The Cowardly BBC

The club has been under systemic
attack in recent weeks, particularly from the formerly credible BBC who now
clearly have an anti-Rangers agenda flowing throughout their Pacific Quay
branch in Glasgow.
Never one to buy into conspiracy theories, even yours truly has been appalled
at the lack of impartial reporting from the Scottish portion of Auntie, with
one look at the Scottish sport section revealing a distinct colour of bias in
favour of negativity towards Rangers. Why this supposedly neutral organisation
feels the urge to attack a single institution is anyone’s guess, be it a
football club, a bank, a corner shop or any other – the BBC have taken the
choice to advocate an aggressive tactic towards Govan’s finest.

Charles Green’s defence of the Rangers
has been staunch and admirable, and the likes of Tom English’s contrived
criticism of said defence has been remarkably amusing. But nevertheless the
attacks continue, and it cannot be denied it has been, within media circles at
least, mostly the BBC guilty of it. Yes, the Sun has produced gutter stories
about events at Ibrox, but the Sun produces gutter stories about anyone – the
BBC, based on a subscription it is illegal
not to subscribe to, is supposed to be completely middle-of-the-road in
terms of allegiance. And maybe it once was, but it cannot be construed that way
any longer.
An example of its current
imbalance can be viewed simply by logging into their Scottish Sport home page.
While not headline, ‘Celtic’s Champions League Campaign’ takes up a significant
portion of the page; a banner dedicated to coverage of the green half of Glasgow’s progress in
Uefa’s premier competition. In itself this is not indicative of any kind of
agenda. However the issue is it has never been done before. BBC Scotland have never
before dedicated an entire portion of their website to covering the progress of
either club in this tournament. Why now? Why suddenly are the corporation
highlighting Celtic in Europe when they never
have before? It almost seems like their recent anti-Rangers agenda is being
proudly boasted and they are deliberately promoting Celtic.
Another example of the blatant
bias in the camp was that atrocious montage based on ‘Mad Men’ prior to the
Rangers V Motherwell League Cup match at Ibrox. Instead of starting the
coverage with a balanced report, Pacific Quay decided to try and stick the
dagger in by not only retreading old ground with administration/liquidation
montage footage, but implied manager Ally McCoist would be better off leaping
out a window by showing a cartoon of a shadowy figure doing exactly that,
apparently a homage to a scene from aforementioned US hit show. Quite what any
of this had to do with a football match is anyone’s guess, and it was beyond unnecessary.
Unsurprisingly Rangers banned the
BBC from their next press conference, with Jane Lewis tweeting
            “No radio or TV interviews on the BBC
from #Rangers 2day. Sorry about that folks – BBC not invited 2 2days media
Lewis herself seems a pleasant
enough employee with no apparent bias one way or the other, but the same cannot
be said of the likes of those who compiled that montage. Were they the same
individuals to label a picture of Kevin Thomson with a foul expletive
describing him? Did they deliberately edit a piece of footage making Ally
McCoist appear to laugh at the issue of sectarianism? Quite possibly, because
the BBC formally apologised for this.
There are many examples down the
years of this corporation’s dire lack of balance, but the coverage the club
has received since it went into administration has been stricken with spite.
Only recently it was considered
newsworthy by the Beeb to highlight the now-irrelevant oldco company Rangers
PLC by contriving a story about the ‘final tax bill’. The old company is gone,
and has been replaced by ‘The Rangers Football Club’. We all know this, but the
club it runs is exactly the same, bar the players. As such, calling Rangers a
‘new club’ is a blatant falsehood and outright lie. Fiorentina, Leeds, Celtic – they are all the same club – they just have a new company who took them over.
            “Duff and Phelps negotiated a sale of
assets to a consortium led by Charles Green for £5.5m. He has since formed a new club, now playing in the Scottish
Football League Third Division.”
This kind of absolute arrogance
is absurd and if it does not reveal the current state of play within the
supposedly unbiased BBC then little will.
If ever a media organisation
needed overhauling, it is the BBC. The nationwide channel is fine, if not
perfect, but its Glasgow
branch is rotten to the core now and has distinct agendas which it does not
even pretend to conceal.
To think we pay for this.