Friday, 20 October 2017

Has Lee Wallace just taken a big risk?

Lee Wallace is no stranger to putting his neck on the chopping board. Back in 2012 he essentially sacrificed his Scotland career, and frankly, career as a whole to help Rangers make their way slowly back to the SPL.

He gave up the best years of his career for what clearly is now his club – and mostly likely an increased salary at a cushy English Championship club.

Pedro's unexpectedly massive Motherwell gamble

With Sunday’s cup semi drawing ever closer, Rangers manager Pedro Caixinha has an unexpected gamble to make, one which could be the difference between ignominy of defeat and the glory of another Hampden final.

As we all know, the last fixture was an impressive victory away in Perth – but one thing it relied on was the brilliance of Graham Dorrans. Dorrans played his finest match in the shirt by some distance, pulling strings from deep, spraying the ball wide, stretching the play and even scoring a fine goal.

Lee Wallace makes controversial claim about Pedro Caixinha

Lee Wallace has controversially weighed into the Kenny Miller saga with support for his senior colleague and a strong implied concession that there is a genuine ‘situation’ as opposed to the injury Pedro Caixinha claimed is keeping Miller from the first team.

The saga appeared to be at an end at the St Johnstone training session with the striker in attendance and seemingly restored to the first team squad, but his absence from the match day squad was dismissed by Caixinha as him ‘feeling something’ in training.

Thursday, 19 October 2017

Are Rangers ready to make a statement?

With all the off-field nonsense surrounding Kenny Miller resurfacing again, it may have been forgotten to a few that Rangers have a massive cup semi final on Sunday to contend with.

While Graham Dorrans’ double seized all three points on the opening day of the season at Fir Park, not only was it a pretty poor display from Pedro Caixinha’s men, but Motherwell were nowhere near as in-form as they are now.

What should Pedro do about off-colour summer signing?

For all the plaudits returning Bruno Alves got last week, and for the praise the defence rightly received for such a solid display overall, there has been a small murmur in the support over recent weeks regarding the merits of Fabio Cardoso.

Even against St Johnstone the Portuguese stopper was a little unsure of himself, and did not seem to dominate as well as he did in the early part of the season.

Indeed, fans and the site praised him for borderline overshadowing his more illustrious partner, and impressing supporters with his workrate, pace, and willingness to get stuck in.

There is still a problem at Rangers

 Article by: Richard, for Ibrox Noise

Pedro Caixinha has not picked Kenny Miller to play in the first team since it was alleged that he was the mole in the Rangers squad and personally, I don’t believe a word of it – utter nonsense and with no proof, into the bargain.

I would not be surprised if Graeme Murty didn’t have something to do with Miller being allowed back from training with the U20’s squad – back to where he belongs – with the first team. The first thing Graeme did was to make Miller the captain down at Brentford. That spoke volumes of what Murty thought of this nonsense and it also kept his credibility with the player and his agent.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Kenny Miller does his thing while his agent...does his...

The two opposites of the Kenny Miller saga were on display today as while his agent was once again attacking Rangers, or Pedro Caixinha, for ‘trashing his reputation’, the two were all smiles during a Charity Foundation event in which some fans got to meet the entire first team squad (goalkeepers aside, curiously) and watch them train.

Special mention was made of Miller by one of the starry-eyed supporters whose highlight was meeting the striker in person along with his manager, which provided more than a bizarre contrast to the nonsense elsewhere pertaining to the murky story which refuses to go away.