We Tried to Warn You


            “There is a
saying about digging a grave for someone: you get it for yourself…”

21st June 2012 – Vladmir Romanov.
If ever acrid, bitter, rancid irony came back to haunt a club, the above
statement made by the Lithuanian madman to justify Hearts’ refusal to vote
Rangers’ newco into the SPL would probably be it.
As one of the first on the
anti-Rangers bandwagon, a bandwagon which was punctuated by greed, spite, hate,
pettiness and sheer vindictiveness, Hearts were assuredly forefront in their
moral indignation of the Ibrox side. It is true Romanov expressed sympathy for
fans of Rangers, but his scathing drivel about a football mafia and a
conspiracy against his club was as insane as it was unnecessary.
We tried to warn you. 
Last summer Rangers were dumped
into the third Division of the SFL, and just about every Rangers writer,
whether official or not including yours truly, warned the rest of Scottish
football that this vote had opened a black hole in the domestic game. An abyss
was being formed, and many lesser clubs such as Motherwell and Kilmarnock went publicly on record as fearing their
financial future. It was predicted that Rangers’ banishing would cripple
revenue for the SPL – just what do you do when you lose a massive source of
finance? The loss of thousands upon thousands of away supporters caused a deep
wound, and despite delusional SPL supporters defending the health of their
league, it was clear to anyone outside the country, and Rangers’ and our
supporters, that this was, in blunt terms, codswallop.
And now supporters of the Gorgie
half of Edinburgh
have to suffer the excruciating pain Bears had to last year.
            “The football mafia represented by
former owners of Rangers FC and Rupert Murdoch’s media are to blame for some of
the worst problems to hit Scottish football and must not be allowed back in
under any circumstances.”
Beyond the complete jibberish
from Mad Vlad here is the staggering condemnation of Sir David Murray, whose
tenure might not have finished in the most sparkling fashion but who did
nothing to merit this idiotic slur.
And now Romanov’s club is in
administration, the cause of which is financial mismanagement on a scale never
seen before in Scottish football. Detractors may try to point to Rangers’ EBT
scheme for comparison but it was vindicated in a court of law, while no court
of law would ever defend Romanov’s systematic refusal to pay his players on
The number of jokes about the
Eastern Bloc businessman turning Tynecastle into Tesco illustrates just how
woefully Hearts have been run, and how clearly the rest of Scottish football
could see it.
Taking a pragmatic stance,
however it is fair to say that no decent Rangers fan (or any football fan)
should truly want Heart of Midlothian to die. Now, before angry readers protest
and suggest Hearts made their own bed here, hear me out;
It is true that their insane
owner was the first to leap up and down over Rangers’ troubles. It is true that
a huge majority of SPL fans wanted Rangers’ cast to oblivion last year. It is
also true that there was plenty of poisonous hate from the Jambo faithful. And
it is ultimately true that karma has bit them where it hurts.
However, if Hearts become the
second SPL club to crumple as a result of the first, then the end truly will be
nigh for Scottish football – if two of its largest clubs fall out of the SPL
it, while proving us observers right from the word go, will spell the beginning
of the end for the game in this country.
“Good riddance” I hear
you cry. Some Rangers fans might even want that. I probably counted myself as
one of them last year while the bitter aftertaste of the club’s treatment
lingered persistently. However, nowadays, the problem is if Scottish football
Where do Rangers go?
As written many times, England will not
accept Rangers and the Atlantic League is never going to happen.
There is nowhere to go. We are
stuck here.
It is in the interests of Rangers
that Scottish football does not die – the only small hope Rangers had for a
safe haven was the Blue Square Premier, but after the excitement in January of
the league’s chairman Brian Lee suggesting the move could be discussed ‘next
week’, nothing further was ever reported. Yet another false dawn and lame duck.
Rangers are stuck in Scottish
football, and it is in our interests that the likes of Hearts do not die.
However much hate there is, and
there is a lot, supporters have to rise above the small-minded pettiness that
came their way last year.
I am not on my high horse here –
I am not preaching to you all. You can feel whatever you want to feel and I am
unlikely to change anyone’s minds. But the truth is a great deal of the poison
going towards Hearts yesterday, while loosely justifiable, was exactly the same
as the hate from them and everyone else last year towards Rangers.

