The Man Who Sold the BBC

The Man Who Sold the BBC
What do Joanna Lumley, Prince Albert of Monaco, a parody Rangers fan called Sammy Paterson, and a porn star called Paul Baxendale-Walker with a penchant for dressing up as the Joker in his on-camera appearances all have in common? If the BBC’s Mark Daly is to be believed, they all play a role in the downfall of the Ibrox giants, possibly with the exception of Paterson. Whose origins may well be as dubious as the rest of Pacific Quay’s production about ‘the Men Who Sold the Jerseys’.
This chap is gaining infamy among Rangers supporters.
With Charles Green’s consortium’s attempt to seize control of Rangers currently participating in the due diligence period of exclusivity it enjoys as legally-bound chosen bid, it has all been a bit quiet down Govan way of late. With a lack of negative headlines following the failure of the appeal against the transfer embargo imposed by the SFA on the 16th of May, it really has been rather a deafening silence regarding the club. Only a small titbit regarding Dave King’s claim to first refusal on Whyte’s shares emerged on the 20th, but otherwise the motto ‘no news is good news’ may well have been apt.
That certainly changed when BBC Scotland broadcast their latest piece of ‘investigative journalism’ on Wednesday 23rd May when the intrepid ‘investigations correspondent’ Mark Daly fronted the latest chapter in the Beeb’s ‘search for the truth’ regarding Rangers and their financial affairs. It is of course an absolutely valid subject for investigation, given the stricken nature of being ruled by the bank, before being bought for one symbolic pound which led to the plunge into administration. No one of even the most devout bluenose persuasion would ever pretend all is rosy behind the scenes and that those responsible for running the club have always played by the strictest of rules.
When the original Craig Whyte expose was broadcast in October, while its presentation was not of the highest credibility, it made for uncomfortable viewing and raised serious questions about Whyte’s past. Most fans publicly debunked it at the time but privately wondered just how murky Whyte’s previous history had been. Eventually the programme was more or less justified, and Whyte has been exposed as something of a vulture whose true origins were never truly revealed – his lies about investing £5M a season on players emerged before the show even aired, given his claim that the club had spent that sum during the transfer window, a claim patently untrue. Since administration, his shady nature has been plastered all over the press to the point revealing he withheld PAYE and VAT from HMRC. 
I’m always loathe to publishing pictures of this man.
So with ‘the Men Who Sold the Jerseys’ there was serious potential for worrying revelations to surface again. The pre-show hype centred around scandalous evidence proving the existence of dual contracts, which break fundamental SPL rules. It also claimed to prove Sir David Murray leeched over £6M from the EBT scheme, and that other staff, past and present, similarly benefited in illegitimate ways. There was also the apparently damning evidence which had Duff & Phelps in serious cahoots with Craig Whyte, pinpointing them as directly involved with the original takeover and subsequent knowledge of the immoral Ticketus scam.
A lot for Rangers fans to fear. The problem was when the show began, and its first interviewee/whistle-blower appeared. A man by the name of Paul Baxendale-Walker, a former lawyer now struck off, currently a tax consultant, who claims Craig Whyte among his clients, but who is better known as a porn star called ‘Jo-Kerr’ who has diddled Harley Quinn and Catwoman. He claimed he had originally proposed to Sir David Murray the infamous EBT scheme, but the tax case was not his responsibility. He likened the EBT scheme to a bus, claiming, under the sleaziest grin, that while he may have given the bus to Murray, he personally was not responsible for it being driven recklessly or crashed. Yes, this was the quality of metaphoric journalism this show was presenting.
Walker doing what he does best.
Daly, eager to get his teeth into Rangers’ heinous crimes, then appeared in front of a badly rendered digital ‘data-bank’ which presented all the staff down the years who have received illegal payments and the amounts. At least, that is what Daly claims. While this plethora of facts and figures were based on ‘documents provided to the BBC’, the fabled documents in question were never shown on camera. Plenty of alleged quotes from them, but the hard evidence remained elusive. He also seemed to feel that said staff members accused of these immoral practises who refused to make any comment on this had automatically proven their own personal guilt. Apparently refusal to participate in a programme destroying your former employer is a crime.
Next, overlooking Daly’s cringe worthy ‘acting’ and pieces to camera which defied credibility and made him look like he was addressing 3-year olds, was the quite absurd reference to Joanna Lumley. ‘Maybe a metal trader was not the type of title he needed to woo the likes of Joanna Lumley’ – this was based on a claim from Peter Stevenson, former merchant banker, that Sir David Murray had had a ‘crack’ at Joanna Lumley in his youth. Somehow this salacious claim made its way into a programme about the downfall of Rangers and Murray’s part in it. The message was clear – Sir David Murray bought Rangers to get his end away with an Avenger.
