Rangers Exodus – Who Stays and Who Goes


It is pretty plain that
regardless of Dave King’s entry or otherwise to Ibrox, Rangers critically need
to cut overheads. There is a misguided belief among fans that doing so is
simple to do, but unfortunately it is not.
Ibrox’s electricity bill did not
go down in line with the loss of income resulting from dropping divisions. Nor
did the cost of merchandising, the cost of running Rangers TV or the global
operations a club the size of Rangers demands. Those are only 4 examples of how
the club’s costs exceed its income. There are many others.
The fact is Rangers are a giant
fish in a tiny pond that struggles to feed it, and sooner or later that fish
has to find some horrible way to cut off its own nose without spiting its face
in order to survive.
The way CEO Graham Wallace has
proposed is essentially the most obvious, clinical and effective way of
rebalancing the books between revenue and overheads; a massive cull of the
playing staff:
            “I don’t rule out a rigorous review of
our football squad but it will be done in partnership with the manager. We have
players on contracts coming to an end, we have players who perhaps don’t
feature as strongly in the manager’s plans, so we look at opportunities to make
changes there.”
This is a very gentle way of
saying we are making changes there,
and it becomes inevitable that players will leave next month.
            “We have to  continue to field a winning team, a team that
plays attractive football and we have got to continue to allow the benefits of
the youth academy to come through. It’s about getting that balance. I have
developed the semblance of a very good relationship with Alistair (McCoist). We
are in the process of looking at our footballing capability. We get 45,000
people turning up here every other Saturday, they come to watch a winning team
but they come to watch  a team playing
good  football.”
Otherwise known as getting rid of
the fringe players who are draining the club coffers without being particularly
involved on the pitch plus possibly letting some slightly more important
players go too. So, let us take at who is likely to be vulnerable for the chop
in the January transfer window.
David Templeton. Already suggested as a possible departure,
Templeton’s time at Ibrox just never took off, and while he has had injury
troubles, he has had confidence ones too. He is a very high profile player at
the club, but one who just never lived up to the expectation, and he is no
longer young enough to be about potential. Templeton is on a wage significant
enough to merit removal, and as a player he could net Rangers a 6-figure fee.
Barrie McKay. Despite a very promising first
season, McCoist does not seem to fully rate McKay or trust him enough to use
him. He is a player with a great deal of potential but sadly does not seem to
fit into McCoist’s Rangers and while his wage is modest, he could also command
6 figures.
Kyle Hutton. Hutton had a horrendous time of it last year, but
despite a promising pre-season this term, his injury ruled him out for months,
and he has been unable to usurp the established midfield of Law and Black since
returning to fitness. Another modest wage but might scrape 6 figures. More
likely 5.
Ross Perry. Struggled dreadfully last season, despite a promising 2011/2012, Perry has rarely performed in defence to the level needed. He is surely surplus, but his value will not be particularly high although his wage may be respectable.
Emilson Cribari. If ever the phrase ‘dead wood’ was appropriate, Cribari is it. A truly awful defender who became a joke figure among fans. Has not been close to the first team this season and no wonder. Will not be worth a lot but his wage will.
Richard Foster. Been incredibly poor second time at Ibrox, and will
be on one of the more salubrious wages given his experience. Faure seems to
have prised his RB slot away in his absence, and Foster would be no miss. Would
not command 6 figures but could still net the club something reasonable.
Steven Smith. A completely pointless signing. With Lee Wallace at LB
Smith has been cast to the bin, a rarely used substitute these days. Again, he
is on a fairly decent wage and could get a 5-figure sum for the club.
Arnold Peralta. As a Honduran international
who will be at next year’s world cup, Peralta may wish to ply his trade at a
higher level than SPFL League 1. He has also never played his preferred DM
position at Ibrox and seems unhappy at permanent installation on the wings. He
could net Rangers a 7 figure sum and will clearly be on a useful wage.
Kyle McAusland. This one would be a real shame as McAusland was
excellent early season but inexplicably lost his place to Foster. Now on loan
at Ayr, McCoist does not seem to rate him good
enough yet for Rangers at this level, despite his fine showings. Might scrape a
6-figure sum but his wage will not be a massive fillip to regain.
Lee Wallace. I dreaded this one
because we know how good Wallace is, and that is the problem. Rumours
persist Rangers’ star player and prize asset will be sold for a 7-figure sum
next month, with his wages surely among the higher earners. He is of course
worth it but Rangers have to be realistic. Which, ironically, could save Steven Smith.
It is inevitable CEO Wallace’s
cost-cutting measures will see some or indeed a lot of the above leave. It is
the first place to start saving money, and gaining money. The question is
getting that balance between cost-effective squad management and good football
on the pitch.
And that is key.


