Why Ally Should Leave


If my last entry on McCoist
suggested he was under some pressure, the opening day debacle doubled that
pressure and pushed him to the brink.
Going into the visit of Hearts it
was pretty clear the match was must-win. With all Rangers’ new signings and the
importance of getting off to a flier, victory was essential. A decent
performance was high on the agenda too but was not absolutely critical. For
momentum it would be nice but ultimately the bread and butter is points and
three were needed.
Robbie Neilson’s side came to
Hearts as an entirely unknown prospect. After all, it is a new team cobbled
together over pre-season and Neilson is not only a first-time manager but he is
a mere 34 and totally inexperienced in this field. In effect he is a total
rookie so McCoist surely had the advantage of his years of assistant manager to
Walter and now manager.
Well…if there was an advantage it
did not show and indeed the rookie manager really did outwit McCoist with some
embarrassing ease, it has to be said.
From about 15 minutes onward it
was pretty clear Hearts were far more comfortable on the ball, used it better
and looked extremely dangerous going forward. But then, given the form and
formation of Rangers these days it does not take a lot to look better than them.
McCoist once again set his pals
out, McCulloch partnering Zaliukas with McGregor ridiculously dropped to the
bench to accommodate it. Indeed, even the supporters seem to be getting rather
sick of ‘Big Jig’ as his name was greeted with only lukewarm applause when he
went to unfurl the title flag for last season. Once the man was a hero, and now
he is becoming the most unpopular selection at the Club.
The rest of the team, to be fair
to McCoist, actually was not the worst XI he could have put out, but unfortunately
he did put out MacLeod to the left wing to accommodate the frankly useless Law.
To describe Nicky Law as a totally awful signing understates just how
staggeringly poor the former Motherwell man has been at Ibrox. And, his totally
undeserved goal aside, once again he was the invisible man.
Meanwhile, as mentioned MacLeod,
who had had a decent match V Hibernian playing as a central attacking
midfielder, struggled out on the wing v Hearts. All because McCoist has to play
his favourites, no matter how abject their form is.
A lot has been said also of Ian
Black, and while I concede his form has been lacklustre for some considerable
time, until November last year he was actually rather good. The man is capable
of form but like everyone else is suffering from the AllyJig factor. The same
factor has also reduced Mohsni from a colossus at the back to a whimpering
Which brings me back to the
central point, and one Alistair Murdoch McCoist. The fact is that time and time
again he has proven himself tactically inept and obsessed with pleasing his
favourites, and that compulsion was his downfall again on Sunday when he was
outwitted by a 34-year old rookie on his first day on the job.
Hearts were far from magical but
they were sharper, more alert, quicker, and smoother on the ball. They looked
like they had already forged an understanding with each other despite being
newly-assembled, while Rangers, their team ‘built’ over the past three years
following the previous squad’s departure, look like total strangers.
On Sunday night a dramatic rumour
surfaced that McCoist was about to be shown the door following a meeting at
Ibrox. My information, and I profess I cannot verify it fully, is that Rangers are looking for a new manager and
McCoist will be departing. Three days later though he is still Rangers manager.
Fans may argue if he has not gone
now he is surely staying, but then the Club still has not given him any ‘vote
of confidence’. Furthermore yesterday a rumour broke about Lee Wallace being transferred
to Brighton to the tune of £800K. The Club
dispelled the story inside an hour. Yet here we are three days after the
McCoist one and no Club statement dismissing it.
Furthermore for McCoist to
basically blame Charles Green post-match for Rangers’ performance showed
desperation on his part. He also blamed his own defenders. The one person who
never ever takes responsibility for anything going wrong is Ally McCoist. Look
at the following from Mourinho following a Chelsea
loss in November last year V Swiss giants Basle:
“It’s not the kind of game where I’m very
upset with the players because I think I get it: I understood. Maybe I should
have made more changes from Saturday, but when the team’s played so well, you
want to give them more confidence, you want them to keep that going. But I
could see many signs of fatigue.”
He did blame individual
performances but he also held his own hands up and admitted failure on his own
part. That is only human. To make mistakes. You gain respect by admitting them.
But McCoist’s response was different:
“Whether he (Green) comes back or not
remains to be seen. I thought the timing of it again… it is a big day for the
players, a big day for the supporters and even bigger day for Sandy Jardine’s
family. I just didn’t think the timing of it was great. For the first time, one
or two of the players actually said to me about the timing of all that kind of
stuff. Everybody does their level best
to keep players sheltered and away from it
and we will continue to do that
because they have to concentrate on results on the park. Sometimes it is a
little bit of a sideshow we can do without.”
Everybody, that is, except Ally
McCoist. And Kenny MacDowall for that matter, who recently complained the
fringe players were not doing enough to get into the first team.
“When we get the equaliser we are
looking at a positive reaction for the last five minutes to win the game and it
floored everybody. They saw a gap because Richard Foster came off and Darren
McGregor came on and he wasn’t in his position quick enough. I will need to
look at it again. I don’t think he was on the park quick enough for them to
take centre. But if he is not on the park we should have stopped the game and
not let them take centre until we had regrouped. He is definitely not in
position when they take centre but I am not saying for a minute that’s his
The actual cheek here to blame
the defending while claiming he is not blaming an individual is absolutely
It is abundantly clear McCoist’s
time is up. The vast, vast majority of fans are absolutely sick of his dreadful
management, and we all love Super Ally the hero striker who is the greatest in
the Club’s history. It just has not worked out for him in the hotseat, as it
likewise did not for John Greig.
Great players do not always make
great managers, and the McCoist example epitomises that.
It is time for us to move on.