You can see why Murray might have tried his luck, to be fair.
It must not be forgotten that all the while, the programme would periodically cut away to the now-legendary Sammy Paterson giving his vital opinion on affairs. This man was being presented as a typical Rangers fan, portraying his pain and disgust at the state the club was in. At least, that is what the programme makers would claim. The truth is the close ups of Union Flags, his room being covered in almost garishly presented Rangers memorabilia, the repeated displays of his rings, and the Rangers tattoos all over his arms seemed to be a parody of ‘a big bad Ranjurrrr’ – a character from Only an Excuse who lives and breathes Rangers. This is not to dismiss us fans who really do live and breathe the club, but the way this chap was presented made a mockery of those supporters proud of their allegiances. If you are reading, Sammy, I am not personally attacking you, if you are genuine, just the rather stereotypical and manipulative way way you were presented on the programme.
Sammy Paterson – could be genuine, could be fake. Certainly famous now.
Moving on, and who should show up but a man who has never spoken out on camera previously. Appearing on camera with a slightly uncomfortable and forced grin, Andrew Ellis claimed to have been duped by Whyte, who had apparently informed him of a ‘super rich investor’. Ellis then delivered the knock-out blow. This super rich investor was in actual fact non other than Prince Albert of Monaco. Just when this programme had stretched credibility beyond breaking point, it pulled out the Black and Decker and twisted a little more. Daly then apparently called the Prince’s spokeswoman to investigate further, and claimed that her response was, via a dreadfully accented French voice-over, ‘His Royal Highness doesn’t know Craig Whyte. His Royal highness has never had the intention to invest in this club. Rangers FC’.
The laughter from the homes of most bears at this comedy could be heard on the moon.
I know the club has always been aligned with the monarchy, but this is ridiculous.
Up to this point, the show had been a ludicrous pack of conjecture, parody, comedy, and low budgeting. Zero hard evidence existed for any of its claims. Indeed, it was not until the display of a letter on 38 minutes (of a 58 minute programme) incriminating Whyte and his company Liberty Capital in relation to the takeover of Rangers that physical evidence was finally presented. The problem was the content was information widely known already so it revealed nothing. Apparently regurgitating old news via presentation of a letter confirming it constitutes ground breaking news and revelation.
The programme finally seemed to get somewhere when it began to attempt to incriminate administrators Duff & Phelps, claiming their partner, David Grier, had been directly involved with Craig Whyte’s takeover (and in turn suggested their knowledge of the Ticketus deal) – they attempted to prove this via dubious presentation of apparently printed emails incriminating Grier, and, in turn, Duff & Phelps. They even confirmed it all by showing a freeze frame of Grier in Whyte’s company on the day of the takeover. Daly stated Duff & Phelps had claimed Grier’s role had been limited. The problem is this shot did not prove this was not the case. It proved nothing.
And, at the end of the programme, that is mostly what we were left with. You see, the problem with ‘the Men Who Sold the Jerseys’ is that its own production values, lack of evidence and general conjecture (not to mention awful acting and narration) discredited a great deal of its content. It was strong on claims, but weak on real proof. The number of times Daly stated the BBC had learned, or had seen, or had in its possession this hard proof, but refused to show any of it on camera, except later on with a pointless letter and alleged emails, really weakened his investigation. There was arguably a case to answer in the case of the Duff & Phelps claims, hence they have threatened legal action, but the rest was poor.
All Rangers fans want the truth to come out, and for the club to move on from this sorry, sorry affair – we want those responsible to pay for their neglect and malevolent errors, but guttural productions like this will not help that happen.
As an aside, will Daly investigate the incredibly dubious tax scheme at the BBC whereby hundreds, maybe thousands of BBC employees are avoiding income tax (PAYE) by having their wages paid into ‘service companies’? At least 2 high earners are using this system, and hundreds more are allowed to make their own tax arrangements to skip paying. Furthermore will he investigate Celtic’s confirmation (to the BBC no less) that they also used EBT arrangements to pay Juninho all those years ago? Something which caused a tax liability (for this read BTC in Rangers’ case) which was apparently settled with HMRC, a similar outcome to which we are requiring? Will he take a look at this scheme and try to uncover dirt behind that too?
Probably not.