  1. We lost a full team 2 seasons ago and now we are at it again, lee wallace was one of the few that stayed while others jumped ship to self preserve.
    this board is going to put the final nail in the rangers fc coffin and we will be in the lower leagues for many many years while celtic pick up easy titles and all the money that goes with it.

  2. Another well written article. I cannot disagree with any of your choices to move on. I like you would prefer to hold on to Lee Wallace. There may be a couple of others who we could probably let go and some transfer fees might be paid for them
    Dean Shiels: I like him, but if you look at his unfortunate time in a blue jersey, now 18 months, can you honestly say he has been missed?
    Chris Hegarty: Showed promise at times, but lack of height precludes him as a centre half and didn't perform all that well at right back, as you said McAusland looked better. Doubt if we'd get a fee for him, but reduces the wage bill.
    Andy Mitchell: Much like Hegarty, came in at the end of the season and performed well at right back earning a 1 year contract, but was farmed out on loan. Another player off the wage bill.
    Lee McCulloch: This might be controversial, but I'd keep him to the end of the season, letting this be his swansong. We need to be looking at a centre half with pace at the back for next season. Getting out the Championship will not be easy. No fee, but possibly a coaching role for Lee.

  3. 1 would rather see Faure ,than Peralta leave and if Temps goes you would like to think he would keep Mckay because little is not a winger but to be honest the cuts maybe necessary but the next league will not be as easy .as this one

  4. Foster cribari smith peralta hutton and perry all make sense. Despite his hero status so does jig. Finally add shiels to the list along with simonsen. I would even add andy little to it. A team of bell, wallace moshni faure mcausland black macleod templeton law clark and daly should be enough to get us to the top. The subs and reserves should be 18-23 year old youths. Mckay, aird, mitchell, crawford gasparotto, gallagher and the like.

  5. Why do so many people rate Faure? He is rank rotten and will be found out once we go through the leagues. The article is just fantasy football. What makes you think you can get rid of the players who haven't preformed like Templeton? Who is going to pay a fee plus match his wages when he has done nothing for over a year? Wallace is the only player that will attract any interest and only for £1m. Also why did Wallace come out and publicly state we need to release players in January? All he has done is invite low bids for any of our players. Every club knows how bad things are so they will try and take advantage

  6. Shouldn't things like merchandising, Rangers TV and 'global operations' be there to make Rangers money, not as a cost?
    I think you are correct though that only a ruthless reduction in playing staff will really help. The main problem is who is going to buy them, and why would players leave if the wages offerred are less than they are on now?
    Ally McCoist saying he didnt know cuts were needed, and in fact he wants to continue recruiting shows everything that has been wrong for the past 18months. But he will still come out in the media and ask fans to caugh up ever more money.

  7. If he wants to recruit he should first get rid of the deadwood , then bring back Barry Ferguson to help see us back up into the top league before he retires . It would be great for Barry to rebuild bridges with the fans and to finish his career with the club he obviously still loves . He made mistakes but who hasn't ? He's Rangers through and through and would add a touch of class and stability to the midfield as we strive to compete at a higher level next season . Probably get him for nothing too !

    • that is what you call common sense , why not bring back broadfoot as well, right back sorted too. then let a few go, not barry Mckay

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