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  1. Ally McCoist was a legend on the park for the Gers, however as said , the managerial role is not his strength, leave now Ally with your dignity intact..

  2. Having been a season ticket holder for more than 35 years, I totally agree with every word and will not be back as long as "Super Ally" is in charge! Clear them all out and get someone in who knows the modern game and can coach and organise a team !

  3. I've supported the team through thick and thin for 50yrs, through the John Greig and Paul Le guen eras but nothing comes close to the dross we are seeing now, it is sad that folk who have been staunch supporters of our team are thinking of not going back till Ally is gone but with what we are seeing on the park week in week out who can blame them.

  4. team selection and how ally sets his team out is bewildering at best in every game, easter road ramsdens cup final was shocking the team is carrying to many passengers black, foster,hutton, etc even templetons performances are not up to par. playing lewis mcloed as a winger when airds on the bench even when forced to take black off he still left him wide allys out his depth am affraid what does ian durrant actully do apart fromtake a seat in the dug out lifting a wage for he hoe

  5. I can't disagree with any of this. Have never thought Moshni was a colossus but do feel he has suffered badly beside Jig. I am a concert goer, if I see a bad one I won't go back. Not only are Rangers Supporters"fans" but they also demand even a smigin of entertainment. Football under Ally has been the worst I have seen in nearly 50 years. Sadly it is quite simple, he was one who gouged the club and still would had it not come out in the wash, we cannot afford to pay this guy out. I would have green back in a heartbeat if for nothing else to sort this out. Albeit the timing was bad and certainly not the norm but when green said this was the worst Rangers team he was right in the sense they are managed terribly. We have lost a golden opportunity to regroup rebuild and instill the Rangers mantra info the players of the future. No season tix has as much to with the product then the board.

  6. It's time we rangers fans buried the corpse the club we all know and loved died 2 seasons ago. Rangers died with dignity intact a league title record etc. , that cannot be matched as without us any title won in the top Scottish division doesn't have any significance.
    That said the tradition of the once great club can be carried on by supporting the wee rangers
    who now hold the current record of league titles a team worth investing in . Move on the corpse is being picked clean by those who maintain they have the best interest of rangers at heart you know who they are.

  7. Cant see why we are in such a hurry to get back to the top flight, not as if the crowds will come rushing back when the team is so poor and the board is full of conmen. we would get turned over week in week out and the celtic meetings would be humilaiting. dundee united smacked us so did inverness and hearts just got passed hibs when we really shouldn't have even look at the final against raith rovers couldnt even raise our game for that. dont care whats said allys ran the course but even i could have got us through the 2 lower leagues with a team of fulltime pros against sparks plumbers, posties and painters come on who are we trying to kid here.

  8. We have one of the best training grounds anywhere. A full time team who have struggled to beat teams consisting of painters,joiners etc in the past couple of years. The hearts game only confirmed what we already knew.we are poor. My biggest gripe is the movement of players into a space to give your mate in possession of the ball a target to aim for. Ian Durrant was an expert at this skill, but it is not being passed on to this present group. Boyd will score goals this year, but not against the bigger teams. He won't work. Look at the manager st Swansea, no massive name signings, but they all work for each other and make themselves available for a pass. Watch their work ethic and movement mr mccoist and see how it should be done.

  9. last nights result is fooling no one, even baz highlighted the fact that the guys at clyde are normal hard working lads with full time jobs outwith the game. some asking there employer to finish early so they could be at ibrox on time.

    we used aird and clark over the last few games and these lads have pace and can cause problems and make chances so why is mccoist so reluctant to us them its evident we need pace and players who can cause problems with out that we are slow weak and have no vision to create anything .

    hearts have there young team well up for it, going on early indications the league title could go there way if they dont have a major dip inform

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