Bouyed by the Return of Kris Boyd


With Kenny Miller confirmed and
Darren McGregor securely signed up, it was felt that, on the pitch at least,
things were creaking towards the right direction. Forgetting the ‘age’ issue
regarding Miller, something I addressed in a previous entry, the fact is a 1-in-3 career ratio including last season at a level higher than the SPL, the MLS,
showed Miller very much still has it. That the ratio he boasted during his
second spell at ratio was 1 in 2 showed he was a class above anything else Scotland had to
Apart, however, from Kris Boyd,
with whom he forged a lethal partnership – in 2009/10 they scored 57 goals
between them, and that was before January where Miller left for Bursaspor.
Today we learn that, short of an
official confirmation, Boyd has returned on a one-year deal. That astounding
partnership they forged will be reignited against much weaker opponents than they
decimated previously and there are still a great number of deals to be
completed, including shipping out dead wood.
Little, Cribari, Hegarty and
Mitchell have all gone, and Perry has also been told he has no future at the
club. Harsh truth is none of these players will be missed, so it is patently
clear that the chafe is being ousted.
Consequently one cannot help
feeling a sense of optimism for Rangers next season, on the pitch at least.
While the team is far from a finished product, having a seasoned SPL defender
signed up, while Boyd and Miller have returned gives the team a decent level of
armoury which was sadly lacking only a few months ago.
Most fans, and even McCoist (indirectly)
agreed the current squad just was not good enough for the Championship:
“The prospect of a big club like Hibs
coming down worries me. No-one has a God-given right to win games. I’ve already
said it will be a hell of a competitive and interesting league. We don’t know
who will be coming down and there is a few twists and turns to come out of the
next two or three weeks, which I’m looking forward to watching. Hibs have been
mentioned, but there are three or four of them down there fighting to avoid
that play-off place, so it will make it really interesting for our league next
year whoever plays in that play-off and ends up coming down.”
Few Rangers fans can argue that
Boyd and Miller are not a step up from the players in the existing squad. While
Daly was absolutely exceptional up till February, he simply ran out of puff and
staggered his way to the end of the season. Clark
was never really given a sustained run but did reasonably well with what few
chances he did get, while Shiels was dreadful till January where he suddenly
burst into life and had a few good months till fading again.
Consequently seasoned pros Boyd
and Miller are a surefire upgrade – Rangers fans know what they are getting
with these two. Goals. Lots of goals.
The side is taking some shape,
with 13-time capped Algerian international defender Ismael Bouzid also on trial
at Ibrox.
Let us just hope McCulloch does
not still start in defence…