It is in Rangers’ and our fans’ best interests that Hearts survive. Not because we like the club or want them to be in good health necessarily speaking, but because if they flow into oblivion, then the fragile house of cards that is Scottish football will look perilously close to crumbling as a result – and because Rangers are trapped here, it includes us. If there was a way out I would gladly take it, but there simply is not.

This club and its fans suffered
horrendously last year. Is it really going to be an eye for an eye and the potential
meltdown of Scottish football including Rangers? Or will we rise above the
small-minded drivel which saw SPL fans preferring to see their own clubs going
bust than letting Rangers back in?
The choice is yours.


  1. fair comment, for scottish football to survive we have to realise the real victims are the fans and if their guilty of any thing it is wanting success for their club.but the bile and hatred for rangers meant that people hated them more than they loved their own club and ihhope that commonsense prevails and hearts can move out of administration and back to being a needed club along with rangers

  2. Get over yourself – are you honestly claiming Hearts troubles are as a result of Rangers being thrown out the SPL?

    If Rangers had stayed in the top flight Hearts wouldn't be £25m+ in debt?

  3. jog on zombie! Rangers and hearts will both soon be confined to the history books. Listen to yerself! Nobody likes you, now you do care? Scottish fitbas better off without you lot! Enjoy the 2cnd division ya fanny!!!! Get it up ye!!! Hail Hail

  4. Agreed, a respectable and well written article and my thoughts exactly.

    I just wish that the same could have been said for the remaining 11 SPL teams during 2012. As we have all previusly stated, we will take whatever they throw at us, division 3 etc but the lack of class and volume of hatred shown by the rest of Scottish football's "elite" last season was appalling. Something which our fans will rise above.

    I will however, still repeat on numerous occassions four very satisfactory words;


  5. Just to clarify Hearts going into administration is not a result of Rangers being sent to the third division

    • I disagree. Hearts long term survival in their present form is unrelated to Rangers not being in the league, that'll be decided in Lithuania, but administration at this point in time is a different issue.
      They are in admin now because they need roughly £500,000 to keep trading until the revenue from games starts coming in again, had Rangers not been placed in the 3rd division 1: They would have made more money from Rangers' fans attendances. 2: The league would have been more competitive so it's likely other attendances would have been marginally higher. And 3: The big one… With Rangers in the SPL they'd have made a lot more cash from TV deals etc so Hearts would have had extra income from that.
      Probably wouldn't save them long term but it would definately have kept them out of admin longer.

  6. When Celtic were only 4 hours from going bust…thanks to an anti-Celtic Bank of Scotland….and nobody outside the Celtic family gave a toss…
    Would you have written an article like this as well….??
    MMMMM…Let me think.

    • 18 06 13 @ 14.43

      You don't half talk some pish!

      (Anti Rangers ?) Banks drove RFC to Whyte.
      (Anti Rangers ?) HMRC didn't give the February verdict on the case they lost till November.

      Most of my Rangers supporting friends wanted Celtic alive and well.

  7. To hell with them – let them rot – at the very least – if not hell – then the 3rd division…
    I cannot and will not forget what we were put through.
    My hope would be that if Scottish football did die – we'd be allowed to join English football at the lowest tier – after all – that's why Welsh clubs were allowed to join – because there was no Welsh league at the time…

  8. Rangers were guilty so don't delude yourself.
    Only a minority of fans wanted the demise of rangers.
    Your denials and perpetual failure to accept any culpability merely turns non-rangers against you.
    You are 100% correct to point out that as a Scottish club you should be in the Scottish league so therefore it makes sense that the game as a whole is healthy.
    It is a shame what Hearts are going through just as it was a shame what rangers went through.
    We have all got to rise above the petty in-fighting and lets all eat the humble pie that must be eaten.
    I suspect that it will be quite a while before we get there…

  9. While Rangers have survived a terrible ilness, we still need to get stronger to ensure our long term survival. We are still recovering, but the ilness has spread to other clubs and if not stopped the ilness will visit us again…and it is for this reason and this reason only, that i hope the other clubs survive. I do enjoy seeing the finger of blame that was pointed at us turn apon itself. We have every right to sit back and enjoy the specticle..but let us hope that it is temporary and short lived.

