Stop Blaming Charles Green


The War of the Rangers escalated
yesterday with the confirmed resignation of non-executive chairman Walter
Smith. After the weekend of hell Rangers fans had just endured (described in my
last entry) it continued in earnest as Sir Walter packed up his belongings and
made a heavy-hearted departure from the Ibrox boardroom.
This atrocious state of affairs
followed up on the extremely disappointing news that, as a result of ridiculous
abuse from so-called Rangers fans, striker Andy Little had erased his Twitter
account. With the team having produced a poor display at Station Park,
the Northern Irish striker sadly bore the brunt of the blame and was
disgustingly castigated by many of his own supporters. I had no idea a striker
missing a chance or two gave supporters the right to give him a monsoon of ire.
Criticism for his own part is fair enough, but being scapegoated apparently
alone is quite a different thing.
So, after this depressing state
of affairs filtered throughout Twitter, the mood among fans plummeted lower
than it already was. Those who had blamed Little were conspicuous by their
silence, while others rallied around the striker and condemned those who
persecuted him.
Then news broke of Smith’s
impending departure. This was turning into a quite horrendous day for those
associated with Govan’s finest.
The problem in ‘translating’ the
current maelstrom is summing up precisely what the situation is. A great number
of supporters have contrived a fictional Charles Green V Walter Smith war in
light of Smith backing Paul Murray (curious that Smith also backs Craig Mather,
whose departure was explicitly part of the requisition from Paul Murray). While
Smith might not have been Green’s biggest ally in the boardroom when he was
CEO, Green was not back onto the
board for his return as consultant.
Charles Green has no executive power. He is majority shareholder
but he has no direct influence on the buying and selling of Rangers FC. His
8.7% stake can itself be sold by
Green, but it does not come with executive power.
Even Paul Murray knows this,
which is why, on the requisition notice, the names Smart, Stockbridge and
Mather were quoted. NOT Charles
Even Walter Smith knows this,
which is why, in his statement, the name Mather was mentioned and the resolution/requisition
itself quoted. No mention anywhere
of Charles Green.
Before I continue here, I am not
a fervent Green supporter now. I backed him as CEO but he is not in that
position now. He is not in a position to
be backed – he is just an employee/associate of the club now – a paid
consultant. ‘Backing’ him in this war is like choosing the UK in a fight between USA
and Russia.
Which is why the anti-Green
sentiment is wide of the mark. This ‘war’ between he and some of the board or
he and Paul Murray or he and ex-chairman Smith. There IS no war there. Not because Green is loved by everyone, but
because he is not in a position to have any influence over what now happens to
the club relating to its future. Apart from selling his shares.
I am the first to admit the
Yorkshireman has a big mouth. He knows it himself. He does not much care. He
should not have gone to the Sun. There are a few things he might have handled
differently in hindsight.
But Charles Green is being made a
scapegoat for the current malaise and it appears based on very little.
Very few supporters seem to be
asking questions of the timing of the requisition notice. They focus on Green’s
comments about Ally on Friday and ignore the mutiny attempt by Paul Murray and
co. on Friday.
McCoist himself angrily
questioned Green’s timing to make those comments. When the club is in a good
healthy position and 36,000 season tickets have been sold. Curious then that
few asked the same question of Murray’s
It was the same day!
I did not want to be writing a
piece about Charles Green again, but this is not a defence of him. It is more
‘you guys are looking in the wrong place’. Rangers fans need to focus on
Mather, and Murray. That is the real war.
Very few supporters are aware
that only around a third of all shareholders back the Murray requisition for an EGM. Initially it
was 29%, now nearer 40%. Even shareholders are not exactly hugely supportive of
Murray’s mutiny
attempt. Nor should they be.
Are they really happy that Murray wants to simply
‘take’ Rangers for nothing? The club has £10M left from the IPO – with a
distinct lack of revenue coming in to replenish it. That will run out and Murray does not want to
invest any cash of his own to acquire the club.
Are supporters really satisfied
with different suits literally ‘taking’ what they want without putting hard
cash in to earn it? If owning/running a club is easy as Murray is trying to make it I myself have as
much right as he does to just take it myself. As does every reader of this article.
THAT is what supporters must unite over. Enough bickering about
Charles Green and start asking questions of those who wish to acquire the club
without earning it.
Let us get out of this hole, and


  1. This is a good article and good to see some forensic questioning going on regarding the motives of others, bar Green. But what about Walter Smith? His timing is the same. Should his motives not be questioned?

