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Monday, 18 September 2017

Ex-coach admits Rangers 'hurt' him

If one guy at Ibrox has been there through thick and thin and represented the club with the dignity and class we expect, it is ex-goal keeping coach Jim Stewart.

As we know, Jim parted company with Rangers some months ago, but news over the past 24 hours has confirmed the 63-year old was disappointed at the sacking and felt it should have been handled better and with more class.

Friday, 17 March 2017

Ibrox Noise exclusive: Richard Gough Q&A

In 2015, now-club ambassador and 9IAR captain Richard Gough played a big role helping Dave King seize control of the Ibrox boardroom. Ibrox Noise caught up with the defensive legend to get his thoughts on where Rangers were, are, and are going.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

"Ask not what Rangers can do for you; ask what you can do for Rangers"

 Richard Fillingham

I don’t know about you – but I want to know what you really think about a giant club, the size and stature of Rangers, being dragged down to such a low financial state, that we cannot afford to pay any real transfer fee for any player still attached to a club. What a catastrophic position to be in when your team is attempting to win a league title, when other teams have had years experience of competing at a higher standard of players.

Rangers have been reduced to scrounging around, looking for the best free transfer players currently on the market, that are available to sign right away. This will enable us to bed them in for the start of the new Premiership season, after a four-year sabbatical, forced on us by the SPL clubs in 2012. We can use their services to play for our world record breaking team, without having to pay a transfer fee for any of them. In fairness, we have picked the best of them, to the great credit of our management team getting the homework right, and with their experience and perseverance paying off.

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Why Rangers Legends Should Stay Out of Politics

About a year or two ago, John “Bomber” Brown waded into the Ibrox chaos with two infamous and reprehensible gaffes.

The first was his embarrassing Tommy Sheridan-esque “show us the deeds” speech from the steps of Ibrox, where he had suddenly become a self-appointed judge and jury to Rangers’ hierarchy, and where only his approval of what he might or might not be shown was good enough for the club and fans as a whole.

The second was even worse. Brown posed in the Sun newspaper with elderly Rangers season ticket holder Tom Hobbs in a grotesque image which saw the lifelong fan handing Brown hundreds of pounds because he trusted him with his season ticket cash over Charles Green. It was never reported that this money had been returned.

One of these days we might hear he got this money back.

The moral of this story is simple; ex-Rangers players should never ever get involved with the politics of the club. They either end up looking foolish, naïve, or they get the backs up of the supporters who disagree with the stance they have taken, which can harm the legacy of their playing days irreparably.

Even the great Walter Smith slightly damaged himself with his boardroom and political involvement once he left as manager. He will always be a hero and a legend, but his displays in the boardroom and following his ill-fated takeover attempt left a slightly sour taste.

Which brings me to Richard Gough. Richard is a good man, a man with honour; but sadly he appears to be another legend of the club with his finger a million miles away from the pulse and disconnected from what the majority of fans feel.

Firstly he opposed the Tannadice ban – if ever a Rangers legend showed a complete lack of knowledge regarding the supporters’ position, this was it. At the time Utd were a big enemy – the lack of refund from that abandoned game was one thing, their chairman Stephen Thompson’s public condemnation of the Ibrox men quite another. Whether the ban was right or not was irrelevant, it was the stance Charles Green took and fans were quite happy with it.

In condemning the ban, Gough showed his naivety:

“If supporters want to support their team, they should have the right. I don’t think the head of the club should come out and say we’re not taking tickets.”

This might not completely wrong, but it showed another Rangers legend well out of touch with Rangers fans and what they wanted.

Now, sadly, he has got involved again, this time with the Union of Fans Trust plan backed by his personal friend Dave King. The idea for the UoF is that with such a trusted legend supporting their cause, it will encourage supporters to buy into their scheme. Regular readers of my blog will know I am not in favour of any plan which could kill Rangers, and withholding season ticket cash is certainly one of those plans. However, that is irrelevant to this piece.

What matters is that once again Gough, like so many legends before him, has picked a political horse to back, and this is an increasingly troubling precedent. In this case it is most likely influenced by his ties to King, which does suggest he is easily led, but that really is not the point.

I polled Rangers fans recently to gauge opinion on UoF’s plans. I asked who would be renewing regardless and who was putting their faith in the scheme. The final figures were nearly 3 to 1 in favour of renewing their season ticket. 

So the fact is the majority of fans do not subscribe to this scheme, yet here we have another club legend wading in with his size 11’s and taking a stance. You could admire him for doing so, for having the cajones to stand for what he believes in, or you could say he is out of touch and just doing a favour for a friend.

And just like John Brown’s shambolic escapade with Mr Hobbs it once again sees fans having to invest their own cash in something they cannot be sure of.

No wonder the majority ignore it.