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Monday, 24 April 2017

Old Firm shame - Old Firm blame

Rarely has the aftermath of an Old Firm clash been as surreal as this. Confusion, bewilderment, angst, fury, and a host of other bizarre and unexpected emotions have followed yesterday’s tragic ‘clash’ at Hampden, where the build up, match and fallout were all among the most downright strange I can remember associated with the historic bitter rivalry between the sides.

Signs did not bode overly positively in the first place when Pedro Caixinha went ‘Warby’ on us and told Charles Paterson on Sky that he did ‘not care about other teams’ which rather oddly contradicted his stance of weeks gone by that it is ‘important to study your opponent’. It was strange, confusing, and sent out a slightly mixed message of his intentions.

Thanks Warbs, thanks very flipping much!

As the fallout from the Old Firm debacle continues, one of the most pertinent issues to focus on at present has to be the squad.

“We’ve got to add value, we’ve got to show the board, it’s important for the club. Where we have been the last four or five years, I think it is imperative that we get value. Now, what that value is, obviously, is a big question. I look at Jordan Rossiter and Joe Dodoo as young players and Joey Barton, who would have been in the Premier league with Burnley, that for me is us getting value and recruiting well. It’s not about how much you spend, it is about spending the money you’ve got.” – Mark Warburton – 2016.

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Is this the smartest thing Pedro Caixinha has done at Ibrox?

Inspired by Alec Beveridge, a long-time poster on Ibrox Noise (we do read the comments you know), it has occurred to the site that manager Pedro Caixinha’s seemingly strange act of announcing his team 36 hours early for the trip to Rugby Park was in fact a calculated and deliberate act and not just a quirky and eccentric approach to the match.

As we remember, not only was the announcement of the team a day and a half early, it threw in a total left-fielder with the news two rookies would make their senior debuts in the heart of defence. And yet, despite many questioning whether Pedro had lost his marbles, in the weeks that have followed it has been an act completely vindicated.

Why this player just isn't a problem against Celtic

“How many games has Beerman played in the first team? A reality check required.”

This was a comment in response to the site suggesting Lee Wallace has a fight on his hands to regain his place in light of Myles Beerman’s impressive rise from nowhere. The young man has imposed himself effortlessly in matches, looking every inch the assured and seasoned campaigner rather than the rookie he supposedly was.

The dismissal of such promising talent just because of his age and lack of experience, despite three comfortable matches in a row to boast of is pretty prehistoric logic, as if such a young player could not possibly be valid competition to his senior counterpart.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Has this Rangers player earned a start on Sunday?

If Rangers’ defensive crisis has led to one thing, it has been the rise of two brand new starlets into the first team. Myles Beerman we will cover in another entry, but today we focus on 20-year old David Bates who has risen from obscurity to start three matches in succession following the absences of essentially the entire backline bar Danny Wilson.

Bates was already on loan at Ibrox from Raith Rovers before then-manager Mark Warburton decided to make the boy’s time in Govan permanent.

With Philippe Senderos, Clint Hill, Rob Kiernan and Danny Wilson in command of the first-team defensive shirts, Bates looked like a mere squad player, a reserve, a utility stopper to come in only when desperately needed. And in truth, that is how it has played out; with three centre-backs unavailable, Bates has been called on to partner the only remaining senior one at manager Pedro Caixinha’s disposal, and the surprising reality is Bates has given a very competent account of himself.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Controversial: could this Rangers star be axed for Celtic?

Pedro Caixinha faces a number of key puzzles to solve before his men take the Hampden turf on Sunday, but one of the biggest talking points is the future of Barrie McKay; dropped unceremoniously for the trip to Pittodrie, McKay’s display at Ibrox when reinstalled for the visit of Thistle was enough to make his manager hook him at half time, amidst the contract talks and general lack of form the young winger is in.

To call McKay’s performance for the first 45 ‘poor’ is generous, such was his wayward passing, lack of running, and general lack of apetite. The young man is a favourite of Ibrox Noise, charting as we have his rise from breakthrough youth in 2012, to rejected outsider in the intervening years, before returning in glory under Mark Warburton to become Rangers’-then prized asset.

Celtic clash: these are the five big tests for Pedro

With Sunday’s Old Firm semifinal getting ever closer, Rangers could barely be going into the clash in better form. With only two goals conceded in our past seven matches and 17 dispatched, Rangers look a different prospect since the Loaf left, as new boss Pedro Caixinha impresses his philosophies on a previously beleaguered squad.

