Why You Should Buy a Season Ticket


This blog has often been accused
of being pro-board, of being ‘Hedge Fund Loyal’, of siding with the Charles
Green regime then with his alleged incumbents. Indeed, everyone who has sat in
the Rangers boardroom is under scrutiny, fairly, but some have taken said
examination a little too far with unfounded notions of murky dark rooms where
strings are being pulled by BPH and Margarita while Green sits in the
background, smoking a large Cuban while watching the ‘scrillah’ roll in.
This is stuff of complete fantasy,
and is no more evidential than the notion of aliens or God. Athiests in
Rangers’ support who completely debunk the Almighty are happy to believe in
equally weak concepts of Green or indeed Whyte being the grand overlord of
Let us be blunt, Charles Green
has had his big payday from Rangers.
He got £700,000 for his role as CEO, plus £200,000 as a pay off. That is it.
Done. As for Whyte, he is a liquidator. He is the type of ‘businessman’ you
bring in when you know your company is going bust, and he will do whatever is
necessary to end that business. It means the likes of SDM do not have a
liquidation on their CV. He too has done his piece, and he is gone.
So, that all said, we have
Wallace, Somer, Crighton and Easdale on the Rangers board. Popular they are
not, but it is continually frustrating to see them cited as the reason not to
buy a season ticket.
The fact of the matter is your
several hundred pounds are for the right to watch Rangers at Ibrox next season.
It did not seem to matter during SDM’s regime where that money went (in his
pocket/MIH), renewals rolled in every season. Why? Because the brand of
football was successful and Rangers won things. That he was making personal
profit was ignored by almost everyone because Rangers won the SPL and contended
in the Champions League.
Now, we are not. And that is why
your season tickets are even more important.
With no SPL money, no TV cash, no CL cash, little outside investment and
reduced merchandise scale, ST cash has become 1000% critical to the club’s
Under SDM when cash was thin he
generally bailed the Club out his own pocket. Now we do not have that fall-back
crutch, and without ST’s admin 2 is inevitable.
The fans have become more
important now than they have ever been. As I say, it is not about supporting
the board, you can protest them if you so wish – but support the team, your fellow fans, and the Club as a
whole by buying your ST because that cash is borderline the biggest and most
important source Rangers now have.
We do not have all those previous
sources of income any more to bail us out, we are completely relying on ST
Buying your ST does not mean you
back the board, it means you back the Club. And that is all that matters, and
the club needs us now more than it ever has.
Some are holding back given
McCoist’s management, and I understand their concerns. The football is poor,
but then I do not recall it being great during 9IAR. It was just effective. It
was absolutely horrendous during our CL and Uefa Cup run of 2007/07 but we kept
buying ST’s. Because of success.
I accept the football is not easy
on the eye, but next season will see a Championship filled with Hibs and
Hearts, and from fans I speak to there is a real sense of excitement about
trips to Tynecastle and Easter Road. And hosting these clubs at Ibrox.
It is potentially the most
exciting season Rangers have been involved in for decades given it is more than
a one or two horse race.
But to get to that season in one
piece we need to support the Club.
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  1. Dont you get it , this board will not invest the money in the team , this mercenary board couldnt care less about the team its about them getting a return and a profit 70 million already spent for what and they want the season ticket money to pay themselves bonuses again . they have to be starved out nothing else will get rid of these parasites .

    • Do you honestly think they would be daft enough to take bonuses after the furor of the last couple of months? As for getting a return, dont you have to show a profit first to get a dividend?

    • 70 mil, 70 mil, 70 mil………… Read the accounts, we went thru 70mil, it was not all management pay. We have a team an infrastructure and a Stadium that all demands money before you get to management. Just state the facts, is a much easier and effective way to win an argument.

    • Nobody really appears to see the problem. You have a business, Ragers FC or whatever you wish to call it. This business has what should be steady income and outgoings, in short, income from in the main Match Ticket sales and Sponsorship including TV monies, and outgoing in the main from upkeep of stadium, training facilities and staff costs (players wages).
      It is that simple, and yet here we are at the start of another season, apparently in financial meltdown or with the stongest cashflow position in years.
      So, let me at that business, I would feel for current shareholders, because they will ultimately loose out if even more shares are issued, I would feel for backers who put even more money in if they have no gauranteed security, I would feel for staff, not the over rated and paid employees who are being, , ets be frank, paid to play and perform against part time opposition.
      So we need to hang on to our greatest strength, our support, we need to make it all visible, sensible and above all providing a plan with hope and promise even if it might take a few years. Accept the horrendous position and the wonderful feeling if and when we are once more challenging for major honours at home and abroad, first the club needs to face facts.

  2. If you honestly believe that half of what you continue to publish is true, I feel very very sorry for you.

  3. I agree dont care who is in the board room I just want my team to win and I will keep buying tickets and merchandice to make it happen
    mon the gers

  4. Every time you post you begin by denying that your blogs are pro Board, then you go on to confirm that which everyone knows, you are definately all that you deny, pro Board in the extreme.

