Do Rangers Want SPL2?


After fellow blogger William
McMurdo’s recent article regarding the possibility of Rangers being
fast-tracked into the SPL 2, the entire debate has become something of a hot
potato among fans.
The previous plans, as we know,
which involved such ridiculous titles as ”National League’ (the current
division 3) fell through thanks to the ‘no’ vote from St Mirren and Ross County.
So it is with desperation the SFL are trying to cultivate an ‘SPL 2’ – a sort
of pseudo ‘first division’ with play-offs to earn passage into the SPL.
The Scottish Football League did
not support the reconstruction plans the SPL had made, and are attempting to
break away with the SPL 2 – with David Longmuir et al negotiating with the
SPL/SFA to make it happen.
But behind all the confusing
plans (and it is extremely complex) is the controversial notion of Rangers’
insertion into said SPL 2. Currently a division 2 team, the Ibrox men, it is
being mooted, would be fast-tracked up a league. Rather than gaining rightful
promotion to the SPL 2/First Division, Govan’s finest would be given a pass
there instead.
This notion, to the majority of
Rangers supporters, borders on scandalous and horrific. Not only do Rangers
fans wish to earn their right of passage by honest graft, but it is felt that
such a brazen move would line the pockets of the club’s enemies.
There are a number of
misunderstandings and angles about this which this article will attempt to
The first point to note is many
fans are deeply against the idea of turning their backs on those who provided
the club with such safe haven during its darkest hours – by abandoning the SFL
it would be an insult to those who welcomed the club when it was cast to the
flames by the SPL. However, the point which is lost on many is the SFL themselves are the ones trying to make
this happen. This is not an SPL-initiated concept, it is the Scottish Football
League, the ones Rangers joined, who are trying to negotiate with the SPL to
‘join’. How would Rangers be abandoning them if this very initiative is one
they are trying to force through – in conjunction with Rangers’ participation?
Many would point to the fact, in rebuttal, that it is strictly the First
Division who are trying to break away, but this is irrelevant – the ones who
welcomed Rangers last season are the Third
Division and Rangers are now a Second Divison side so Rangers are no
longer ‘helping’ anyone in Scotland’s
bottom tier. Reconstructed SPL 2 or otherwise.
The point is Rangers will not be
turning their backs on anyone no matter what happens with reconstruction,
unless fans believe the club owes the Second Division something in some way?
And that is a matter for the individual supporter to mull.
Hamilton’s Chairman Les Grey outlined what
the First Division wants:
            “We have always said we would prefer a
42-club solution. If they are unable to do that, we can’t sit on our hands and
see what happens. We have given them (SPL) an alternative and that option
includes a second tier, a Championship. That’s all there is to it, there is
nothing sinister behind this. There were 10 clubs at the meeting who were all
in agreement to put this proposal. I’m not going to name them.”
The ‘Championship’ would be the
SPL2, and that would be Rangers’ possible destination.
So let us look an argument
against Rangers being scooted up to this fabled division. That argument is the
money Rangers’ promotion would put into the pockets of the SPL. Given an SPL 2
would see the First Division being dissolved and flushed into the SPL, it
effectively means any cash generated by those clubs would automatically be
controlled (and used) by the SPL and its member clubs.
This is a strong case against;
why on earth should Rangers’ generate funds for those who kicked the club when
it was down? Rangers’ generated a huge viewership for Sky Sports and ESPN last
season, more than any other Scottish club, but of course a side problem with it
was it still went straight into the pockets of the SPL because they had
purchased the TV income rights for the lower 3 divisions already to the tune of
£2,000,000. So, sadly, like it or not, Rangers already have been lining the pockets of the SPL.
Therefore this is nothing new –
joining the SPL 2 would not really change much in that respect – while the
wishes of the fans are understandable, their club has been profiting the SPL
for the past 12 months. A point lost on many.
Another issue is the cutting of
one’s nose to spite their face; Rangers are bleeding cash at a rate of £6M a
year. At the level of income currently being achieved, this lost cash is only
going to increase. Rangers supporters do not want to help their enemies;
understandable if flawed (as already pointed out). However the problem is
helping themselves. Income levels will be higher in SPL 2, and that will
shore up a great deal. Coagulation will start and the finances of the club will
get stronger.
In crude terms, what would fans
rather have: themselves and their enemies suffering with less cash, or both
benefiting with more? What is more important – prioritising the club’s
financial future or hurting those who hurt Rangers? That, again, is a question
for the individual fan.
This debate has so many more
nuances that it would be impossible to cover them all. Arguably there is no
right or wrong answer, both morally and logically speaking.
Whatever will be will be and
Rangers as a club will almost certainly listen to its fans if invited to the
SPL2 (should it happen).
I just hope the final decision is
the best one for the future, the health and the reputation of the club.
Whatever that decision may be.


  1. If audited accounts are required as per current SPL rules then we will most definitely not benefit froman SPL2

  2. I am confused by this article,it makes no sense whatsoever,am I wrong in my belief that this site just a few Months ago was discussing the morally and financially bankrupt S.P.L, and now we have a would be advisor advocating that we join forces with an institution that is supposedly on the brink of oblivion, have we not as a club seen enough troubles over this past year without stepping blindly into the abbys that is the S.P.L 1 and 2, please give me some information that will convince me that this would be the correct financial and logical decision for Rangers Football Club to make, I don't want ill advised rhetoric i want open and honest solutions to the problems that have plagued our club, and yes I do want to see Rangers back where they belong, but not at any price.

  3. As much as it pains us, we have to ensure the club is finacially healthy more than anything else. It benefits the team also. Whatever happens, lets not damage our own club finacially in retaliation. Filling the grounds gets up theyre noses more than anything else. Walters at the helm, we have some reasonable players coming in, lets back them regardless and show the SPL sides what it is to truely love your club!

    • First point, I doubt if there is anyone from here to Timbuktu can be under any illusions as to how much the bears love their Club,
      second point, I doubt us joining a morally corrupt Organisation would be the Catalalyst for financial stability, given the fact that there is more than one club in the S.P.L already just one or perhaps two games away from administration, the whole set up of Scottish Football has to be changed, and you know that as well as I do, but under the present regime that will never be allowed to happen, there is a culture of self preservation, which will be maintained through foul means or fair by the present incumbents of both the S.P.L. and the S F A. they have bullied, cheated and lied to Clubs affiliated to the S.F.L over the past year for nothing less than job preservation,so please explain to me how joining such an organisation will restore financial viability or honour to our Great Club.

  4. if they r saying rangers can increase revenue by moving up to spl 2,why not work our way as we would like, and pay that bit more at the gate,that way we help our club, and them in spl can wait till we get there on merit.

  5. And not one mention of the main reason most supporters will never accept us being fast tracked – We HAVE to get back up the ranks on merit or we will suffer abuse on it for years to come. Sporting integrity may very well go out the window if this offer does come to pass but it will certainly not be by the Rangers masses.

  6. Getting back up on merit is one thing, but can you see the support of the other clubs accepting this anyway. Rangers to them are just a target now, and if they can't have a go about sporting integrity (yeah right), then they will just find something else to accuse the club of. after all, the main bullet they had that was the major factor in Rangers downfall was dismissed (albeit to late), but still hasn't stopped the snipping and bile from others, so why should Rangers care what they think or say, instead just do what is best for the club and if it benefits others along the way so be it, if it doesn't, who cares. Go where the money is and show them all why Rangers are the best supported team in the land..

  7. I am to myself, true. The club I love can either live up to my standards or disappoint me.

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