    • Ally McCoist in my opinion should never have mentioned Charles
      Green on sunday instead he should have been berating his players for a disgraceful performance and nowhere near Rangers standard,the pressure has now been heaped on Ally not by Green but by his players.We all love Ally but i would say most fans have now had enough with these embarassments,its bad enough to have a public fight over whos buying club without our team letting us down.Green says it like it is and thats why hes not liked,the man rescued our club,FACT.He is a
      a businessman and you can be sure our club wont spend money it doesnt have when he is there.Im sick of so called Rangers men putting our name on the front pages for the wrong reasons AGAIN and not putting the money in AGAIN.Sort this out once and for all and reward the fans for their loyalty with a good team and a good board and lets get back to dominating Scottish football in our rightful place,and im sorry Ally but their cant be anymore results like saturday no matter who you can play.RANGERS TILL I DIE.

  2. Waken up Danny. Green/Ahmed represent Zeus' interest in the club.

    He fucked off because he knew his presence on the board would be counterproductive to his goal of selling enough STs to keep the club afloat long enough that he can sell up.

    And think of the IPO – how has that £11m or so been spent? Roughly £3m on acquiring the Albion and Edmiston House. Another £3m or so on football debts.

    The remainder, conveniently, is around the initial offering to D&P for the assets. Until I see otherwise in B&W its fair to assume that Zeus have repaid themselves with investors money.

    If you're talking about asking questions of those who acquire the club without earning it, start with Charles Green.

    • All very clever stuff lets all blame Green and co???? Get real the Blue knights and others failed to produce the goods at the time and the club we all love would have gone out of existence. The would be group still want the club without paying a penny. Green is right about Ally and the team. They produced utter rubbish at the weekend against part time players.NO EXCUSED WHATSOEVER. According to Ally it was the park, the wind or Greens fault. The guy does not have a clue.

    • They need to push the EGM resolution through first, get inside and sort the club out before purchasing shares.

  3. The problem Gers fan has with Charles Green is that he does not have the love of the club at heart, he is striving to be back because of his personal gain he will make on his shares. Second, his comment on McCoist and entire team is off the mark. That is why i am pleased with McCoist response. If most of the Green's ally like Mather, Stockbridge and other guy leave the club today, peace and stability will return. Third, on investment, Murray does not have the money just as Charles Green does not have the money when he bought rangers. Since Billionaire McColl and other people are putting up requisition, I doubt if they will not put much money into the club if acquired.

    • I'm one of fans who think Ally should be given until at least the turn of the year to show the Forfar result was not going to be the norm and to see what he can do with this squad of players he's assembled. To me he will always be a club legend. That said, his interview after the match considering he was talking about a major shareholder in the club was a disgrace an he deserves to be heavily censured. If it was anyone but him I'd be calling for them to be sacked. Is this the way one of the highest profile employees of this great club should be dealing with things… in the press? Would any other club or company the size of Rangers allow someone in his position to say what he did without censure? For that matter, is anything Charles Green said any different from the expectations any of us fans have going into this season?
      This mob of tyre kickers are the one causing the instability in our club, they want to run it on someone elses coin and as the article pointed out their timing should be questioned as much or more than anyone elses.

  4. Great post…..nothing but facts and no bias towards anyone. I have been trying to say the same thing on other boards and it is ludicrous….people only want to attack Charles Green despite the fact you or I have as much say on the Board at Ibrox. Craig Mather is the one Rangers fans should be looking to and backing….he has done nothing other than the best he can for the club as far as I can see and from his comments on Saturday …he is a bit confused like the rest of us, as to why these people suddenly appear and cause havoc, my vote is with him as CEO and trust his judgement on who he has working with him….I for one do not want Murray back anywhere near my club …peoples memories seem very short on that front. Can I join you in taking over…I mean if its that easy surely the pair of us can crack it!!!!
    Think with your heads guys….not your heart.