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  1. think the bbc has a cheek to talk about anyone let alone rangers theve been cheating the public for yrs with the tv license only country in the world to have one well i dont i gave my tv up and told them to stuff it

    • Many countries have tv licenses. Not all have a complicit press to cover up the illicit goings on by this club over the years. This blog is 'whoutaboutery' at its finest. Forget about all the victims of this fraud, just blame everyone else! The author is deluded, the majority of fans are deluded and every punishment to come is well deserved!

    • To the first reply , I can name at least 5 countries where you need a tv license Ireland been one. Also your grasp on English leaves a lot to be desired (is English your second or third language).Judging by your "cut off your nose to spite your face" reply Id say its safe to presume you are a rangers fan.

      SAMMY P

  2. you forgot about the false gate receipts the piggery done too tax dodge by any other name

    • Would be interested to see your proof of the false gate receipts. You are a stupid Rangers fan. Why not start to save your team rather talking about a team who are well run and pay their taxes. You like most Rangers fans are deluded About what is actually happening. Muppet!

    • Proof???????????

      How about the 'official' attendace figures released by ra shellik board…stuff like 'there was an attendance of 20,000 at PIRAdise today'….then seeing highlights on tv from said game and the dump was full to the rafters…..more like 50,000.

      You have the audacity to call someone stupid……pots and kettles mate!!!!

    • ma da used 2 gat me and ma 2 bro's in 4 free. they wer the good old days, 1000's of fans used to get in stadiums for free back then, does that answer your stupid pots and kettles mate!!!! reply

      fukin dafty.

      how much you gave to the rangers ff? HAHA!

      Be honest, after watching Hibs on Saturday, have you ever seen a worse performance from any team, in any final, in any competition, in any age-group, in any country? Well, apart from Rangers against Zenit in 2008, that is.


    • What is a bun?

      Is it a small cake?

      Or is it your way of not sounding like the filthy bigot that you are by using 'rhyming slang' to dish out sectarian slurs on people.

      You, sir, could easily limbo-dance under a worm whilst you were wearing a top-hat and stilts you are that low!!!!!

  3. The real problem is that if the documentation IS real, it doesn't look good for Rangers if the authorities then see it. From the "evidence" it did look like the EBT's were largely just part of their wages and not loans or a real trust.

  4. Yes that is the problem if it is true we have been cheating all this time and disgraced ourselves.

  5. Good blog. It will be interesting to see how much of this latest programme turns out to be true, or whether Mark Daly is chancing his luck by riding on the crest of the wave created by his last programme and is having a few stabs in the dark knowing there is a baying mob hanging on his every word.

    Aye, fairplay to Murray for having a go at the Lumley. Who wouldn't?