  10. I hope they do survive but equally they should be put in division 3 the same punishment we got. the way we got treated was shocking and if they don't treat hearts the same then you no it was bigoted hatred against us signed Josie boy

  11. I'm not really bothered about hearts demise. They should have been investigated years ago.
    Celtic fans will love it happening and dance with joy, not all of them, just the sick twisted ones like the green brigade.
    Celtic will die a death soon enough. With a half fill stadium and a slump in season ticket sales they cannot afford the squad they have.

  12. You wish pal….
    Aye right enough…you do wish….BUT….
    Sorry…it ain't gonny happen…
    Get used to us …..
    Here now…here always….
    PS:Check our balance sheet…and weep…

    • "PS:Check our balance sheet…and weep…" If anyone were allowed to check you're real balance sheet it would be you who would weep as you're board are led away in handcuffs you bunch of REAL cheating Fannies….
      We were shown to NOT HAVE CHEATED by the law of the land, you're lot's day will come, Rain, Rain or something like that..

  13. what do rangers fans and pacific shelf 595 fans have in common they are both obsessed with rangers

  14. There can be no good news seeing another team in administration, Rangers need the league to stay as strong as possible in order to maximise the value of the club when it comes to competing at the top end. Its no good wishing ill on clubs however bitter they were last year, we need clubs to play

  15. Shut up you cheats. Read Charlotte Fakes twitter for what was going on behind the scenes at Ibrox and not the papers that were bullied and intimidated into not printing the facts. Instead they printed BS about Whyte that allowed him longer in the place to do what he did.

    Stupid fans stupidly took sides with Whytes as they saw fenian hand conspiracy in any bad headline. Chumpties.

  16. I am a Celtic fan. I find it pretty pitiful that Scottish football is so hate ridden and petty. This insularity is contributing to yhe malaise when all involved must realise the game needs unity of purpose among all sfa members. it is on a precipice now and is falling behind further. I miss old firm games and think the spl is poorer for the absence of tension and competition. That said, what most Rfc fans dont understand that its not people against them. They arenot victims, albeit the fans are victims of owners (not chalky whyte but minty Murray), whose profligate and ill disciplined tenure led to a great institution going out of existence. I truly believe that you all need to show some humility and accept what happened and you should be apologising and trying to rehabilitate yourselves rather than continuing to display a blind arrogance which is as undignified as much as it is grossly unedifying.
    You have no respect! Repent and apologise and show some humility. Then everyone may start respecting you again; or do you all not value respect?

  17. Bb – most will agree that it was a rangers man at the helm that set our destiny and it was him that pulled the disastrous strings ( cw ).

    But it is the rank and file, the genuine supporters that now bear the brunt / abuse etc. their reward for being a fan, not a shareholder.

    Methinks and still do, that expelling rangers from the spl was wrong, for purely financial point of view- can debate the sporting integrity debate separately.

    The sequence of events did not help rangers. Had the big tax case been answered in February and not in November am certain that money would have been found to settle the 12 million small tax case, from true rangers men.

    This whole turn if events over the last 2 years has been awful, we are reduced to a firmer shadow if ourselves.

    Companies go insolvent regularly, but not as spectacularly as this one, but the abject hatred was not fair / not warranted for 14 months / will lead to the long term demise if the scottish game.

    In closing, I do think the reality of our place in this world has lessened, but am still concerned that divisions in the game now opened will now never heal.

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