  5. We are 1year back from extinction…..and that word did not even spur the so called "Rangers men" to put their hands in their pockets….what makes you think these snakes will do that now? McColl has already stated he will not be investing in Rangers as they are not a viable business for him….sounds like a true Rangers man at heart to me. Who is the shysters here …Mather who has put in £1m and is working hard for the club ….or Murray who has put in diddly squat and is trying to drive the shares down….who is gaining most with that …and what is their motives for having a pop now? WATP….lets start acting like that instead of a lynch mob

    • D&P staved off TBK bids repeatedly. Do you think they acted 100% in the interest of Rangers, or in interest of creditors? Liquidation was Zeus's plan A, wasn't even contemplated by Rangers minded businessmen.

  6. From other sites:
    "Interesting that there are 35M shares still out there unsold from the IPO and new brokers just appointed – how could these shift the balance of power"

    From another site
    "I’m sure that the RIFC Plc Board were empowered to sell 100 million shares and only sold 65 million – so I reckon as soon as Green is back on the Board the other 35 million will be sold to whoever wants to buy control of the club – I’m sure they’ll find someone.

    The money from the 35 million new shares would be all profit although putting that amount of shares on the market would dilute the price of existing shares so I reckon the spiv thing to do would be to get rid of the locked-in stuff first which is only shares held by directors and key employees. I am assuming that even if you have left as a key employee like Ahmad or as a director the lock still applies because they signed personal guarantees.

    And of course to get a discounted price for the shares then the new owner would need to rent the stadium on a full repairing lease. And once all that was tidied-up the final sale would be of the holding company RIFC Plc to a third party property company.

    So there’s quite a few bites of the cherry can be had in the next 4/5 months and I’m sure if they get shot of the ‘trialists’ the ST money will ensure they can finish the job."

    • So what youre saying is they intentionally pretended to sign trialists so people would buy season tickets knowing they could get shot of them before they had to sign them? Green gone smith in, pretend signings, tickets sold, smith out, green in?

  7. Charles Green brought Rangers back to life and fully admitted it was an investment he thought he could make money from which is the same as every existing and potential investor the real problem is the standard of football management at the club with the manager and other so called Rangers people taking large salaries. It has been suggested that Ally McCoist is earning £750000 a year it has recently been revealed that Craig Mather is on £500000 a year. Now if Ally McCoist and his backroom staff took a large pay cut that might demonstrate real empathy with the fans and if he could change tactics to have more than one striker up against part time opposition it would go some way to repaying the fans having to sit through the dross we had to watch on a regular basis last season.

  8. yes when you think back – what has green really said that most gers fans wouldnt have if in the same position — apart from some trivial PC jibes he has said and done nothing wrong —he was cleared of involvement with Whyte and he has invested in rangers and as any sensible businessman he is trying to protect and enhance it — mcoll does not have the best interest of rangers at heart else he would do as green has suggested —plus the difference between ally and walter is that one was a top class manager and the other a top class player and there the difference remains and wont be reversed — they are both legends but cannot do what they are not equiped for— green is right to express worry for the team and manager — never in a month of sundays should a full time team lose against part timers and the fact that they did proves the point green made

  9. My problem with Green is that he didnt have to speak at all. Ally placing the blame on him for the loss against Forfar was out of line as well. Green still carrys a lot of weight regardless of his position in the club so lets not be naive. Personally i dont care who is in charge of the club or if they are Rangers supporters, as long as they are driving the club forward then they should be backed. Is that happening? Well apart from Mather, who i have to say i think is good for the club, its seems as if the others are working at odds. Someone needs to bang heads together and get these fools to focus on the job they are paid to do – if thats through Green being lifted up the ladder again then so be it. McColl has stated that Rangers could actually be a good investment if the board factions can be brought together and work together – so lets not get to carried away about administration. Yet.

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