  6. You do realise my cretinous chum that if you make allegations of the sort the BBC made without the evidence to back it up you get done, harshly, with libel? You honestly think their lawyers haven't been pouring over the evidence you don't believe exists for weeks to confirm it's accuracy? Really? Do you not actually know how the real world works?

    On a scale of 9 to 11 how much do you reckon the fisting you are about to receive from the tax and football authorities is going to hurt?

    You are either a complete moron or truly have your head stuck in the sand. I fear both.

    Please never, ever breed.

    Also stop shagging your sister, she said no the first time.

    P.s. thank you for brightening up my already awesome week. It has been a pleasure.

    • At least they were better looking than your sister. She's got a face like a carpet fitters knee and a gash that looks like an axe wound on a gorillas back. Takes after her father. Not that you know the big hairy rapist.

    • Thank you Anonymous for your scathing yet witty riposte. Do you do this often?

      Firstly may I point you in the direction of this rather excellent article on Mumsnet: I understand your own mother would not have taken you through this a) because she is too busy spending the family 'earnings' (£67.50 a week courtesy of the Department of Work and Pensions, no 'the brew' doesn't mean a company that makes a famous Scottish carbonated soft dink. Nor is it a teahouse.) on smack and b) she has never actually given a damn about the backstreet-abortion-with-a-rusty-coat-hanger-that-she-needs-a-refund-for that is you. So she would never have came across Mumsnet.

      Secondly she asks me to let you know your dinner of Tesco value fish fingers and 10 year old baked beans shall be served at 7pm sharp. At least I think that's what she said, the toothless wonder had my cock in her herpes ridden mouth at the time. Triple bagged of course.

      Anyway, must dash, have an urgent date at a champagne bar followed by (what I hear) is a rather fabulous interpretation of The Damnation of Faust. Man sells his soul to the devil. All ends in tears, these arrangements usually do.

      Kind regards,


    • Oni………..

      Get a job ya workshy waster.

      Sitting on the internet in a public library on a hot sunny day is no way to go through life son…….neither is being drunk as f**k day in day out at the taxpayers expense.

      I expect you to reply that you are, in fact, gainfully employed as a lawyer/tax specialist/general tea boy at some 'high-fallutin'' law firm.

      Timmy makes me lol…..even in these dark days.


  7. Youre still sticking your head in the sand! The 'big boys did it and ran away' syndrome is really getting tedious – the axe is about to fall and still you dont see it. Do you really think the BBC lawyers would have let this out WITHOUT the proof?

  8. Pretentious claptrap from an over inflated ego.

    Could have saved a couple minutes of everyone's time if you'd shortened it to, "I don't like what Mark Daly says so I don't believe it."

  9. The problem is that there are more revalations that have not been revealed by this programe the club as we know it will be finished after all is done and dusted

  10. Good stuff – a fair assessment of the programme. I'm impressed how many tax experts you have reading this blog. You must be so proud!

    • bye bye rangers soon to be known as old rangers

      ello newco, new club, new company/number, no debt, no history

      same sad fans

      i still canny believe its happening

      bye bye



  11. why do rangers supporters try and involve celtic in a tit for tat if celtic had done what rangers have done im sure the would have been investigated the same as rangers but they havent so take the flak and put your dummy back in.

  12. tax experts & Rangers directors…. mmmm ….you don't see that sentence very often.

    Spiers might think that SDM was duped but I still believe the whole thing was dreamt up on the Côte d'Azur many years ago by SDM & CW.
    It's now looking ever likely that the Green Brigade will walk away, the ban will stay in place & the current major shareholder might stay away from Ibrox but he definitely won't be walking away without a big chunk of cash.
    Newco & the 3rd Division beckons

  13. Why are you all so determined to find excuses for Rangers breaking the rules? It's been proved that they broke numerous SFA rules and they've been penalised for it. Accept that fact, move on and stop trying to play the victim.

