The Chaos Theory of Ibrox


It is literally impossible to
know where to start for this latest entry. I took a break from blogging
recently due to the ridiculous ascent of concentrated chaos at Ibrox. If I had
wanted to cover it all, on some days I would have compiled 5 separate articles.
As I type I wonder exactly what I am going to write about.
Will it be the absolute drivel
which surrounded Charles Green for 2 weeks and led to his untimely departure,
leaving the club in yet another maelstrom?
Will it be the ugly rumours
inside Ibrox concerning exactly who the mole(s) is (or are) who has (or have)
leaked out sensitive information?
Maybe the desperate stories that
(now) former Chief Executive Officer Green sold his shares to gangsters?
What about the rumours
circulating around Imran Ahmad and his (reputed) dodgy deals?
Maybe the appointment (on an
interim basis) of new CEO Craig Mather – thankfully as yet this gentleman has
attracted few unwanted headlines; but give it time. They will surely come.
Maybe I could even concentrate on
the absolutely atrocious product on the pitch – from the quite putrid defeat at
home to Peterhead last weekend, to yesterday’s incredibly laboured 4-2 win at Ochilview Park, there is certainly no shortage of
drama on the pitch as well as off it.
You see, loyal readers, times at
Ibrox currently stink. The scandalous stories permeating from the inner bowels
of the stadium and leaking onto the front and back pages of the red tops have
forced die-hard fans to suffer ignominy in a way Rangers supporters never
The number of bluenoses seriously
considering not renewing their season tickets is as understandable as it is
depressing. The club does (supposedly)
have division 2 football ‘to look forward to’ next season but given the
standard of that league is barely any better than division 3 it is not really
that much of a fillip. It is progress towards the top tier again, thankfully,
but the arduous schlep to get there is categorically soul-destroying.
The process of cultivating a
half-decent team capable of the rigours required for the ‘higher’ levels of
Scottish football is also proving a stuttering exercise. The current crop of
squad members, by and large, are abhorrent, with very few first-team members
proving themselves genuinely worthy of retaining their slot. Apparently new
players will be coming in, such as Cammy Bell, Tom Hateley, and John Daly, with
Middlesbrough’s Andre Bikey and Motherwell’s
Nicky Law mentioned too. Furthermore there are the optimistic notions that
on-loan defenders Carlos Bocanegra and Dorin Goian will return – but these are
pushing the envelope.
The current squad, as it stands,
is a joke, and half of the first team reflects the off-pitch antics.
What of Alistair McCoist? I have
not even touched on the manager yet. Fan-feeling regarding Super is distinctly
negative now. There is no getting away from that. The majority of fans desire a
new boss, and for the sake of his legend and retaining it, I would have to
concur. It is difficult to judge how good a boss he actually is given the
perverse circumstances of his tenure, and previous entries of my blog have
stoutly defended him. I do not waver from that – but for the sheer need to
‘freshen things up’ and try a different approach it is probably worth Rangers’
time appointing a new manager. If, for nothing else, it may prove the team’s
woeful ineptitude was not due to McCoist.
But this, all this is nearly
trivial compared with the dire tabloid content the club is generating.
Since February 2012 Rangers fans
have been unable to truly enjoy the club. Given the way things are heading it
may be years before they can again.
We Are The People (but right now
it is hard work).

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  1. Like many of my fellow bears I'm sick to death of the club being everyone's punch bag. I thought we had employed Traynor to take care of this.
    As for next years season ticket,well I'm for one who will not be renewing. After supporting the club for over 60 years, I've had enough, I just hope to see the day when Scottish football comes to an end. In the meantime, we should boycott all away games. Why should we fill their purses when they knife us in the back.

  2. I believe we should boycott all away games and cup ties against spl and sfl 1 sides.We are sponsoring those who would happily see us fold.Is there no way we could televise our away games on the screens at Ibrox??

  3. In answer to the comment above.
    This is why Rangers are still in this mess…..for too long now we've blamed Celtic, Scottish football, bloggers etc etc Nothing is going to improve until we look a bit closer to home.
    Jim Traynor is yet another mercenary creaming a ridiculous wage for what.? Why is he at Rangers at all?
    Boycotts? Are we trying to alienate ourselves even more?
    If we're ever going to get back to the top a sea change in attitude is called for from the boardroom down.
    We are still losing money at an incredible rate paying wages to players who can't play against part time teams..!! That's nobodies fault but ours.

  4. "Knife us in the back" you are deluded.Rangers troubles are 'self inflicted.Like many bears McCoists £700,000 a year for a 3rd division manager sticks in the throat.So he should show some "loyalty" and take a wage hit to help the club. But maybe its me that's deluded.

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