Do Rangers Fans Want Celtic?


Today Rangers drew Ayr or Dunfermine at Ibrox in the draw for the fifth
round of the Scottish Cup. Their Old Firm rivals Celtic host fellow SPL side Aberdeen. However,
leading up to this draw much speculation was being had over the very real
possibility that an Old Firm tie might just come out the hat.
With 16 teams left, tensions were
certainly high among certain portions of the Rangers support about the
possibility of a Celtic clash. Some fans were eager for it to happen, others
were completely against it.
As it happens, it did not
materialise, and assuming both sides negotiate their fifth round ties the draw
for the quarter finals (or ‘Sixth’ Round, as the SFA like to describe it) will
see the odds for such a clash cut in half.
8 teams left in the competition,
a 1 in 4 chance of a Rangers Celtic quarter final. That is a pretty high
chance, truth be told.
Rangers defender Lee McCulloch suggested
prior to the draw that he fancied a crack at an SPL team in the fifth, if it
was Celtic so much the better. And his counterpart at Parkhead, Kris Commons
also egged up the concept of an Old Firm clash.
As it transpired we will need to
wait till the next round, assuming both make safe passage there, to see if the
two biggest clubs in Scotland
will clash.
But let us step back for a
moment; do we need an Old Firm
clash? Do we even want one?
My personal stance is that while
my heart would of course love Rangers to play and beat Celtic, the sheer poison
that has enveloped the game in this country since Rangers went into
administration last year has grown exponentially. There is real, genuine,
sincere hatred between many clubs, much of it towards Rangers, and that is
especially dominant among Celtic fans.
I am not getting into the ins and
outs or rights and wrongs of the situation, just illustrating that Rangers and
Celtic (fans and clubs) hate each other arguably more now than they ever have;
consequently there is a real question of safety and security if the two meet
any time soon.
The level of police presence required
to ‘keep a lid’ on the brewing tension for such a match would be possibly the
biggest-scale operation Strathclyde’s finest have ever had to undertake for a
football game, and the hysteria, hype, build up and increasing passion
surrounding it could potentially lead to a borderline meltdown.
I am a Rangers fan, but I am also
a human, and I have no desire to see anyone on either side injured or worse as
a result of the sheer madness of a potential meeting of Rangers and Celtic.
We remember some of the past
craziness at Old Firm matches, too many to list. This would be the worst of the
lot, and the venom inside whatever ground it took place in would be something
unprecedented in the Scottish game.
Of course, the longer we go without an Old Firm clash, the more the
hype, tension and fever continues to build up. Or, on the flip side, perhaps
time apart will heal the current fractures, or at least some of, and we might
be able to concentrate on football.
Sadly, though, with the way
Scottish football has been in recent years, I suggest the former.


  1. I agree wholeheartedly. It's a worry when the two clubs do eventually meet – it will bring out the worst in both supports and it would be horrible to think that people will get caught up and hurt. Not sure what the answer is but as a celtic fan I miss the games so much but like you, worry about what will happen. Maybe best let the two clubs meet on a more equal footing in the premiership rather than a cup-tie before then.

  2. It goes without saying, another well written article and a definate pause for thought is needed to consider your views.
    I totally agree with every one of your comments. In the last few days we have seen how all barriers can be dissolved when there is a need to save lives, the Clutha Vaults proves it.
    'But', and it is a big but, when it comes the first meeting between Rangers and Celtic will be overbearing and exponentially exagerated if it happens to be a Scottish Cup tie and peoples lives will be under threat of violent attacks and possible death. Do we want that to happen? It has in the past.
    In my opinion, and it is purely mine and mine only, others may disagree; I do not wish to meet Celtic till we are both playing in the same league.
    The tension, hatred, potential for serious clashes between supporters and players is a powder keg, not to mention the media frenzy that will hype it up to a war, however, if it happens to be in the league, there is the same potential problems but if the game is won by either team, there is the fall-back of another 3 games to play.
    No doubt we can all rememeber the dreadful defeat 6 – 2, but just a few months later we turned it round and won 5 – 1.
    So, I am happy with the Scottish Cup draw as it is and again in my opinion and a wish is for Aberdeen to beat Celtic, Dundee Untd to beat Aberdeen and whoever is left to beat Dundee Untd.
    We play whoever is left in the final. I can dream I suppose.
    Seriously, on the footballing front I don't think we are capable of beating Celtic, Aberdeen or Dundee Untd as I dont think we have the mobility at the back to cope, we are sloppy throughout the team in passing and a bit of a one-trick-pony up front.
    Lets win the league we are in at the momentand celebrate as quickly as possible: off load some players in the summer, bring in a few more experienced defenders, another sharp striker, midfield we might be covered. Onwards and upwards. READY

