Profiting the Enemies of Rangers


In this article from December 2012, I examined Scotland’s main
broadcast media and found that there was little hard evidence to suggest any
kind of bias against Rangers. Sure, there are individuals in these
organisations who dislike the club, but that applies to all walks of life.
Generally my investigation found that, BBC and Clyde
aside, there was little anti-Rangers bias in ESPN (as it was then, now BT), Sky
and STV.
However, I deliberately avoided
the printed press as that is a whole other animal.
In Scotland, there are effectively six
main tabloids (no point discussing broadsheets, their circulation and sales are
dwarfed by the tabloids) and these are:
Glasgow’s Evening Times and The Daily Record.
Edinburgh’s Evening News & The Scotsman
The Scottish edition of the UK’s largest
newspaper, The Sun.
And lastly The Herald.
Some would debate The Scotsman
and Herald as broadsheets, but this is a moot debate anyway as this article
today is focusing on specific red tops, namely the Daily Record and the
Scottish Sun.
These two scurrilous publications
have long-since abandoned any ideals of printing facts, or prioriting
journalistic integrity, but have instead gone the route of tabloid titillation,
attention-seeking and outright lies.
Once upon a time a tabloid was,
with all due respect to its readership, targeted at the less intellectually
endowed working classes of the land, an easy-to-read presentation of the news
that could keep the working man and woman up to speed with events around them.
These were not Eton or St Andrews graduates,
they were honest, hardworking folks who just wanted an aesthetically pleasing
and simple way of interpreting the facts without being bogged down by vast
prose and extensive vocabulary. They wanted it called a ‘rat killer’ and not a
‘rodent exterminator’.
However, something changed in
’89. When the London-based Sun went ahead with its atrocious ‘The Truth’
edition following the Hillsbrough Disaster, it seemed to give license to its
partners in the tabloid field to produce whatever sold newspapers. Given the
Sun is the wealthiest part of News International (Or News UK as it is
known these days), they could get away with the lies as they could afford to be
sued for millions and even beaten. The Sun is valued roughly in the region of
£1,000,000,000 which is its yearly turnover. Combined with its partner papers
News UK
is worth $1.61B in revenue.
We are talking serious cash here.
Ok, I have rambled enough on about facts and figures, what is the relevance to
Most of you reading this will probably
have a suspicion where I am going with this.

Put simply, over the past decade
there has been a tangible amount of evidence to suggest Rangers’ biggest two
enemies in the printed press by far are The Sun and the Daily Record. While the
proof was scratchy and inconsistent up till February 2012, since that fateful
month these newspapers have had a field day, printing anti-Rangers article
after anti-Rangers article. The Club has been one of the most profitable
stories in Scottish history for these publications; all either of them has to
do is print a murky story about Rangers and their circulation and sales numbers
peak higher.
Rangers are an easy target and a
borderline licence for these papers to print money. Indeed, Rangers fans have
frequently suggested boycotting them completely, with one recent incident
involving infamous anti-Rangers blogger Phil Mac Giolla Bhain and the Sun’s
desire to print a serialisation of his fantasy novel about how the club
self-destructed (well, at least the title of his book avoids the name ‘Sevco’
unlike his constant references to the Club on Twitter…).
This outcry from fans actually
persuaded the paper to change its mind for once, but its interest in the book
highlights how easily these tabloids target the Club for sensational stories,
with zero interest in the factuality of the content.
Indeed, any ‘aspiring’ journalist
who targets these papers to be printed in is as much an enemy of Rangers as
Bhain is – if you get printed in the enemy, you are the enemy.
And that applies just as much to
the Daily Record, who have used Rangers’ woes to line their pockets for a very
long time, but more intensely during the 2012- present period. It was with
great sadness that captain Lee McCulloch chose The Record’s Keith Jackson to
write his autobiography, and even more depressing the paper profited from
serialising it. Jackson
lined his pockets for writing it, the paper lined its for printing it.
Indeed, just like The Sun, fans
have suggested boycotting The Record, and James Traynor effectively did,
quitting his post with a veiled stab at the paper and other press outlets:
“My conscience won’t allow me to stay in our
profession. The kind of journalism needed by the country, never mind sport, no
longer exists in enough of the media outlets.”
We have hard evidence that The
Record and The Sun, especially, are full of lies, completely lacking integrity,
and purely exist to make money, not report the truth.
But then there is this:
Then this:

It is quite flabbergasting that
Rangers’ fan group ‘Sons of Struth’ are now using The Record as their
mouthpiece. Not intent on viral marketing, they are quite happy to ‘get into
bed’ with a well-established Club enemy and serial liar in order to further
destabilise the club they profess to love.
Going back even a year every fan
to a man and woman would have heartily condemned The Sun and The Daily Record,
including John Brown, Chris Graham and Craig Houston. And yet now these
individuals are quite happy to help profit their own enemy to hurt their Club?
This is not me even protesting
their agenda – I have done plenty of that elsewhere, but the fact they are
pushing said agenda through an agency we all despise in unity. Or are supposed
And there is no hypocrisy here, I
have condemned the Easdales, Murrays et al for using another enemy, the BBC, to
spread messages too. Difference is BBC relies on license money, not hits or
newspaper sales. The more attention you give the Record or the Sun, the richer
they get.
And the more they will hurt you
in the future.
Think about what you are doing.


  1. Well said, I have to agree with this blog, it is the main stream Scottish tabloids that are doing most of the damage ( to both sides of the old firm )printing lies and most importantly creating divides amongst our own fans, football supporters of both Rangers and Celtic should boycott the trash papers .

    • What "Old Firm " like every blue nose i know i dont believe there any longer is any Old Firm…….we dont want any truck or to be tarred by the same brush as that mob so that term should never be used , and as soon as we get a directive from the club saying so the better .

