Has Ally McCoist Turned it Around?

Has Ally McCoist Turned it Around?

Life seems a little better for Ally.
Taking a little hiatus from
writing due to ‘life’ matters getting in the way, it is safe to say my time-out
has coincided with a truly unexpected renaissance from Rangers. By no means are
the Govan men out of the woods yet, but the past two matches have given a
modicum of grounds for optimism, given 8 goals v returning hero Barry
Ferguson’s Clyde outfit, and another 4 against Neil Murray’s Dumbarton.
First off all, let us get one
thing perfectly straight. During the hysteria, from myself included, by fans swept
off their feet during two matches where Rangers looked like a team, it cannot
be forgotten that these performances were against sides of almost no quality. Ferguson’s Clyde “have been in the doldrums too long”
(Barry’s words, not mine) and currently sit sixth in Scottish football’s bottom
tier, with one win and two defeats to their name. They are a truly abysmal
team, and even by their own low standards played atrociously at Ibrox. Indeed
they “let themselves down” (again
Barry’s quote, not mine) and were truly ghastly in Govan.
As for Murray’s Dumbarton, they are bottom of the
Championship, with two goals to their credit (one of which was Mohsni’s own
goal) and three defeats. They have not a point to their name and are well and
truly the cannon fodder of the division.
In short, Rangers’ last two
excellent displays have been against sides barely of the quality of training
ground opposition.
However…the past two seasons the
complaint from fans has been consistent. That the quality of football has been
abject, the tactics a shambles, and most crucially of all we should be
decimating such meagre opposition with ease. When we play such a rotten team,
they should make us look like Real Madrid. The fact Rangers had struggled
against Clyde et al in previous seasons is testament to the absence of this
Yet here we are now destroying
these dreadful teams and what is the criticism?
We should be destroying these teams.
So, if we do not destroy them, we
should be, and if we do, well, we should be. There is a catch 22 if ever
I saw one.
Regular readers of this blog will
know I have been outspoken against the displays and McCoist’s management in
recent times. And tonight’s test at the Excelsior against a Queen’s Park in worse
standing than Clyde will not illustrate a
great deal should Rangers win. But I will stand willing to be corrected if
Saturday’s visit of the Championship’s second top team, Queen of the South,
also sees a comfortable win for the men in blue.
McCoist’s techniques have been
dubious at best and catastrophic at worst, and fans have been justifiably
clinging onto any sign of hope, including myself. I am by no means defending
Ally and the team in recent matches, there is still a great deal of work to be
done, but the signs have shown incremental improvement, and if the form can
maintain over the next two matches and the run of wins smoothly continues, then
maybe, just maybe I and other detractors were wrong about the manager and maybe
he does have what it takes to manage our great Club.
After all, Crystal Palace
apparently want him as manager…
But, at the end of the day, any
defeats will undo all the good work and lose every ounce of momentum the Club
and fans have gained in the past two matches.
Here is hoping that does not

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  1. It takes a big man to admit that he might have been wrong.

    To all the other moaners: Give yourself and your team peace.

    Get behind them and cheer your heroes on. Don't hide behind a forgotten boycott. There is only one way out of this, and that's sticking together and fight together against the Rangers haters.

    This time next year we might not have a team or a country.

    • What happened to all the ex-season ticket holders who said, they won't be buying season tickets but they will pay per game?
      Just over 40,000 for the game against Hearts and with special circumstances in the renaming of the Govan Stand in memorium to Sandy Jardine.
      Against Dumbarton 31,125, was disgraceful and I don't envisage may more against QOS this Saturday, last year I'd have expected this figure to be 10,000 more.
      So it is up to the real supporters, whether you renewed your season ticket or not, I did others didnt but still attend, to not forget what the 'protesters' whether SoS or any others not attending games, if Rangers go into receivership again, it won't be the board that is responsible, although I am not going to place the blame fully on the abstainers but they would have a big part to thier withdrawal from supporting the club.
      It seems Halfwaybear that the Rangers haters aren't just the Scum in the east, their Chief Exec. SFA, the Scottish corrupt/biased media but our own, which grieves me so much. I totally agree with you in sticking together behind the club. For thos who may think I am an Ally fan, I have said he should move on, preferrably upstairs. Wouldn't he be a wonderful replacement for the sadly deprated Sandy Jardine?

  2. Halfwaybear – I agree with you 100% only back is with stadium full every week supporting the team and lets pray that next year we have a team and a country.

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