The Bi-Polar Disorder of Rangers


The rollercoaster that is Rangers
is currently in a very aberrant place. Off the pitch the boardroom continues
its constant state of flux, with internal and external distrust rife. Both
shareholders/board members and supporters seem absolutely bewildered as to who
they can trust, with a distinct lack of confidence in the current regime
apparent throughout.
However, on the pitch it is a completely different story. Forfar aside,
Rangers have been comfortable, assured, and confident – even despite only fielding
3 ‘new’ players (including Gallacher) the team has dismantled every side they
have faced with ease, going so extensively as to rattle 6 without reply past
Airdrionians last night.
This dichotomy is clearly
something of a head-scratcher. Throughout the week supporters are subject to
the latest nonsense from the powers-that-be – this week we have had the formal
departure from his consultancy role by Charles Green, the Ian Black betting
investigation and the shameful conduct by Darren Cole who has rightly been axed
from Ibrox and Murray Park until further notice.
So going into Friday’s match at
the Excelsior, there was a level of baited breath in the anticipation. Would
Ian Black start? Would his head be in the right place if it did? Would there be
yet more baggage to uproot preparation in a wide variety of original and quirky
And yet, once again, this Rangers
squad have answered the off-pitch drivel with another excellent display (particularly
by aforementioned Black) – raising morale massively again which will presumably
fade over the coming days as yet more boardroom nonsense or media ‘scandal’
overtakes the football once again.
The situation with Rangers right
now is summed up by one word; bi-polar. A dreadful mental illness, bi-polar
disorder is when an unfortunate sufferer struggles with amazing highs and
despairing lows and very rarely ever sits calmly in the middle. Two opposite,
irreconcilable emotions about the same thing. If ever the paradox within
Rangers could be summed up by that word, now would be it.
For every new nonsense off the
pitch, on it Rangers serve up a treat. Last night after having had a fine start
to his Ibrox career, Jon Daly finally scored not once, but twice. A truly
enjoyable spectacle and a perfect antidote to the never-ending maelstrom
Rangers fans are subjected to every day.
But therein lies the problem with
the antidote Rangers fans use; it has a limited lifespan. Once the match is
over and fans have been lifted by an excellent display and a fair few goals,
something else goes ‘wrong’ off the pitch and it all comes crashing down around
us once again.
The Twitter wars between
supporters who fundamentally disagree about the club should be run are
ever-present. They are ruining what was once a very enjoyable platform. Yet
when a match is on they quieten down, arguments fade, and football is enjoyed.
The boost a good result brings lasts around a day or two.
Then ‘something’, anything
happens in the media or at the club to crush fans’ spirit again. This has been
a recurring theme this season and feels destined to go on for an indefinite
length of time. Given the EGM has now been scrapped and the AGM will go ahead
in a few months’ time (where, in reality, the EGM has been flushed into with
the mutineers hoping to wrest control for themselves) there are at least months
more of the off-pitch nonsense to contend with.
The one positive in that area was
Craig Mather’s composed interview on BT Sports last night, prior to the match.
From being a CEO who supporters were unconvinced by, while he has admittedly been inconsistent in
recent weeks (reflected in my changing opinions of him) his performance
answering questions was impressive. He was articulate, seemingly honest, comfortable
on camera and seems to know, frankly, what the hell he is doing. He has also
invested hard cash in the club. He is not alone on the board in that sense.
However, that aside, it is petty
squabbles, statement after statement from pretenders to Rangers’ throne
offering rhetoric and hyperbole, and little in the way of tangible, practical
Still, at least Rangers top the


  1. Who gave him the right to re-hire Irvine Media House at great cost to OUR CLUB to try and prevent the EGM that will allow us to get a board that is not taking fortunes from OUR club.Has this board something more to hide???.2weeks ago the same Irvine Media House was in London working for Charles Green….watp

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