However, beating an admittedly solid Partick side at Ibrox is a slightly different prospect to overcoming the green and whites from the other side of the Clyde, and a number of key personnel and tactical issues surround Ped the Ted as he mulls over the XI he is set to send out onto the Hampden turf.

Rangers legend: "Rangers were never serious about me"

Alex McLeish has confirmed tonight that talks with the Rangers board never went beyond the ‘casual’ stage.

Speaking about his return to Ibrox as manager following the departure of Mark Warburton, Big Eck has suggested that the board were never serious about his appointment and that while he made himself available for further talks, Stewart Robertson et al were not interested in following up on him.

Monday, 17 April 2017

Gamble: has this stat justified Rangers' risky move?

While the Pedro Caixinha regime is still fledgling, and arguably cannot be fully judged yet, the board nevertheless made a massive gamble with his appointment. Fans wanted McInnes, Wright, Souness, McLeish or indeed Frank De Boer to climb the marble staircase in earnest.

Instead, Stewart Robertson, Dave King and Paul Murray hoodwinked the lot of us with the most left-field managerial appointment in Rangers’ history by making Portguese Pedro Caixinha Rangers’ new boss in replacement of Loaf Boy.

End of the road for this Ibrox star?

When Andy Halliday joined Rangers in the summer of 2015, fans took to him instantly. This was, as you might just know, a lad who grew up literally on the Copland Road itself and saw Ibrox Stadium every single day.

He even rejected deals from other teams to risk a trial at Mark Warburton’s new Rangers’ regime and try to earn a contract.

He succeeded.

Unfortunately Halliday, while never disgracing himself, suffered his manager’s obsession with playing square pegs in round holes and found himself sitting in the anchor role at the heart of midfield to fill in as defensive midfielder when Rangers simply did not have one thanks to their manager’s appalling short-sightedness.

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Is Barrie McKay set to leave?

Before today’s breaking news, Ibrox Noise was about to cover the recent turn of events with star winger Barrie McKay anyway, with the 22-year old forward having been ditched from the first team for the trip to Pittodrie, amidst rumours of discontent on his part towards the new Rangers regime.

Whatever the reason, manager Pedro Caixinha made a bold statement dropping him; in truth, McKay has not really lit up the SPL this season in the way fans expected. Indeed, the ex-manager outright ditched him around October due to his failure to deliver, and in fairness to McKay, he did produce a higher level in December when he regained his place, but this calendar year it must be said he has slightly regressed again.

Monday, 10 April 2017

The Warburton 'failure' who turned it around

When 17-year old Danny Wilson made his European debut for Rangers against Unirea Urziceni in late 2009, it was pretty obvious to most keen-eyed observers that the lad was something special. For a defender of such tender years to look quite comfortable in the Uefa Champions League was a rare gem, and as such many fans truly believed they had the future of Rangers before them.

As history tells us, it did not quite work out like that. When EPL giants Liverpool came knocking on the Ibrox door, Wilson was seduced by the move to the English big time. It hurt many Rangers fans and made him, if not an enemy of the club, but a bit unpopular. As we know, that move did not work for Wilson, and it was not until his return to Scotland under Robbie Neilson’s impressive Hearts regime that the stopper regained some of the direction his career had started to lose.

Recent SPL manager: "Rangers are a great club"

Mixu Paatelainen has today described Rangers as a “great club” and wished his compatriot Jonatan Johansson the very best in the Fin’s new role as Rangers’ third assistant.

The ex-Kilmarnock, Dundee United and Hibernian manager had nothing but positive words for both JJ and Ibrox and could only speak in glowing terms of his prospects of doing a good job as Rangers’ massively-hyped ‘local assistant’.

Speaking to the BBC, the 50 year old described JJ as a ‘hard worker’ and went on to say:

The "Angry Wee Man"

For all of the plaudits rightly being aimed at the squad and manager for yesterday’s magnificent win in Aberdeen, one player has emerged as a truly changed man over the past month under the new manager. For all the praise this individual rightly received last year, this season has been extremely poor, with his endeavour rarely rewarded and his previous manager failing to get more out of him.

Under Pedro Caixinha, though, Jason Holt has simply changed as a player. Not only as a player, but his position, his attitude, and his effectiveness, and quietly but surely he is a huge proponent of why Rangers under Pedro have conceded just one solitary goal.