  5. To the first 3 comments go & support another team then, I don't know the figures exactly but if you go onto offical website you will see there are more than 20,000 real Rangers fans who have renewed their season tickets, 1 last thing broomloan front section 1 all the noisy weans who sing sack the board 1 season ticket left for that section so if anybody wants it they better be quick

  6. Repat (as not published) we are not abondoning our team we are supporting on a match by match basis, which part of this do you not understand, I am beginning to think the author is indeed Sandy or Graham !!!!!

    London Wall

  7. Any one who trusts this board with their money needs their head looked at. They have only one weapon ( season ticket money ), deny them that and they will crumble, then the fans can move in and take control.

  8. sdm made profit from rangers i will tell the jokes pal rangers cost the murray group £123m in his 23 yrs in charge he made mistakes and mismanaged the funds but would any fans really swap nine ina row or the great european nights runt to final uefa cup etc for what we have now i think not

  9. Another good blog pointing out exactly why Rangers supporters need to buy season tickets. Trying to "starve" the Board out is potentially very dangerous. It's the CLUB, no matter who's on the Board, that needs the money. Too many people appear to hate the Board more than they love Rangers and in their efforts to get rid of them don't seem to mind putting the Club's future at risk. Well, I've bought my ticket as I'd rather not take the chance. If people want to complain or demonstrate, that's their right, but Rangers FC's future is the most important thing, so supporters should buy season tickets whether or not they back the Board.

  10. Your head is right up your bum pal – wake up and smell the coffee, this is our club WATP. Lets get these BAW BAGS OUT that are running our club or should i say ruining our club.

  11. To the guy that says fans are going on a match per match basis, do you realise the club is going to make more money from you's guys as it costs more to go game per game, so I suppose you's are doing the club a favour for that I salute you's, as this will mean on top of season ticket sales that are well over 20,000, our club will have extra income all season from people that can't think for themselves, btw I was the one talking about the broomloan front section that last seat is away

  12. I paid over £600 cash for me and my sons seats in the Main Stand, excellent seats that will now be in my family for years, thank you Dave King and The Sons of Satan

    • I very good pal,think about yourself – just like Craig Whyte/Charles Green.& the rest of them. See when it all goes belly up again, you can say tata to your £600.Then you will be standing outside Ibrox way your weans wanting your £600 back YOU HAVE NAE CHANCE.enjoy your seats as you willnae have them long

    • You're talking rubbish. The guy's got himself and kids better seats because he still supports his team. Unlike the rebels who seem to be doing their best to damage it. And good luck to everyone else who has managed to do the same. At least if the the club does go "belly up," which a lot of "supporters" seem to be hoping for, they'll be able to say they did their best for Rangers, unlike "supporters" like you.

  13. If you or anyone think that Charles Green has left the builthe ding then you are living in cloud cuckoo land.In December 18 last year he was supposed to have sold the last of his shares to the Easdales,but this never happened.He still has these shares and also the proxy votes of BPH and MH, along with the other nameless investors he brought to OUR club.This entire board were brought to OUR club by Green…He still wants more money from our club by sale and lease back of Auchinhowie and Ibrox.This was ALWAYS the long term plan….

  14. It's not just the board. What about the utter garbage McCoist has served up. PURE DROSS ON THE PITCH!!!!!!

  15. These BAW BAGS spent their money buying shares in Rangers . If Dave King and his crew want to run Rangers then why not invest their money and buy them out ……..NAW they want it for F*** ALL . Now who's the BAWBAG . Do these guys want to make money on their investment ? Would you invest your money for no return . Get a F***ing grip on reality . Did McCann or Desmond make profit at the paedodrome ? Of course they F***ing did . Buy your tickets and support your team . Some of us have turned into a paranoid shower right now .

  16. Rangers directors hold showdown talks in London (9/JUNE/2014) as they try to stave off more financial chaos at Ibrox .We will support our team but never support these F***ing BAW BAGS.We are not a paranoid shower its all laid out in front of you to see and you can not see it.SMELL THE COFFEE PAL

    • New MCGILLS BUS DEPOT IS COMING to the old Albion training ground land Easdale's just loves Rangers, your bang on mate a shower of BAWBAGS –also Wallace is just a yes man

  17. I have renewed my book but i am saddened to here you talk about trips to hibs and hearts why would you be going there or are you another who has forgotten that these clubs tried to destroy us but you talk about going there and rewarding them with cash they so badly need i for one will never give these rangers haters my money i only hope Gers fans remember the damage they inflicted on us hibs espeically along with the sheep st johnscum and thompson who did their best to try to kill us offf alltogether

  18. This current board have done little wrong. They've only been going for a few months.
    Support your team before you don't have a team to support.
    If King wanted the club for nothing he should have stepped up when we needed him (twice before), and you know he didn't. The people who gambled before the big tax case deserve their dividend, however annoying it may seem. Hopefully they wont win the bonus case, theyve had enough.
    But if you starve the club, it will die. And you won't win.

  19. Club is in a very precarious position at the moment. Share issue will be a farce, as always, and will then be painted as a success by media allies. ST sales are small apparently so income is now minimal. Aside from wages and investment the stadium needs serious upkeep. I fully expect another catastrophe awaits Rangers FC.

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