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Friday, 4 August 2017

Alleged Rangers target turns out for U23s

Rangers’ unofficial target Steven Naismith has turned out for the Norwich U23’s. The striker has been linked all summer window long and recent information alleged he had agreed terms in principle with Rangers, with a personal commitment and desire to join, only for the deal not, as yet, to be either confirmed or ratified on any official level.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Steven Naismith Update

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Following a long-running will he won’t he saga, sources close to the player claim Steven Naismith is on the verge of clinching a switch to Ibrox.

This is a very extended transfer tale, and with Pedro Caixinha confirming post-Marseille that he was close to securing two new players, both Scottish and both Rangers fans, Naismith has been on many a fan’s lips as a possible candidate.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Pedro: "I'll add two more players"

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Following today's impressive result against French cracks Marseille, manager Pedro Caixinha has confirmed he remains in the market for a further two players.

The Portuguese has been hot on the tail of a number of players for a while now, and speculation has ramped up following his assertion that they are to be Scottish and will understand the significance of playing for Rangers.

Friday, 7 July 2017

A shot in the arm for Rangers; is another set to follow?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

It has all been said and written about Pedro, so we will not say any more, but with that uttered, the signature of Graham Dorrans really is the kind of shot in the arm Rangers have needed.

The 30-year old driving midfielder-cum attacker is the calibre of signature Rangers used to make (and have started again, if you add Alves), and with seven years of English Premier League experience and plenty of caps for his country to speak of, while we will not claim his capture is a game changer, adding a player of this quality is certainly the direction Rangers fans want to see the club go in.

For all the lambasting we have given Caixinha, he has pulled off a-near masterstroke in signing a genuine Rangers fan of the quality of Dorrans who has played at the highest levels and can provide Rangers with the energy and drive we need in the front end of the pitch.

Dorrans is capable of playing anywhere in midfield and up front – he is a versatile player and while his CV tends to most read ‘attacking midfielder’ truth is he will be an asset anywhere he plays. His support of Rangers helps – he wanted to leave Norwich as soon as he knew Caixinha was seriously interested in him, and once the saga of the fee was finally resolved he was up north taking his medical quicker than you can say WATP.

And that is something sorely missing at present, as Joey Barton said. Rangers need men who understand the club and love it as much as the fans do, but not for the sake of it – we need guys who can play at the levels we need.

Steven Davis, a lifelong Bluenose, might have had the odd quieter game here and there but his support of the Club in concert with his ability made that signing an excellent one. Which brings us onto Steven Naismith, a similar Bluenose who was only too thrilled to join in 2007 and despite his Ibrox career being ruined by injury, the form he showed in 2011 was that of a potential legend.

Things did not work out, as we know, and Naismith has shown contrition, which we accept, and despite the angry comments we have made about him in the past, we do not deny a player of his quality, like his ex-team mate Dorrans would be a fine addition.

Right now Rangers could use a few shots in the arm, and there have been murmurs that Naismith’s recent positive interviews about Rangers are a foreshadow of interest in him. There had been reports that he was in advanced talks but that his wages were a stumbling block.

Well, that was before the retail deal was fixed and Rangers had less projected cash to play with. Now we have a little more, and can afford to sign a bit better. And Naismith is on the level of Dorrans if not even higher and that is the kind of player Rangers painfully lack.

Dorrans’ signature has been a fine boost during very troubling times, and while we still want more work done on defence, the concept of Naismith joining him is something we would unequivocally welcome.

Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Steven Naismith appears to have made his mind up over switch to Ibrox

Following weeks, months, and even years of speculation, Steven Naismith has effectively confirmed he is not interested in returning to Rangers any time soon.

Despite recent reports claiming he was even in ‘advanced talks’ with Rangers officials over a switch back to Govan, the player himself has poured cold water on such rhetoric by admitting his priority is to gain fitness and regain his Norwich City career.

Monday, 29 May 2017

Can Rangers fans forgive this 'deserter'?

 Article by: Richard Fillingham

Steven Naismith and Steven Whittaker were two of the first Rangers players to decide that their contracts with the Ibrox side would be deemed worthless in the takeover period of 2012.

They both appeared on television together to try and explain their reasons for leaving, but it backfired badly on them because they were seen as opening up the flood gates for all the other traitors to leave.

Their agent was the instigator of it all, of course, because of the way he guided them through this phase of their careers. He knew that Rangers couldn’t insist on a transfer fee as they had gone into administration, so they would be free to earn an excellent signing-on fee from whichever club they would sign for, plus their hefty pay packet per week.

Saturday, 27 May 2017

Ex-Rangers star in 'advanced discussions' over return; reports

Rangers are now absolute odds-on favourites to sign Steven Naismith, according to at least one bookmaker. With 7/4 odds continuing over the past 24 hours, and a great number of claims that the deal is most definitely taking place and is in an ‘advanced position’, it does seem that the former Ibrox hero turned villain is looking incredibly likely to return to Ibrox.

However, it must not be ignored that other clubs are said to be in the hunt for his signature including one English Premiership side in the shape of Burnley, while a host of fellow championship teams have been named including the three relegated sides; Hull, Middlesbrough and Sunderland.

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Four SPL targets (and a few others) that can reinvigorate Rangers

 Article by: Richard Fillingham

I believe that some Rangers supporters need to take a reality check with our signing ambitions in the current transfer market. It is only five years ago that we came close to being wiped out and had to build ourselves up again.

