A Scottish Cup Nightmare


After the abject atrocity of what
happened last Saturday at Easter Road, Rangers fans can be forgiven for fearing
the worst for the Scottish Cup showdown with SPL cracks Dundee United at Ibrox.
Yes, Rangers have ‘home
advantage’ but that did not do Bayern much good in the 2012 Champions League
final against an undeniably inferior team in Chelsea so it really is not a factor to take
into account.
One of the biggest aspects of
this match which will decide the outcome is quite simply manager Ally McCoist’s
continued stubborn insistence on selecting Lee McCulloch as a defender.
He is one of the most popular
people associated with the club, but even Jig’s most ardent fans concede that,
as a player, that his time is up. His inability to defend is an embarrassment
to watch, with 70% of his time spent incorrectly appealing offside then trying
to catch up with play which has thus bypassed him.
He cannot tackle, he cannot head,
and it is left to Bilel Mohsni to essentially play the role of two men. He cost
Rangers the Ramsden’s Cup when his absolutely feeble pass to Foster exposed the
defence after Mohsni’s initial fall and failure to retrieve the ball. If in
doubt, boot it out – but McCulloch tamely passed sideways to The Beard and the
rest is history.
Another problem Rangers have is their
abject form and complete lack of confidence. The team just is not playing right
now. It has not played for around two months, with January’s fine form a
distant memory – with so many players out of form, such as Wallace, Mohsni,
Black and now Daly, it is safe to say the team as a whole is in dire need of
Aird might have tried the hardest
V Raith but he was nevertheless poor, with his entire repertoire being to tap
it past a defender and hope he can run past him. It is astoundingly shallow and
Aird is miles off being good enough.
Then you have McCoist. I have
lost patience entirely with him. The tactics are rotten, the formation all over
the place, and his ridiculous insistence, not only with McCulloch, but also
trying to play Nicky Law as a trequartista behind Daly is utterly stupid. It
has not worked in the 4 or 5 times he has previously persisted with it, so why
will he not let it go? Add to that the abominable subs he made against Rovers,
such as switching Foster to left back rather than shifting a natural LB in
Smith back there, and putting Faure on, once again as a RB…it beggars belief,
I objected to the starting team
itself but hoped they would still be strong enough to win, despite the way McCoist had shaped them.
They were not.
I will not even touch on the
private party that followed such a disgraceful match as it speaks for itself.
Last but not least our opponents
are in excellent form. Yes, Jackie McNamara will not be in the dugout, due to a
touchline ban, but the fact is his United team are playing very well right now
and are arguably Scotland’s
most in-form side.
It is the worst time Rangers
could be playing them.
I honestly fear a mauling and I
absolutely pray something is plucked out the hat because I cannot see where
else Rangers will get inspiration from.

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  1. Scotland's most in form side? Pumped 2 zip at home last week! Correct on all other points though. Well said.

  2. McCoist has to seriously change the side and go for a alternative formation and he must at all costs have someone upfront with Daly or we won't stand a chance. go 3-5-2 to cover our lack of pace at the back and get a grip of the midfield and hopefully we can supply Daly or Clark with the service to give us a chance at winning.

  3. What game were you watching re jig?
    I was at the game and suffered the pain of watching a re run just to check it wasn't a nightmare.
    Jig never lost a header or a tackle all day so you're way out there.
    As for can't head a ball It's pretty plain you've never played the game.
    He's the only player we've got who'll attack the ball in the air.

  4. The tactics are rubbish, the motivation doesn't seem to be there from the sidelines and the players confidence has been lost.
    But it wasn't Big Jig who fell at the goal and missed two open goals from two yards out.
    If we play Clark and start quickly, we have a chance. Those muppets are no world beaters.
    If we want to win, we will win. Lets hope we want it enough.
    They certainly owe us a day out.

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