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Thursday, 23 March 2017

VOTE NOW: Final choice of three for Pedro's 'local assistant'

According to Sky Sources this morning, Rangers have now whittled down the ‘local assistant’ candidacy to three men – Barry Ferguson, Peter Lovenkrands and John Brown.

The former has now definitely held talks with new manager Pedro Caixinha despite claims by certain journalists that they had not even met yet, while reports are both Pistol Pete and Bomber already did so some days ago.

CONFIRMED: Rangers move into profit

Rangers have today confirmed an increase in revenue of £5.3M was achieved last year leading to a modest profit for the period of June-December by comparison with the same time frame of 2015.

In the latest financial review, operating expenses increased by over £4M with obvious sources being massively increased player wages, while income equally rose as mentioned mainly due to season tickets, higher attendance in general and hospitality packages which contributed well over £3M to the Club’s coffers.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

"Real Rangers Men"

“Real Rangers Men”

“Real Rangers Man”

Over the past few weeks, these phrases have reappeared in Rangers’ fans’ lexicons, to describe the hope that the new manager would be a Bluenose himself, someone who already knew Rangers inside out and knew what managing the team truly meant.

When that did not happen, and instead we received an untried and relative newcomer to British football in Pedro Caixinha, the Portuguese manager himself vaunted the serious notion of bringing in his own ‘local assistant’ as he called it; A Rangers man, effectively, an ex-player or manager who could guide him through the nuances and idiosyncrasies of being Rangers, and what it meant.

Pedro Caixinha - his career so far

Before it was announced that Pedro Caixinha was to take over the reins at Ibrox he probably wasn’t the first name on most people’s minds. Of course he was close to being in the dugout albeit as Pereira’s number two before Warburton came to the helm, but ‘Gers failure to win promotion scuppered that proposed move.

A different name from the ones that are constantly touted around whenever there is a vacancy in the hot seat is not necessarily a bad thing. Arsenal fans were no doubt alternatively scratching their heads and Googling Wenger’s name when it was announced the Frenchman was to take over at Highbury.

Perfect timing for Ped the Ted

When Rangers ran out comfortable winners on Saturday against Hamilton for Ped the Ted’s debut, few Bears could have been displeased at the performance. It was a great display, a deserved score, and a good day all round. Naturally, more testing challenges await, and many fans have urged against drawing any conclusions from such a start, but equally, those same fans would probably have melted in horror at anything other than a good win.

But they are right. Let us not assume Caixinha is the Special One just yet (despite the tongue in cheek reference in the last entry one or two supporters look comically seriously) and see how the next few matches go.

Monday, 20 March 2017

How Ped the Ted could be Rangers' Special One

Article by: Richard Fillingham

It must have been music to Pedro Caixinha’s ears as he strode out of the Ibrox tunnel, in his first Ibrox appearance as our new Rangers manager. It was a special moment for him as all the Teddy Bears cheered him long and loud.

Special! He might become the Special One for us. See what I did there?

Ped the Ted marched out of his technical area and soaked up the acclaim of the packed crowd – what a fantastic memory for everyone who witnessed the scene.

Rangers started the game well and the crowd were right behind them from the start, especially coming on top of the good showing last week against Celtic and having Ped in the dugout to ring the changes for any weak performances. The play was slick and quick and there was a lot more urgency about all of the players, but then again, you would expect that from a Rangers team fighting for their places with a new manager making his own judgements.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

What a difference having a manager makes...

