Nicky Law – I’m Struggling to Adapt to Life at Ibrox


Nicky Law has admitted tonight
that the expectations of playing for Rangers have taken him by surprise.
“The pressure of playing for Rangers is
completely different from anything I’ve been used to. The manager said when I
signed that it can take people a year or two to settle in and you can see why.
Everything you do, someone has an opinion on it. It can be difficult.
For most of the season we’ve been told how bad we are, yet we’ve not lost a
league game. It’s strange.”
The player’s poor form this season
has unexpectedly been met with an SPFL League 1 Player of the Year nomination,
but Law concedes he has found the going tough when playing for Rangers and
tolerating the criticism such a large club suffers when things do not go well.
“Up until January we were beating teams four
and five-nil every week. But since then they are all packing the midfield.
That’s tough. We’ve got some stick but I don’t think you can ignore it
with the amount of fans we have as well as the number of people who hate
Rangers. Of course, that has an impact on you.
If you have someone coming to your work and telling you that you are
rubbish it will affect you.”
The question remains how he and
his colleagues will cope with the step up to the Championship next season,
given the recent defeat from Raith Rovers who currently reside in that
division. That has certainly put a dampener on how Rangers fans and players
review the season as a whole, and Law does not run away from it.
“You have to say it has. The aim was to win
the league and anything else was a bonus. But I think as a squad we’ll
certainly look back on that Ramsdens final as the major disappointment.”
The rest of Rangers’ squad,
Wallace aside, is comprised of SPL players who are used to the modest demands
of playing for teams like Hearts and Kilmarnock,
and the suspicion is Law is airing how many of them feel with the exponentially
increased expectations at Ibrox.
The final poser is debating how
much mental strength these players have as a whole to continue to win for a
club that demands no less.

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  1. I'll give him credit for being candid & not giving a canned answer. So much of the players' struggle with expectations is rooted in the fact that, besides Jig & to a lesser extent Wallace, they're all new to this. There is no core of Rangers veterans to rely on to guide them through the transition because they all left.

  2. Fair enough for admitting it Nicky Law but it doesn't excuse the fact the vast majority of the performances of months have been lacklustre and full of poor football.

  3. Aye, It Must Be Tough Being A Ranger….I, And Thousands Like Me, Would Love The Privilege Of Pulling On The Jersey And Running Onto The Pitch So I Have No Sympathy For Players Who Cannot Or Do Not Appreciate The Position They Are In…..

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