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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Warburton drops legal action against Rangers: Report.

With today’s superb news regarding the Rangers Retail deal and the commencement of a new and productive arrangement, Rangers fans would have been forgiven for thinking the good news ended there.

It appears not. Reports circulating over the past couple of hours have indicated that the previously threatened action against Rangers by the ex-manager Mark Warburton in concert with David Weir and Frank McParland has equally been resolved and no further action will be taken.

Thursday, 16 March 2017

Bread men - the final insult

I thought long and hard about this entry. I have rarely spent such a spell deciding whether or not to proceed with an article on this site, but this one was a source of much conflict.

On one hand there was the school of thought that we should let sleeping dogs lie, move on with our lives and stop living in the acrimonious past. But on the other was the simple inescapable truth of what happened, and how it deserved a final summation given what a huge deal it was and still is to the modern and classic history of Rangers Football Club.

This site was probably the only one willing to actually criticise the Bread Man. For some unknown reason we could not fathom, a great majority of Rangers fans considered him the Messiah and transcended him above criticism, literally until the final two months of his time at Ibrox.

Thursday, 9 February 2017

The disaster that is/was Frank McParland

If one appointment Rangers’ new board has made has been exposed as an unmitigated disaster, it was the placement of the now outgoing Frank McParland as Head of Recruitment in October 2015.

To describe the signatures acquired since then as abysmal is an understatement, and it is worth looking at just what rubbish Rangers have snapped up since McParland took over the transfer policy.

In the first window under his ‘guidance’, Rangers wasted £500,000 on Michael O’Halloran, picked up the inconsistent Harry Forrester for free, and brought in two pieces of dead wood in the form of Billy King (signed because of his name – still cannot get a look in at Hearts, he is now on loan at Inverness) and Polish goalkeeper Maciej Gostomski. The latter ended up turfed out two months later for reasons unknown.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Why Rangers fans deserve an apology

It is not often a signing is made which goes against nigh-on everything Rangers stand for, and which appears to violate all aspects of common sense from all sections of management, but with the signature of now officially departed Joey Barton, we got exactly that.

The most controversial player in the modern game must go down as the most ill-judged, ill-advised, and downright farcical signing Rangers have made in decades.

In fact, off the top of my head, I simply cannot think of a more ludicrous signing in over 140 years of this proud Club’s existence.

Nothing about securing Joey Barton made an iota of sense, and with the termination of his deal by mutual consent, the embarrassment factor has hiked beyond repair.

Thursday, 10 November 2016

Diego Poyet; Rangers' transfer woes deepen

With news over the past 24 hours that Rangers are linked to yet ‘another young forgotten gem’ in Gus Poyet’s son Diego, Rangers fans are starting to heavily question the Club’s transfer strategy.

Or more to the point if there is one.

Poyet, 21, has had the typical Warburton player career, with loan spells at various lower level English clubs such as Huddersfield and Milton Keynes, and reaction to the story of his replacing the departed Joey Barton has been disappointment at best.

Monday, 19 September 2016

It's time to move on from Joey Barton

This morning Rangers confirmed Joey Barton is suspended for three weeks pending effectively internal hubbub over the state of the land.

Truth is Barton has almost certainly played his last game for Rangers, and that comes as no disappointment to anyone such was the meagre contribution he made.

The signing was a horrendous mistake, one every fan had misgivings about but one where most of us became kids again and allowed ourselves to be swept up with regarding the hype.

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Do Rangers need a "Plan B"?

 Article by Richard Fillingham

“The best plan B is to do plan A better.”

Mark Warburton on his appointment, 2015.

This was preached last season by Warbs when he came to Ibrox, but in order to enforce it we MUST try to sign the right type of player to be our new centre back who is a minimum of 6’ 3” tall, and is exceptionally good in the air. This would enable us to eliminate the goals scored against us with dangerous cross balls, free kicks and corners. A tenacious tackler would help, especially if he was able to read a game and spot the danger coming from the opposing forwards. In other words, a Terry Butcher or a Richard Gough class No. 5, and also one that is willing to play his football in Scotland. I doubt if this quality of player is available on a free transfer or we would probably have him signed by now.

There could be an ideal youngster with a superb future and pedigree, lurking under the radar of a top ten English Premier League team. A top side that has already got three or four formidable experienced centre backs ahead of him. Would his future be better served by going out on loan to Rangers for a year, to gain that much needed first team experience? If he produced the goods on a regular, consistent basis, would he stand a much better chance of playing EPL football with his own club? The experience gained after a year playing before a regular 51,000 crowd, would truly enhance his reputation, and increase his value in the transfer market.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Spotlight: how did Dodoo's debut go?

As reported on this site well over a week ago, Rangers finally secured striker Joseph Dodoo on a four-year deal, with just a modest six-figure sum the outlay based on cross-border FIFA regulations regarding U23’s.

