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Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Ok, ok - the DEFENCE...

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

For every transfer story we bring you, for every analysis of the state of the SPFL we compose, and for every time we twaddle on about formation, the one comment we keep on getting back here at Ibrox Noise is about the defence.

It has been the most enduring theme of this transfer window, and while we have raised it in the past, we shall do so again by public demand.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Late August signature for Rangers target?

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Speculation is rising that Rangers have principally secured Jamie Walker, but with the caveat that the deal is reportedly not set to be completed until near the end of the transfer window.

The fee as yet is unknown and the deal itself not even confirmed but that has not stopped reports that the 24-year old winger will join Rangers in late August, ending a long-running saga and securing his services for the bulk of the new season.

Monday, 24 July 2017

Players "100% behind" Pedro

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Following weeks of doubts, Ibrox Noise sources claim Rangers players are “100% behind” the Portuguese manager, something quite plausible following Saturday’s energetic display against Marseille.

There had been doubts following lethargic displays and rumours of unrest, but our understanding is any possible unsettling is a thing of the past (if it ever existed) and the players are 100% invested in their new manager and what he is trying to do.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Ten things we learned from Marseille

 Article by: Ibrox Noise

Few would deny Rangers’ pre-season has not been entirely plain sailing. Some disappointing close-door results along with a painful exit from European competition has left the club and fans licking our wounds and trying to figure out where things were going wrong.

So when news broke that Rangers were to face French giants Marseille the collective sigh and ‘we’ll get gubbed’ rung around many with a feverish intensity, many it must be said, including Ibrox Noise.

We feared today, with unsettled players, a manager unsure of his best strategy. We need not have worried.

Monday, 17 July 2017

20 questions for Rangers fans

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

Ibrox Noise has 20 questions for Rangers fans. We would like all readers to answer in the comments for as wide a range of views as possible.