  3. Would it not be a 1 in 7 chance of meeting them in the Quarter Final?

    Anyway that aside I agree with you that the fixture is not missed from a bile point of view but from a footballing point of view I would not want it either until there is some sort of parity between the teams in terms of ability.

    Celtic treat going to Tynecastle only second to going to Ibrox and we saw Yesterday how when motivated what they can do to a lesser opponent.

    I say save the fixture for when Rangers are top flight standard again.

  4. Poisonous would not cover it, I do not care If I ever see another one (I have seen them since the seventies) A glorification of Terrorism, sectarianism, Child Abuse and one upmanship will cause a real hate filled atmosphere.

  5. agree with all your views and opinions on this, as rangers fans we would like to think we have a team good enough at the moment to at least give Celtic a good game of football, and since our team is made up of former SPL players who have been there and done it against celtic as their bread and butter, its easy for us to expect our players to do so. however like you said, theres probebly more hatred between the two given our circumstances and it may not be a good idea. i think we NEED an old firm game but we DONT want it in the balance of things if that makes sense, or at least not just yet

  6. As a celtic fan i agree with your comments and as much as i miss the old firm banter with my Rangers buddies i dont think it would be a safe environment to be in home or away!

    Too much has been said on the liquidation side of things which has gone from banter to nasty and where some celtjc fans are feeling pretty good about thier actions i know my rangers pals are hurting… potential powderkeg if 50000 plus are taking that attitude to a stadium!!

    Although, i reckon it would be a mismatched contest and unfair on the current Rangers squad given the lack of real quality they possess… I'd still buy a ticket!

  7. dont miss this game at the a&e dont either
    celtic beating rangers or rangers beating celtic
    has no place in world one else is interested
    and that is why scottish football is where it is
    in the gutter
    micky mouse leagues.micky mouse leadership

  8. I had thought a charity match in aid of Clutha Vaults victims was an opportunity for Glasgow to show the world that it can rise above their rivalry but probably quite naive of me.

  9. The Old Firm fixture has always been besmirched by the plague of sectarianism, and I've witnessed them since the early 60s. They are in essence poisonous to football, yet Scotland does not seem to be able to do without both of them.
    If fans could basically shout (swear?) at each other and then go home, that would be fine. But, no, the OF engenders far more emotions in people than any others in Britain can.
    We're stuck with one another like it or lump it. And we're therefore destined to still be discussing negative topics like this for as long as any of us is on our coil.

  10. As a celtic fan i have to be totally honest here and say i really dont think a big percentage of rangers fans wanted celtic because i believe it would be lambs to the slaughter i would really fear for my team if i was a rangers fan rangers are in no position to compete with celtic

  11. As a Celtic fan I wholeheartedly agree. Too much potential for trouble, and the media will have a field day with it, which neither club needs right now. Also, I really don't miss the stress of these games, don't really care if I never see another.

  12. I don't believe it; a civilized Rangers forum !!
    (Well, apart from Anonymous2 December 2013 18:23)
    The Rangers are not in a position to compete yet.
    That been said, there have always been upsets in cup games.
    But the sad truth is that football has changed beyond all recognition since the advent of Murdoch and sky money. There are 3/4 major leagues in Europe now the rest are just there to feed them. A mickey mouse club in England with a minimal support base, can easily outbid Celtic for a top player, with their Sky money. Sport has died, it is now a soap opera.

  13. The First match should be a charity match, this gets it all out in the open and supports sportsmanship, fairplay and would ease some of the tension.

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