Last night Joe made his debut at Ochilview in the Betfred League Cup as a 60th minute sub for the effective Michael O’Halloran, and 30 minutes later he had his first goal as a Light Blue.

Monday, 18 July 2016

Warbs admits deal for defender has stalled

Rangers manager Mark Warburton has admitted that any deal for centre-back Adrian Mariappa is effectively dead and Rangers are likely to continue their search for a new defender.

After American Oguchi Onyewu failed to impress management, Rangers had to more or less start again in the hunt for a new stopper, and when asked about Mariappa, who assistant manager David Weir and head of recruitment Frank McParland met for transfer talks, Warburton was anything but positive about the prospects of bringing the former Crystal Palace man to Ibrox.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

How well did new Rangers signing Jordan Rossiter do for England?

Arriving at Ibrox with a great deal of fanfare and not a little hype, midfield anchor man Jordan Rossiter got a prime time slot on British Eurosport captaining the England U19s as they faced France in the Euros, for what turned out to be a surprisingly comfortable 2-1 win for the Three Lions.

But naturally what most Rangers fans watching were looking for was the former Liverpool midfielder, to see exactly what kind of player Mark Warburton had secured for the Ibrox engine room.

Monday, 4 July 2016

Who is to be Rangers' final big defensive signing?

With Mark Warburton’s summer work nearly complete, just two positions require filling in Rangers’ squad for the start of the new season. As covered here, a striker is most certainly a big priority, with Walsall’s Tom Bradshaw heavily linked in the press. However, even more important is shoring up the defence, and with only one actual centre-back secured in Clint Hill, The Magic Hat has made it abundantly clear finding one more is another crucial step in rebuilding.

It had been hoped a defender would have been signed up by now, with Warburton’s preference most definitely to get business done early, and that had looked possible with Crystal Palace’s recently-freed stopper Adrian Mariappa pictured in talks with assistant manager David Weir and Head of Recruitment Frank McParland.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Why losses were so important last season

 Richard Fillingham

Rangers’ new board knew in 2015 that they had to make changes to the way the club was being run and managed as it was haemorrhaging money every month and relying on loans from wealthy investors just to keep the club afloat.

Mark Warburton and Sir Davie of Weir were seen as a potential top management team after their exploits at Brentford together. I have said all season that Dave King and his Rangers board have to be thanked for having the insight to bring them to Ibrox. They have turned out to be a masterstroke by the club, as there was a definite risk involved in trying a new approach to Rangers’ traditional policies of hiring managers.

Mark and Davie took the Griffin Park club up into the Championship at their first time of asking – and then repeated the job by taking Rangers up to the Premiership in their first year in Scotland – no fluke then!

Mark, a former City of London trader who had only moved into coaching late in his career, and had incredibly been a manager for a mere 18 months, was an immediate success – an astonishing, astounding achievement (a straight A student of the game).

He started with Brentford as a youth coach and worked his way up to eventually becoming the Sporting Director. His role included dealing with agents, club finances and contract negotiations, in addition with continuing to scout young players and recommending them to the management.

All of which helped him as he set up a style of play at Brentford that was exciting to watch and mostly produced the right results. In spite of their success Mark and Davie were eventually replaced by a more experienced manager – which has turned out to be their loss, and our gain – thank your stupid decision makers at Brentford!

I am a great believer that you will always learn much more from your bad defeats than you ever will do with winning easily! The facts speak for themselves. Rangers won the first 11 games with Mark and David in charge and it was the best start of any Rangers manager beating the previous record of eight wins in a row set by Bill Struth, way back in 1920.

Rangers fans, and possibly the management team and our new board, all started to think that this new Rangers team of cheap buys and free transfers were much better than they actually were. It took our League Cup game in September against Premiership side, St Johnstone to expose our weaknesses that Championship teams hadn’t worked out.

Despite our good possession in the game, St Johnstone just sat back and defended well, mopped up all our attacking moves and with every loose ball hit us on the break. Michael O’Halloran ran amok with us and we eventually signed him in the January transfer window of 2016. Both of our marauding wing-backs were continually targeted as weak spots in our defence, as they were caught up the park during our attacks and quite frankly our two centre-backs couldn’t cope with the quick breaks and far too many of our players were caught out of position.

After Rangers beat their Old Firm rivals Celtic on penalties in the semi-final of the Scottish Cup at Hampden, Rangers didn’t win another game all season – a truly dreadful climax – but it proved be a blessing in disguise.

It certainly demonstrated to me that the team that won the Championship wouldn’t be good enough to compete at the top of the Premiership. The team was quite rightly criticized for their tactical naivety and for being unable to cope with quality opposition defensively.