We were left bereft of experienced Rangers class players with the exception of four or five stalwarts who for one reason or another decided to stay and fight for our survival and a very inexperienced manager in Rangers scoring legend, Ally McCoist.

There were two ways things could go for us in 2012. Ally could sign decent young players with the potential to win the 3rd Division easily, which would leave them in good stead to go on and improve with experience and then to proceed to win the 2nd Division in their second season together.

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Steven Naismith, Steven Whittaker and Kyle Lafferty

It is hard to refer to these three without casting one’s mind immediately back five years and to the hell of Summer 2012. It was a period of time we will never forget, nor should we, but this article is going to forego all discussion about it and examine the present day and the football side of things.

As we know, Pedro Caixinha is busy underway rebuilding his Rangers team in time for pre-season training. Naturally he is unlikely to have all business completed within two weeks but he will hope to have made major inroads by then, with further deals thereafter, and three of the most frequently-linked names are three of the so-called ‘deserters’ – Steven Naismith, Steven Whittaker and Kyle Lafferty.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Do Rangers fans want Steven Naismith back?

On the 24th of June 2012 Steven Naismith placed himself in absolute ignominy, a stain on the history of Rangers. During Rangers’ darkest hour of modern times (perspective, we have lost dozens through Ibrox Disasters) he called a press conference alongside Steven Whittaker and confirmed Rangers were dead to him and he refused to put his future in ‘Sevco’.

It was a truly ugly period in concert with a very hard time for all Rangers fans to stomach, seeing arguably our best player turn his back on us and walk away for nothing, while suggesting the Club was no more.

Monday, 24 August 2015

Is it time Strachan called up Rangers players again?

With Gordon Strachan announcing his Scotland squad for the upcoming qualifiers against Georgia and Germany, it came as little surprise that no one from Ibrox was among the selected group.

The usual former Rangers players like Steven Naismith, Steven Whittaker, Alan Hutton and Allan McGregor were there as normal, but once again no current incumbents of 150 Edmiston Drive were there to represent their country.

The usual excuse forwarded is the level at which Rangers are playing, and that there just were not enough good players to justify a call up.

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Should Rangers Players Take a Pay Cut?

As Rangers fans are no doubt aware, news broke on Thursday that a pay cut had been rejected by Rangers players. Initial reaction from supporters was mixed, then the reality of the situation emerged;

There was no genuine demand by CEO Graham Wallace of a paycut. Indeed, in a meeting between himself, manager Ally McCoist and club captain Lee McCulloch, a number of proposals were discussed. A potential wage cut for the players was one of those proposals, in, and let us be clear, an 'exploratory' capacity.

No player rejected a wage cut. Captain McCulloch merely forwarded Wallace's suggestion of one to some senior players to investigate how receptive they would be to the idea, and none were.

This was the equivalent of players being asked if they fancied using a lesser club coach to matches to reduce costs, and all blankly said no. The word 'hypothetical' is critical here.

But let us suppose for the moment this proposal, eventually confirmed at 15% (a theoretical 15% of course), had been formally requested of the players - that they take a reduction in their pay to help the club's costs. Would they be justified in rejecting it?

Manager Ally McCoist certainly seems to think so. Asked if he agreed with their rejection of the idea, his answer was firm and absolute;

            "I can assure everyone that the players have my 100% backing."

Well, let us be frank; he would say that, being their manager. He needs his players to play for him and starting an internal civil war is the last thing on his mind.

But looking closer, is a wage cut a fair request? Is it outrageous?

The last time one took place the club was in the throes of administration, and senior players like Davis, Naismith and Whittaker took a massive 75% cut in their salary to steer the club through an incredibly tough time. No fan has ever forgotten these actions, and despite the fact a number of these players left the club in ignominy thereafter does not alter the fact their gesture was an excellent one.

Indeed, Rangers fans posted pictures online thanking the likes of Whittaker for taking the cut, calling he and others 'heroes' of the club for such an incredible act.

This time, however, a 15% cut has been rejected even in theory, and fans are divided by this.

The arguments opposing each other appear to be:


These players signed a contract and should not expect to have to tolerate a loss of cash because irresponsible board members brokered deals the club could not afford. That it is the board's fault and they should look at other ways of dealing with the haemorrhaging of the club's finances, rather than 'punishing' those who have nothing to do with it.

My gripes with this initial argument are thus: firstly it was not the current board who brokered these contracts. None of the current executive board, Stockbridge aside, were on the board when these deals were made. So why blame the current board for what its immediate predecessors are perceived to have done in error? They are the ones trying to fix it, so why are they under criticism for taking measures?

Secondly, why are our current players justified in rejecting a rather small wage cut to save the club when we thanked the 'deserters' for taking an even bigger one back in the day? If the current players had accepted the wage cut, would we be complaining, or thanking them?

The opposition argument in favour of these cuts is thus:

We have known for months that this club needed to cost cut. We have offloaded promising youngsters like Andy Mitchell to help with it, and we all discussed the idea of a paycut months ago. Why is it that now it has actually been proposed, the idea appals us? Why have we reacted in outrage at an idea we expected to take place anyway?

We all know fine well that the club needs to live within its means, but if every single cost-cutting suggestion Wallace makes is objected to angrily by fans and players, the club will be in administration before we know it.

We have to cut the cloth now, and cut our nose off despite our faces, because otherwise we will sink.

And criticising every suggestion made by those trying to steer the club to safety will not help anyone.