    And please stop trying the usual 'whitabootery' routine of claiming other clubs broke the rules too by mis-reporting gate money. Even if they did (and there's not the slightest shred of evidence to prove this claim) it doesn't alter the fact that RANGERS broke the rules repeatedly. If you're in the dock for theft, it doesn't help you in the slightest if your only defence is "But other people steal stuff too!"

    Rather than blaming others, man up, hold up your hands and admit that you got caught breaking the rules. And instead of making idiotic threats about withdrawing from the Scottish Cup, and boycotting away games if your club is punished for breaking the rules, maybe you all should consider showing some remorse for your club's actions, which cheated all of the other clubs in Scotland.

  14. Maybe fair hearings from the SFA without the involvement of a legal eagle Celtic minded Tim in their offices.

    Just a thought like and another is the appointment of Aiden O'Neil as their QC against Rangers on Tuesday. Where do the SFA recruit their briefs these days? O'Connel Street?

    • Funny how these things never came to light when the old guard were there to shaft Timmy and keep him in his place!! Transparency doesn't fit too well with ra peepil does it?!

      The SFA wouldn't have to recruit anybody if it wasn't for your despicable, cheating, filthy rotten existence! Never mind, not long now 🙂

  15. great piece. there are a few deluded celtic fans that have not realised that the fightback from rangers and its legions of fans is well and truly underway. once again great piece.

    • Fightback! Mwahahahaha. You'se are done! Gone! Finished! No more! Your kids will be Motherwell fans and your Grandkids will be Tims 🙂

  16. hahahahahahahahahahaha bunch a fukkin dimwits still believe youse r gonnae survive…cheatin bastards canny wait 2 youse fukkin die……lol……

  17. Interesting development as D&P take the SFA to court over the signing ban. Guess what? FIFA demands that taking a national association to court must result in expulsion from the Association. Ho-hum! Fans from all other Scottish clubs have wondered how to force the SFA's hand when it comes to issuing a suitable punishment to RFC(IA). D&P appear to have come up with the perfect solution. Cheers!

  18. To Celtic shite above taint taint tainted mankie mob what you getting for xmas this year strip and season ticket instead try feeding the weans instead of shagging them you are lower than the lowest.

  19. I fully understand your pain and your view of the BBC piece, but to say sammy is not a fan or if he is sorry, cmon give the guy a break, looks like hes put more into rangers than both SDM & CW put together. I am a celtic fan and only advise I can give is support your team and take whatever sanctions come ur way.
    If TBK form a new team in the 3rd league and play at Hamden, if the fans follow, all these so called saviours have nothing, he who controls the fans, controls the club.


  20. As a True Blue, ah huv tae haud ma haun up an say IF we've been playin these last ten years way players who wurnae properly registurred way the sfa, then we huv tae haun back the titles 'n that.

  21. The fact that they owe all and sundry and feel no shame beggers belief! They truly deserve to be extinquished!

  22. As usual more unwashed on this thread than at their own stadium.
    As a generalisation Celtic fans hate The Rangers more than they love their own club and yet again this proves to be true.

    Firstly the big tax case tribunal has yet to give its decision so can you all stop with the presumption of guilt. I know that guilt plays a huge part in the life of a Celtic fan but we are not tainted by this affliction as much as you all are.

    Secondly people in glass houses and all that.
    Celtic football club (and their fans) have over the years hidden gate receipts, covered up child abuse, sand songs in support of the Nazis in the second world war and raised money for illegal terrorist organisations that murdered innocent people including children
    So to come on here with your arrogant moral high ground is nothing short of pathetic.

    I believe the line in your song goes "if you know your history" well we do know your history and it is disgusting and shameful.

    • the rangers fans are the ones that give the nazi salute and are assossiated with hamburg fc the left wing fans in germany and your fans also gave money to terrorist organisations in ireland as for history goes the irish republican army was and never was a religious organisation as you make them out to be they were an organisation fighting for their freedom from a tyrany that went under the union flag which is flown at ibrox park get your history books out and you may learn the truth

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