“And to that end, Rangers fans could not have a better way to judge new Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha than by focusing on Saturday’s hosting of Hamilton. The last time Rangers played Martin Canning’s side at home in the league was the opening day of this season; and that performance and result set the tone for how life would pan out in Scotland’s top tier under Rangers’ ex-boss. On his debut in the SPL, he failed, miserably, as Scotland’s worst top-flight side (give or take with Inverness) gleaned a point in Govan.
On Pedro Caixinha’s debut in the SPL, he faces the same opponent, with mostly the same squad, at the same ground, in front of the same expectant fans, in the same tournament, with the same exact ramifications of the result.
It is the perfect litmus test for our new manager to begin life in Britain, and the best way for Rangers fans to see, even at this early stage, what we may be able to expect from our new gaffer.
When Walter Smith returned in 2007, his debut was a 5-0 tonking of Dundee Utd at Ibrox. That set the tone for his dominance over those following years. Naturally we do not expect similar dominance this time round (would be nice though!), but more often than not, how a regime starts is pretty much how it continues. Very rarely will a bad start by a Rangers manager be turned round to be a success.” 14/03/17

Friday, 17 March 2017

What can Rangers fans expect tomorrow from Ped the Ted?

Article by: Richard Fillingham

Pedro Caixinha watched from the stands to see exactly what team and tactics Graeme Murty would use at Celtic Park for the old-firm showdown last Sunday. He certainly showed Pedro what can be done with an average standard of first team players using a well-balanced line-up and having a well worked plan A to stick to.

If Pedro places all the right players in their best positions it will be a good start to his Ibrox career, especially if he gets his tactics right, it will all help the chances of his much needed winning start this Saturday.

If all the players are fit to play except Halliday and Kranjcar, it will leave Rangers with a far better bench for Pedro to change from if the team dramatically needs to improve in the last 25 minutes or so, especially later in the game as some of the Hamilton players might tire. I am sure that Pedro will do whatever has to be done to gain the best possible results, starting this week.

Ibrox Noise exclusive: Richard Gough Q&A

In 2015, now-club ambassador and 9IAR captain Richard Gough played a big role helping Dave King seize control of the Ibrox boardroom. Ibrox Noise caught up with the defensive legend to get his thoughts on where Rangers were, are, and are going.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bread men - the final insult

I thought long and hard about this entry. I have rarely spent such a spell deciding whether or not to proceed with an article on this site, but this one was a source of much conflict.

On one hand there was the school of thought that we should let sleeping dogs lie, move on with our lives and stop living in the acrimonious past. But on the other was the simple inescapable truth of what happened, and how it deserved a final summation given what a huge deal it was and still is to the modern and classic history of Rangers Football Club.

This site was probably the only one willing to actually criticise the Bread Man. For some unknown reason we could not fathom, a great majority of Rangers fans considered him the Messiah and transcended him above criticism, literally until the final two months of his time at Ibrox.

Securing second

Pedro Caixinha takes over as Rangers boss with the team an astonishing 33 points behind Celtic after just 27 games and obviously has no chance of getting anywhere near them. The big test in his first months in charge will be trying to make up a six point deficit on Aberdeen and finish in the top two. Then the rebuilding job begins in the summer as the gulf between the Old Firm clubs looks huge right now.

Any Rangers fans expecting the club to win the league in their first season back in the top flight were always being a bit too optimistic, but few would have expected them to be so far behind. Celtic have been strong this season, painful as that is for Rangers fans to admit, after making shrewd signings in the summer transfer window and bringing in Brendan Rodgers as manager. But Rangers have made it all too easy for them, losing 5-1 and 2-1 in the two games between them and succumbing in the league cup too, albeit signs of a fightback last weekend were a welcome change.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Thank you Graeme Murty

 Article by: Richard Fillingham

The first thing I have to say is I was wrong about what I said about Graeme Murty. In the first few games after he was unwittingly coerced into taking over the first team duties of the famous Glasgow Rangers, I was very unhappy with the decision. He was and looked out of his depth and I really did worry about the consequences of using such an inexperienced manager to try and dig us out of a massive hole.

He started with an uninspiring win against Morton at Ibrox in the Scottish Cup and I remained downright annoyed with the gamble of his appointment. We were already behind Aberdeen in the league and with Hearts looking threatening for a third place finish, I didn’t think it was a gamble worth taking – a suicidal decision and all down to lack of money, I thought.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

The perfect start for Pedro Caixinha

Progress. It is the name of the game when it comes to life these days. How much better than the last one is the new one, whatever the ‘one’ is. When a consumer buys a new iPhone, is it better than the last one? Is their new computer faster than their old one? Is their new car WIFI enabled?

