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Monday, 6 November 2017

Why Rangers' prize starlet could become captain...

There has been a case ever since the emergence of the ‘Messi Barcelona’ that the art of defending has at best changed and at worst deteriorated. When we think in the past 20 years of the great defenders, the names Terry, Nesta, Maldini, Silva et al come to mind.

But when we cut to the past five years, suddenly the marquee world defenders become a lot thinner on the ground, and while there are still great defenders plying their trade, the number of them is much less than it once was.

The need to defend from middle to front has overtaken the old school of rear defensive stability we recall from the ‘good old days’.

Saturday, 4 November 2017

The truth about Bruno Alves

On the subject of stats, even more intriguing numbers have surfaced this week courtesy of Dougie Wright with regards Rangers’ marquee stopper Bruno Alves.

The Portuguese veteran, with a CV the envy of all, arrived this summer in Govan with a huge fanfare, and was fully expected to dominate the SPL in a manner akin to the likes of Carlos Cuellar and Davie Weir.

As we know, it maybe has not quite worked out as obviously as that, and it has taken the Portuguese a while to adjust to the Scottish game; but stats released this week suggest in many ways he has more than adjusted, while others support the notion he is still finding his feet.