A 2-1 defeat to nearest challengers Hibernian at Easter Road in November was followed by further points dropped to Livingston away and to Morton at home. A 2-1 loss to Falkirk away allowed Hibs, who had been nine points adrift at one stage in the 2015/16 campaign, to nearly draw level and the pressure was well and truly on Mark Warburton and Rangers.

Hibernian winning 3-2 in the Scottish Cup Final was a devastatingly disappointing way for Rangers to end what had been a hugely successful season. The need for height in the team is imperative, with two tall centre-backs and a towering goalie a MUST in my opinion. I would expect a man of Mark Warburton’s ability to be aware of this himself, but such players may not come so cheaply this time.

But it is perversely thanks to Rangers’ critical losses last term that our management team know truly what needs fixed on the pitch, and this summer should see those being implemented.

Friday, 17 June 2016

Profile: Rangers' new boys - what will they add?

 Richard Fillingham

Rangers have managed a great deal of activity already, and while today also saw the acquisition of ex-QPR defender Clint Hill, let’s take a look at the four Warburton had managed to sign before our latest arrived.

Joey Barton:

When discussing Rangers biggest signing of the year, so far; He has more baggage than the average bag carousel at Glasgow Airport, but he is undeniably a very good midfield footballer who can raise Rangers to a higher level of play, and that is the most important part of his signing.

Rangers transfer rumour mill latest; a comprehensive roundup

Been a little while since the site did one, so with the increased activity in recent days, it is high time we did another Rangers transfer mayhem roundup. From the fading rumours to the increasing stories, it will all (mostly) be here.

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Rangers fans; divided by Clint Hill

Yesterday news broke through social media and the Scottish Sun that Rangers were making serious overtures in the direction of QPR’s recently-freed veteran defender, Clint Hill.

To call reaction to this news mixed would be a mild understatement – indeed, it completely split supporters down the middle.

Hill is a 37-year old warhorse well-versed in both the English top tier and its underling the Championship, and the stopper has had a more than productive career in his time within the game.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

Suggestion box: Hal Robson-Kanu

 Richard Fillingham

27-year-old, Hal Robson-Kanu, the former versatile Reading player and current Welsh No. 9 Internationalist, is available on a free transfer as of now, and is using the Euro 2016 tournament as the shop window for himself and his agent to earn Hal a place in the Rangers new first team for next year.

He scored the winning goal in Wales’ opening game yesterday against Slovakia in Bordeaux, when he came on late in the game in the 2 – 1 win. Their next game is against England on Thursday afternoon at 2pm to see if he can score another goal to do himself another big favour for teams trying to earn his signature. 

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Rangers fans look set to get the midfield they deserve

Just before Rangers went into admin in 2012, the second Ibrox Old Firm match that season which famously saw a rallying win for Ally McCoist's men featured a pretty staple kind of Rangers midfield; USA international Maurice Edu partnering Northern Irish cap Steven Davis, with players of the calibre of Sone Aluko, Lee McCulloch and Kyle Lafferty flanking them.

This was a fairly standard level of Rangers engine room during this period, not quite up there with the Gazza, Laudrup, Albertz-esque quality of yesteryear, but good enough to win the league in 2011.

Last season Rangers’ midfield effectively comprised of Nicky Law, Kyle Hutton and Ian Black. Little more needs to be said here.

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Why it was the right time for Ian Durrant to move on

 Richard Fillingham

Our wonderful manager Mark Warburton has decided to bring in another of his own trusted staff members to take over the U20’s coaching duties formerly bossed by Ian Durrant, effective immediately, ready for the challenges over the next few very important seasons.

As a member of our Ibrox Noise team, I can admit that this new appointment did
not surprise me at all. I believe that Mark gave Ian the first opportunity to see what he could do with the U20 job for a full year, to see what results he would achieve and to judge his knowledge, handling and everything the U20 job entailed.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Signings, sellouts & season tickets - why it's great being a Bear

 Richard Fillingham

Any new signings for Rangers will be joining the world’s most successful club, and have the privilege of plying their trade at the magnificent stadium of Ibrox Park, whilst enjoying our wonderful training facilities of Murray Park to hone their talents even further. Coupled by the added bonus of playing in front of the best supporters in Scotland, singing their 51,000 hearts out every other week – I wish it was me playing for them!

Exciting times ahead with four Englishmen - Matt Crooks, Josh Windass, Jordan Rossiter and Joey Barton already signed, with many newer players still to come, and strengthen an already decent squad of players.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Giant Nigerian striker on Rangers' radar

Speculation has arisen that Rangers’ Head of Recruitment Frank McParland has identified 6ft 4 inch Nigerian striker Fanendo Adi as a possible new recruit to secure at Ibrox.

The 25-year old frontman, who currently plies his trade with Major League Soccer giants Portland Timbers, is expected to start tonight against San Jose Earthquakes at UK 03:30AM time, and it is understood Rangers have sent some scouts to watch the striker compete at Providence Park in a match Timbers need to win.