In football circles it is no different, and one of the best barometers of progress is by comparing how a team performs in the same circumstances in the same environment against the same team they failed against the last time out.

Monday, 13 March 2017

'Local assistant' - could this 39 year old be headed to Ibrox?

New Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha (he actually begins office tomorrow rather than today, contrary to reports) has confirmed in his first interview as Ibrox gaffer that on top of his typical assistant management team that he will endeavour to bring on board within days, his attention has also turned to a ‘local’ appointment.

Often when overseas’ managerial positions are taken, the new chief likes to bring in an ‘ecologically valid’ staff member to aid them ingratiating with the lifestyle, Club, country, and general history, and it would appear Caixinha is no different.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Old Firm: 8 things new Rangers boss Pedro Caixinha learned at Parkhead

After today’s pulsating Old Firm epic, Rangers earned their way to a well-deserved point in interim coach Graeme Murty’s final stand before returning to his conventional duties in charge of the U20s.

But watching from the Parkhead seats, his successor Pedro Caixinha was an interested spectator, assessing his charges in person before he takes his place in the Ibrox hotseat tomorrow, and there was a huge amount for the new man to ponder as he begins the monumental task of trying to reverse Rangers’ ailing fortunes of late.

With that said, Ibrox Noise gives you a few things our new manager would surely have learned about his squad from this epic encounter at Parkhead.

Old Firm: three reasons for a Rangers win...

Today is the day. In only a few hours, Rangers take the venomous turf at Parkhead for the last time under Graeme Murty, with anything less than three points accrued seeing Celtic’s direct lead over them remain at 33 points, or, worryingly, extend to 36. With the gap between the two already smashing all historical records, certainly post-war, Rangers do not want it any bigger, and this clash today sees every squad member given a ‘tabula rasa’.

Pedro Caixinha will be at Celtic Park to witness his new squad for the first time in the flesh, and the new manager’s advantage is a fresh pair of eyes and a new perspective with which to run the rule over the personnel at his disposal.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

Welcome to Rangers, Pedro Caixinha

Well the strangest saga in recent memory at Ibrox is now over – Pedro Caixinha has been confirmed new manager on a three-year deal, and it goes without saying he comes here to fans’ warmest welcomes and best wishes on turning this squad round.

Many fans have doubts about his qualifications for the role, and while retaining that caution, Ibrox Noise urges all supporters to get 100% behind the new man and give him our full backing.

Will these 8 players survive under Pedro Caixinha?

With new manager in waiting Pedro Caixinha 99% confirmed now as in place at Ibrox, attention turns now to the rest of the season and the players who may find themselves on the outside looking in as the new coach stamps his mark on the existing squad.

As Man City’s Joe Hart and Real Madrid legends Raul and Iker Casillas know only too well, often a high-profile casualty or two is a big hint of the changes coming under a new charge, and Ibrox Noise decided to have a look at what players could very well find their days numbered at Ibrox with a new manager in place.

Before we begin, we should emphasise, that like 99% of our readers and the support in general we basically have no idea what style Caixinha actually employs, and it is a learning curve for all of us, but nevertheless here is your guesstimates as to who we feel could well find themselves surplus under the new manager.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Pedro Caixinha - wait for Rangers' new manager set to continue

Rangers’ new manager Pedro Caixinha’s impending arrival in Govan has been laid subject to a bureaucratic hold up, say Sky Sources tonight.

The 46 year old whose move to Ibrox has been given the go-ahead by his current boss, Qatari outfit Al-Gharafa’s president Sheikh Jassim bin Thamer Al-Thanid, now finds the deal apparently being delayed due to complications over termination conditions of his existing contract, which will certainly not overly appeal to Rangers who are desperate to get the ‘transfer’ sown up as soon as possible.

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