " its up to the management to get a team out that wins . A player may have come through the ranks as a Striker , but in many cases may make a better midfield player ? in fact i think N Clark is a good example of just that , i think he may make a Vgood midfielder .
    I think Ally has done an outstanding job , and i hope he continues to do so even when we do get back up .It would not surprise me if he walks then though and i cant blame him if he does .I know there are people who dont rate him as a manager ? but then again there were guys screaming for B Davies REMEMBER HIM ?? .I would say be careful what you wish for .
    Onwards and Upwards .

  2. I would like Rangers fans to put their gripes with the board on-hold for Tuesday's nights game & fill the stadium with red, white & blue & a roar that makes the ground shake! I believe a good performance will see us get past Caley Thistle! unfortunately that's not going to happen…large factions of the support go hand in hand with the board … Fickled!

  3. Ally you should use your own name instead of anonymous. Well no one else would think you were doing a good job would they!!!!!!!!

  4. Faure is a half decent right back ?? Who are you kidding ,McGregor playing out of position is a hundred times better than him (and Foster for that matter)

  5. I hope every true Ranger turns up on Tuesday.
    It will be like giving ICT a goal of a start if they turn up to an empty stadium.

  6. There is no anti Rangers agenda. Rangers were also a business and as such had to operate within the law. They ran up debts that they could not meet and were liquidated. As a result the contract that the business had with the SPL to provide a football team became null and void. A new business was created to run a team and negotiated a new contract signed.

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