Rangers Board Overwhelmingly Voted Back In

Shorter blog entry today

The numbers were not even close. I do not know the ins and outs of business management but if any of the Requisitioners needed 52% or more for election, the best they did was Paul Murray’s paltry 37.7%.

Rangers’ existing board comfortably won this vote, even Brian Stockbridge, despite him gaining the lowest re-election vote percentage of the lot (65.3%).

The (relevant) numbers in full:

Existing board re-election:

David Somers: 79.9%

Graham Wallace: 85.5%

Brian Stockbridge: 65.3%

Norman Crighton: 79.5%

James Easdale: 76.9%


Paul Murray: 31.7%

Malcolm Murray: 29.8%

Scott Murdoch: 30.0%

Alex Wilson: 29.9%

These figures are seriously damning and surely spell the end for Murray. He has honourably (twice) said he would move on if this democratic vote did not yield a win for his group.

We must now all move on as a support and club and focus on the future; we need investment.


  1. How the f*** is it a democratic vote, when all the so called institutional investors are all Greens gang, who have been and are raping the club silly.
    ''Financial Advice'' costs — £2.5 million 'for advice'…not products.
    That is criminal…..what is stockbridge doing if they need to pay 2.5 million for advice.
    Add that to McCoists gangs wages, crazy directors salaries and bonuses and you are at 5 million without even looking.
    But hang on, then Easdale says that we need to keep buying merchandise or the club is in trouble, whie the money is being stolen from within.
    Different class,,,,fill yer boots,the Green man is pishing himself at you all.

  2. As a diehard Rangers supporter living in South Africa I followed daily the circus our once proud club has become.I have always felt the so called rebels were more mouth than action .It is now time to back the current board and give them the opportunity to present a long term strategy that guarantees the sustainability of our proud club.I dont think there is any doubt we need an investor with very deep pockets and its the boards duty to make this their sole priorty even if that means the dillution of current shareholders interest…..so get to work pronto and get us back to where we belong!

  3. John
    With all due respect, please don't be silly.
    It is not about the present board, it is about who put them there, we can't move on because the club is infiltrated by scum from top to bottom.
    Why don't they tell us…the fans the truth, Somers is a slimey little man, who by his own admission doesnt even know who gave him the job.
    WHY..did a true blue Rangers man like Scott Gardener, stay at Dundee instead of taking up an offer of his dream job at Ibrox, that's the type of questions we should be asking.
    Green is 100% pulling the strings, and the vote is overwhelming because this is all his 'gang' of original so called investors who are bleeding the club dry.
    I have had another look at Stockbridge's account of things today.
    It is actually astonishing….commission for raising funds 2 million
    legal fees 600k accounts 500k prospectus/pr fees 450k financial accounting fees ''2.5''MILLION
    That's 6 million then you have Ally and co at 1.5 between them, directors fees, salaries, bonuses etc,,,,,it's unbelievable.
    Our club can never move forward when every penny that honest hard working fans are putting in is being stolen.
    Why could he not name for instance, the company who were the recipients of the 2.5m financial accounting fees, maybe because they bought his 750k home and Greens French Castle,,,,it's a disgrace.

    • Kenny
      The facts are the majority of shareholders (the ones that actually put up the funds to save our precious club) have re-elected the club.you seem to have a short memory that if it wasnt for Green and Co we would not have a football club).If they have made money during the reconstruction period so what.We must now move forward and have confidence in the board .Organising boycotts is crazy talk at this point ,finding a serious funder is priority.not so silly I would say

    • What are you on about?! Green got his vultures claws into the club by a seedy and possibly illegal preferred bidder deal with D&P thus pre-empting the Blue Knights and maybe others too!
      You should be asking where over £6million – thats £6MILLION John! – of the IPO money went and maybe also why these 'investors' backed a so-called 'finance director' whose performance over the last 18 months has been abysmal but still took a £200k bonus?!!

  4. 37.7% (or is it 31.7%?!) is hardly 'paltry' and as approx 30% of the voting went against the board whilst bearing in mind the ratio of shares held by 'investors' and fans that would indicate that the majority of FANS are against this board!!

  5. I for one won't be renewing my season ticket or buying club merchandise again until we get rid of these leeches milking the club. They are all gonna be millionaires while the club sinks! We need to starve them out, then get behind real Rangers men like dave King.

  6. I will not renew my ticket either, am totally fed up with the whole sorry saga, like vultures surrounding the dead carcass

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