Sunday, 9 April 2017

The Silence of the Sheep

Few could deny Pedro Caixinha’s start to life in Scotland has not been the smoothest. Despite that convincing dispatch of Hamilton on his debut, the Portuguese’s methods since then have come under the spotlight, as did his underwhelming subsequent two matches; first that mediocre draw against Steve Robinson’s Motherwell, before an even more average loss of two points at Jig’s Killie.

Coupled with revealing his team selection for Rugby Park 36 hours early, to explaining his actual tactical methods in detail during press conferences and club videos, to borderline accidently insulting Kenny Miller as an old man whose best years are behind him; Pedro has not had it easy of late, drawing scorn from most.

Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Vote here: was Pedro right to announce the team?

Pedro Caixinha has today stunned Scottish football by revealing his first XI for tomorrow’s important trip to Rugby Park 36 hours early. To say the least most fans are pretty astonished by this, albeit credit has to be given to the man for willingly giving debuts to young David Bates and Myles Beerman.

It marks a change in direction for Rangers supporters who are well used to the team never being announced before an hour prior to kick off, and tongues are certainly wagging over Ped’s decision to show his hand over a day before the match starts in earnest.

Monday, 3 April 2017

This is how much Rangers must spend this summer

Article by: Greg Roots

For various reasons, I have not written for a while and did not plan on writing another article until early May. However, goings-on at Rangers in recent times have made me want to put my thoughts onto 'paper' and express how I feel about the current situation at the club.

Firstly, a belated welcome to Pedro Caixinha. He will be the focus of my point, but I have not had the chance yet to use this site as a forum to welcome him to the club.

I had only known of Pedro previously due to him being linked to the assistant’s job at the end of the 14/15 season with a view to taking over under VĂ­tor Pereira, but we lost heavily in the playoffs and the deal fell through. Almost 2 years later, after laterally lingering in 5th place in the Qatari league the dynamic Portuguese gaffer is in the Ibrox hot seat. I must say, his attitude is very exciting and I think in the long run he will be a refreshing change to the stale Warburton’s loaf that sat in the dugout earlier this season.

Saturday, 1 April 2017

Madness with Motherwell - what the heck was that?!

Well blow me if that was the not craziest 90 minutes seen at Ibrox in many a year. Picking through the chaos of Motherwell’s visit takes some doing, and I find myself flummoxed as where to even start, but I will soldier on regardless.

Let us get the bread and butter out of the way – the first half was possibly the most incompetent Rangers display seen at Ibrox since the worst of Ally then Kenny. Only premature finishing and lack of composure stopped the Steelmen making good on their ridiculous superiority.

The second half? It just became…madness. A back four of Andy Halliday, Jason Holt, Jon Toral and Rob Kiernan has to be one of the most bewildering sights I have witnessed at Ibrox in a long, long time, and “I defy anyone to say” (Loaf Boy eat your heart out) that the formation made an iota of sense. Put simply there was not one. On one hand the changes partially worked in that Joe Garner’s fine finish earned Rangers a point, but on the other it forced the clear conclusion that Caixinha is not scared to try radical things, both to the possible benefit or otherwise of the team.

Are Rangers ready to take a risk on this 26 year old?

If one thing has been consistent over the past year, it has been Rob Kiernan’s general ineptitude. While the colossal 26 year old stopper has had his moments of impersonating a decent defender, by and large he simply has not cut the mustard in Rangers’ colours, whether in the demanding SPL or the more forgiving Championship.

Of late, he has served his ban and the Clint Hill Danny Wilson partnership has excelled in his absence, with arguably Rangers’ finest defensive display in many a year against Celtic last month. This was followed up with a solid robust showing against Hamilton during the last outing at Ibrox, so does this make Kiernan a busted flush in the eyes of supporters who used to give him a heck of a lot of slack?

Thursday, 30 March 2017

What does the Rangers future hold for one of our own?

If one Rangers player has divided opinion among fans over the past year or so, it is Andy Halliday. Widely loved in the beginning due to his obvious love for the Club, Halliday inspired the phrase ‘One of Our Own’ to describe a fellow fan breaking into the Club he loves and becoming a major player.

However, as time has gone on, Halliday has come under a little more scrutiny, probably not ironically helped by his support for Rangers. The more off days the midfield anchor would have, the more outrage it would spawn, with constant accusations that he gets off lightly with poor displays. Because he is ‘one of us’.