    • So when Rangers do get back into the top leqgue in Scotland, it wil, not be an "old firm" game. What a load of drivel, as for media plots, so know one wants to here or see comment with regard to Scottish football or either Rangers or Celtic. Again rubbish, no amtter whether it is factual or not, there is debate and points of truth, ir meetings in London, they did not happen, again rubbish. RANGERS IN WHATEVER STATE ARE IN A STATE, whether it cna be resolved, time will tell, without another admin/liquidation, what remains certain is that the Rangers in whatever guise need to cut costs, need to sort their stadium and need to find a way to bring supporters, board, shareholders together for the benefit of all, not the press, who incidently will laud the fact that they can sort it out.

    • The point was that these "supporters" groups should not be speaking to the Rangers-hating Record to get their "message" across. Neither should the Board be using the equally anti-Rangers BBC. Real Rangers supporters don't read the Record or Sun. You're surely not a Rangers supporter or you would have realised this a long time ago and would be in no doubt about "media plots." You think the press will laud Rangers when they sort things out – are you serious? The press are loving every minute of this and it will be a black day for them when things do eventually settle down.
      Of course there will be Rangers v Celtic games. The point being made was that many Rangers supporters no longer consider it to be any kind of a "partnership" ie the "big two" and the rest of Scottish football. So as such the "old firm" no longer exists and the term should be redundant.
      We're in a state right enough, but Admin/liquidation would probably be a little further off if so many people hadn't been so easily persuaded not to renew their season tickets.
      Not a good idea as far as securing Rangers' future is concerned.

  2. But if the board are lying to you (Wallace in America the other day, saying everything is rosy), the Record then publish a story claiming a share issue is imminent due to lack of funds, and 24 hours later the club announce a share issue … who is actually telling the truth ? 'Spreading messages', as you call it in your article … it's a bit different to 'spreading lies/mistruths/halftruths', isn't it ?
    Or would you just prefer to have what the board tells you, and believe that – though I've heard it described as the mushroom strategy. They keep you in the dark and feed you sh*t all the time.

    • I don't want to get into a slanging match with you, but if you read what the article is about and the last line, I quote 'Think about what you are doing'. The witer gets across his point perfectly.
      I am not disputing your comments or the writer of the articles comments either, but I cannot believe some of the groups of 'so-called' Rangers supporters groups, ex Rangers players and some current players speaking to the likes of the BBC, Daily Record or Sun media and not forgetting Channel 4 News.
      If Rangers were a country, these peole would be condemned for treason.
      I personally refuse to read anything printed or within the internet from the Daily Record as requested by Rangers fans over two years ago and after many lies printed in the Sun about a tragic North Sea accident years ago would never open a page of their scum reporting. I do however still watch and read BBC articles, as I unfortunately contribute to their existence in licence fees.
      My penultimate point is the Rangers groups like SoS, etc. have other avenues to publicise their resentement against the Board, Ally or any other Rangers matter. They should use them.
      Finally, Graham Wallace made a statement just prior to his 120 days review that sometime, possibly in the autumn or spring of 2015 Rangers would 'most likely' raise a share issue.
      Please don't take this as a personal issue with you, as I agree with a lot, but not all, you say. Rangers 'people' need to be very careful who you take on board as a confident.

    • Surely you can't be a Rangers supporter if you're on here defending the Record after all the crap we've had from them over the last several years? I wouldn't believe the date on that rubbish (or the Sun). And anyway the share issue isn't news, it's been on the cards for some time now.

  3. If i remember right rangers fans called for a boycott of the the daily rhebel as far back as 1986 i have not bought one since then i do not care what it writes about 595 they all seem to have it in for us the scotsman online every bit as bad.But we as rangers fans can never all agree on anything you can see that here with sayings like excited about away trips to hibs and hearts clubs that 2 years ago were hell bent on destroying us

  4. It’s a reasonable article – I’ve advocated a similar view too. I know longer buy any printed press. I don’t read online copies of the Daily Record, Scotsman as they all carry negative posts which I often think they write internally to stir things up. That’s another matter I’ll come back to.
    To be honest though I think the Daily Rebel (or Rangers) as I've often heard it called is the enemy of both the Glasgow teams. Ok Rangers have taken a constant hammering these past few years but they have been known to target Celtic too – remember the cracked Celtic badge which they carried for about a year on their sports pages.
    They make their money from stirring the constant hornets’ nest of the Old Firm and the fans and that’s what they’’ continue to do until their circulation falls. Mark Hately commented a few years ago on his time in AC Milan and the support the club received from both the local and NATIONAL newspapers and press. Sure they will criticise the style of play, manager tactics and player performances but any bad and irrelevant publicity is buried. Its football journalism the fans want to read not the nasty spiteful ethos of Daily Record (I’m calling it the Rebel this month).
    I’ll finish by saying fans of both clubs have to wise up and send them packing. I’ve no doubt the Italians would look elsewhere for a decent read and fans of both clubs ion Glasgow have got to do the same. Send these papers packing.

  5. I wouldnt use the record to wipe my arse with like rfc 18734 i stopped buying this piece of crap as well as its sisters paper years ago and to the other anonymous its this so called union of fans whos going to destroy us acting like bloody kids well which most of them are any way or wee bloody neds who havnt got a clue

  6. I cant take issue with comments on scottish media..but the poisonous nonsense of the previous post has to be addressed. The union of fans is a vehicle for fans to show they are not giving the carpetbaggers another 70million to waste..I and many thousands like me will still attend every game..wake up..stop attacking rangers fans..the board doesnt need your support.the team and the fans do!!!

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